I’ll Do My Best

Submitted by: Galway, Ireland via Oddly Specific

Clearly this establishment is against dieting.

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11 Responses to I’ll Do My Best

  1. Sarge says:

    I’m fairly sure this is one of a handful of things you do NOT have to put up a sign for.

  2. I think the sign is short for “DONUT STARVE”, which was the outcry of the Great Doughnut Shortage of 1962, which is when they changed the word to “Donut” out of conservation.

  3. Carlos says:

    Next up, I’m going to get a big neon sign that says “Breathe.”

  4. Geisha_Girl says:

    Maybe they’ve seen a decline in business from the local anorexic population.

  5. Geisha_Girl says:

    Oh boy, please don’t jump on me about an anorexic joke – I know it’s really serious, have had a friend die of it, and didn’t mean the above comment to be mean in any way.

  6. DeadBob says:

    It’s actually a sign at the zoo, designed and paid for by “The Animals”, a coalition of vertebrates united to fight against the “Don’t Feed the Animals” foundation.

    Unfortunately, they could not afford the “animals” part of the sign, and thus the confusion!

  7. Reki says:

    I hoped it said “DON’T PANIC!”. 😀

  8. Tree Trunks says:

    Why don’t we have these signs in Africa??

  9. cailinsona says:

    Om nom nom…Eddie Rockets, my second home!

  10. SallyFeilds says:

    Actually this sign makes me think of the little crappy breakfast place down the street from me. Their slogan is “Eat at Johns or we both Starve” I giggle whenever I see it.

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