At Least Buy Her Dinner First

At Least Buy Her Dinner First

Submitted by: LA, CA via Oddly Specific

They don’t like it and Noel, our stock-boy, is getting all hot and bothered.

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15 Responses to At Least Buy Her Dinner First

  1. Rashid says:

    Why not? D:

  2. joseph1985dm says:

    ♪ And We Can Build A Dream Together… ♪

  3. rwill says:

    But she came on to me first….

  4. Sarge says:

    Please molest our staff instead. Thank you for your cooperation.

  5. Kelly Ann says:

    I molest all mannequins, no matter the gender. They’re so fun to touch!

    But then again I have mental problems.

  6. ¡Ay! ¡Ay! ¡Ay! ¡Me han molestado!

  7. NinjaRawr! says:

    I know why this happened. A couple of weeks ago my friends older brother got drunk and started humping the mannequins at forever 21, I think…. He got arrested, but he’s back home now. I think that was what inspired the sign….

  8. DeadBob says:

    I know, right? You see ONE Kim Catrall movie, and the establishment brings you down for it!

  9. Cyberkedi says:

    Here’s why this sign was put up:

    OK, so I’m promoting one of my own FAIL contributions, but it does go with this one!

  10. ultrastupido says:

    AAAAAAND there goes my weekend.

  11. robert ot says:

    i like the penmanship especially the E’s.

  12. Wolfy says:

    Noel is my name….

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