Attention: Prostitutes!

Submitted via Oddly Specific

Is this a warning that there are prostitutes around or a warning for the prostitutes themselves?

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39 Responses to Attention: Prostitutes!

  1. echo says:

    looks a little too fake…

    • MaxArt says:

      Definitely not. That sign is real.
      It’s in Mogliano Veneto (North-East of Italy), via Terraglio.

  2. Cyndy says:

    I think it’s an ad.

  3. Doofus says:


    Oh, wait… crap…

  4. Duke says:

    Now THAT is truly “oddly specific.”

  5. Luka says:

    I think the reason for this sign is that prostitution is illgal and if police sees you talking to women there they’ll assume you are trying to obtain her services and arrest you for it.

    • Nick says:

      I dunno, that sign IS in Italian…

    • Elisa says:

      Yeah, Luka’s right… well they’re not going to arrest you, but you’ll get fined.

    • Sarge says:

      In europe, a sign shaped like that and in that orientation, with a red border, is a warning sign. You’ll see them all over the place, warning you of things like ‘Pedestrian Crossing Ahead” or “Road Narrows Ahead” or “Traffic Signals Ahead”. These signs are really only for the driver’s information: They just warn the driver of conditions on the road ahead.

      And so, this sign is warning the driver that there are prostitutes ahead. Which is hilarious.

    • polkaface says:

      Well, I think it’s photoshopped like so much else on this site.

    • Nea says:

      Well, I think you and the other little kiddies yelling “photoshop” at just about everything simply because you’ve never traveled or seen anything really should stfu and gtfo off the site. It’s annoying for the rest of us, people who have brains and actually can tell a shopped pic from a real one.

    • Ska Pino says:

      It’s not “illgal” in Italy, so that can’t be the reason. I think the oldskool signs are better though. They give a much clearer picture of the kind of services usually provided in these zones. 🙂

      Oldschool sign can be viewed here: {}

    • catso says:

      The Lemondrop (old school) one simply means ‘Head ahead’.

    • Lilly says:

      Why the HELL would you get arrested just for TALKING to a woman? Does that mean that they also automatically assume that every random woman on the street is a prostitute?

  6. TJ says:

    Prostitution is legal in Italy (as well as the vast majority of western countries) in areas that are zoned for it it. This sign indicates one of those zones.

    Luka’s comment above is pretty typically ignorant.

    • Luka says:

      Yes and no. While prostitution is not illegal, street prostitution is and this sign warns of street type, therefore customers could face troubles. This is quite common distinction, while brothels and call girls are allowed (or tolerated) street prostitution less so. 😉

    • jamisings says:

      Like in Nevada where you can go to brothels but you can’t pick up a hooker on the street?

    • MaxArt says:

      Brothels are NOT allowed, maybe tolerated. Prostitutes can sell their bodies at their homes, anyway.
      Prostitution is not illegal, however prostitution exploitation (pimping) is and you can get arrested for that.
      That sign warns the drivers that the road is monitored and you’ll probably get fined if you stop nearby a prostitute.

    • anonimous says:

      Wrong. That’s a *warning* sign – not advertising a “service”.
      It’s there to make drivers slow down to avoid running over the ladies.

    • Eugenio says:

      Hey TJ, I’m Italian, and I can tell you that Prostitution in Italy is not legal, aswell is illegal go with prostitutes… unless your name is Silvio Berlusconi and you are the Prime Minister!

  7. Carlos says:

    So, then… If I hang this sign near my place, do you think that they will naturally congregate? …with waffles?

  8. Geisha_Girl says:

    I thought the signs were basically to keep people from stopping for “stranded” women on the highway, only to find out that they are prostitutes, and there is nothing wrong with their car at all… they just want people to stop, and that’s dangerous, depending on the road.

  9. not so specific says:

    its a warning to prepare your wallet

  10. Alessandro says:

    The sign is true.
    The mayor of the town (near Venice) thinks that it can tackle prostitution but after 3 years nothing is changed.

    By the way…LOL!

  11. starsky says:

    Notice her head is not attached?
    Seems like beheading is a very serious penalty, but at least you’ve been warned.

  12. Vivian says:

    I figured it was like a “deer crossing” or “children at play” sign, meaning don’t hit a prostitute as they wander into the street.

  13. robert ot says:

    time to fuel up the dark windowless lorry grab some tape,chianti,fork and the shovel and go “shopping”

  14. Someone says:

    I am Italian and I can confirm the panel is real (it has even been mentioned in the national news weeks ago).

  15. Luca says:

    It is a real sign, although it actually makes no sense. That’s some (braindead?) North-Eastern Italian mayor trying to keep prostitutes away from his town’s streets (or maybe to display some moral superiority) by warning inhabitants about such a “threat” — as if they were just beasts.

  16. Luca says:

    There may also be a risk of car accidents caused by people suddenly stopping about these women, I am not aware whether that is the case.

  17. Matt says:

    Darned attention seeking ladies of the night….

  18. Pinkeller says:

    he spelled prostitute right ..

  19. NoReservations says:

    Um the sign is to inform people that arent familiar with the area that there are prostitutes in the area. Its supposed to prevent people from talking to the women trying to get your attention so a police officer dosent mistake you for someone trying to pick up a hooker!

  20. purplebinder says:

    This sign is really sexist. It only shows a female prositute. There ARE male prostitutes out there.

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