Just Horses Then?

Just Horses Then?

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

Talk about grandfathering in your parking privileges.

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19 Responses to Just Horses Then?

  1. postl1terat1 says:

    I’ve been looking for a place to park my civil war. If I don’t have one yet, can I reserve the space?

  2. Sarge says:

    No parking there unless we’re in a Civil War, huh?

  3. Steph says:

    Fantastic! I was looking for a place to park my cannon while I ran into the woods.

  4. Where’s the House of M parking?

  5. Duke says:

    So I guess someone’s going to have to secede. Who wants to go first?

  6. I bet you wish george bush was still president now

  7. rastaferal says:

    moronic and oxymoronic….love it.

  8. Bruised Almighty says:

    Confederate or Union?

  9. Civil War Lady says:

    Finally, for once, us reenactors don’t have to hike from the far side of the north 40 to get a decent parking spot.

    • Xenobio says:

      I was going to guess it was for some reenactment thingy too.

      (FYI fellow non-Americans in case anyone is confused – Some people like to dress up in old military uniforms and play out famous American Civil War battles.)

    • CivilWarNutsWife says:

      It’s fun! Dress up in layers of clothes in July and try to not die from heat exhaustion. It’s kinda like extreme camping!

  10. Outback Jon says:

    Wagons, cannon, and oxcarts are also allowed.

  11. randomguy says:

    Notice: Civil War Parking Only
    Ignore: Everything Else.

  12. Ford says:

    Maybe you can park your train there?

    During the early part of the Civil War, Confederates rolled reinforcements onto the battlefield using trains.

  13. accessoryqueen1 says:

    Extreme Camping – I luvz it! The next time I’m asked are you hot in that, I’ll just reply, Well ma’am if I wasn’t I’d have to return my extreme camper membership card! LOL!!

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