I LOVE Waffles!

Submitted via Oddly Specific

As long as there aren’t any pancakes around. That’s just indecent.

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22 Responses to I LOVE Waffles!

  1. Gangreless says:

    So old.

  2. Sophie says:

    1) This is fake
    2) This is old
    3) yawn

  3. Carlos says:

    I saw a nude sunbather eating toast. I was completely unprepared for it.

  4. skylord says:

    thanks for the heads up!

  5. EM says:

    Isn’t this from Little Brittan?

  6. Mark says:

    Is that anything like gay cowboys eating pudding?

  7. TomTom says:

    I just Hope they aren’t BLUE WAFFLES!!!

  8. Steve says:

    It’s fun to make them spill the syrup.

  9. Loren Pechtel says:

    What you don’t get from the sign is that “Waffles” is the name of the local slut.

  10. mmmmmm says:

    you know, I saw a nude lady working on her tan when I was hiking up mauna kea in Hawi’i. I was in middle school at the time……. WHAT WAS SEEN CANNOT BE UNSEEN!

  11. WIll says:


  12. Robbie says:

    Nude is not a good state to be in when operating a waffle iron.

    • Steve says:

      Hmmm. Do they MAKE them on the beach too?

      Maybe they get them from the waffle vending machines in the refreshments pavilion.

      Or maybe there’s a waffle cart that comes by every hour or so…

    • meetoo says:

      Or frying bacon on high heat. Owwww.

  13. notapunk says:

    speaking of waffles…
    any invites out there?

  14. LaserLiza says:

    Or you may not. It’s funny how the world works sometimes.

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