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Funny Signs - How Interesting...

Submitted by: On the outside wall of a gas station in the Laurel Highlands in PA via Oddly Specific

But man, it was BAD ASS.

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54 Responses to How Interesting…

  1. The existence of Nothing had been in debate for several centuries now. Could nothing exist?
    If nothing existed, would it’s existence not be something?

    Therefore, in 1897, in order to prove the existence of Nothing, Sir Charles Von Dobonger conducted an experiment on this very site.

    The experiment was a success and a plaque was erected in recognition of the now famous experiment.

    • Mark says:

      Well the world works in balance, so does our universe. Science has proven through atom smashers colliding particles together that the “god particle” (I forget the actual name). is the the substance in this universe that gives matter mass and essentially turns light into fluent and physical material. So in this universe/dimension, if there is such a particle that makes up matter, than there must exist in this universe or outside this universe a particle that voids matter altogether where the universe is comprised of nothing (AKA everything anti -from our current universe). But a dimension void of all existence by default does not exist – because when the particles are made – even from our brain thoughts (which hold small amounts of mass), it creates the existence of the event, which given a long period of time, could give birth to any idea – because the simple idea of thought voids the idea that “nothing” cannot exist”. However – it can have negative space. Thus – if I say there are NO rulers on my desk. Nothing rulers exist on my desk – thus its correct. But I cannot say – that there cannot be a ruler on my desk. Because putting those two ideas together void the concept.

      Yes people I know its long – but its ultimately the truth of the year 2010, AD. The existence of nothing does not exist because we void the existence of nothing by our very primitive thought because matter holds mass which voids the space/time continum and creates the idea which creates the idea which can be made real should we choose to.

    • Mark says:

      I thought I mentioned that the very thought process allows these “god particles” to come together so that our very thoughts hold matter and mass thus our thoughts being able to exist in the physical realm physically (these can be weighed in laboratories through atom smashers etc). and thus the very existence of our thoughts gives physical representation of the actual items, and through time given on a project just about anything is physically possible when conceived thoroughly. And this means NOTHING cannot exist – by the standing principles of this universe.

  2. Chilari says:

    It’s a coverup!

    • badgersprite says:

      “But my grandfather was there when it–”

      “SHH! Nothing. Happened.”

      “He told me all about–”

      “Do you want to get sued?!”

      “…Shutting up now.”

    • Dodom says:

      Actually, all sorts of epic things happened on this site several times a year. The year without an event was the most worthy of mention.

  3. Murdock says:

    It’s looks like a Simpson’s thing…

  4. JODI says:

    I saw this same plaque on the ground or sidewalk in front of a house in the Thousand Islands, NY.

  5. Reelcheeper says:

    I think I’ve seen this before.

  6. Steph says:

    Same sign posted outside Sadie’s Restaurant in Albuquerque, NM- cracks me up every time

  7. Lizard says:

    The sign below it reads…

    “But ohhhh man you shoulda been here in 1898!”

  8. Carlos says:

    That’s a suspicious level of denial. This sounds like a cover-up.

    • Gemenon says:

      If there were witnesses to this non event, then it would have been an event just by the fact that people were witnessing the nothing. So was it an event or a non-event? Schrödinger’s tourist spot.

  9. Chris says:

    There are a bunch of places with those signs. I’ve photographed on in Leesburg, VA.

    • KK says:

      I’ve seen the one in Leesburg, I too photographed it. I thought it was more amusing because a lot of the buildings nearby had actual plaques saying what happened there. XD

  10. jahhh says:

    My parents have one of these novelty plaques on our house

  11. Sarge says:

    However, rumor has it that a tree fell in a forest, but nobody heard it.

  12. MacFall says:

    I was there earlier this summer, and I suspect that they put it there to make fun of the many, MANY “historical plaques” that you find around the area. It’s like, okay, we get it. Somebody whose name made it into a book somewhere did something here at some time, then they died later on.

  13. Pokey says:

    this plaque can also be seen in suburb in Western Washington…the plot thickens?

  14. Kuro says:

    There was something like this in New York too haha!

  15. joseph1985dm says:

    It’s even more interesting than if it actually something happened

  16. WiiMoat says:

    There’s one of these in my hometown in Utah on a bench on mainstreet.

  17. The One Guy says:

    It’s a plaque for those who don’t like to read about anything on plaques. Obvoiusly these people like to read about nothing on plaques.

  18. Ferret-X says:

    My neighbor has one of those on her house (Florida)…maybe it’s some sort of conspiracy.

  19. Sammi says:

    hahaha i have one of these on my house(maryland). except i think ours is gold.

  20. PsychoDad says:

    Mmm, not to be one the Wet Blankets I usually despise, but yeah, these are sold in lots of hardware stores and houseware catalogs. Funnier if it wasn’t a mass-produced novelty.

  21. “Nothing happened” as in “move along, there’s nothing to see here” or as in “nothing happened”?

  22. Noajs says:

    in 1997 alos nothing happend as it will 2097

  23. Ant says:

    Simpsons reference Win.

  24. Geisha_Girl says:

    These signs are everywhere. It’s just a hackneyed Grandpa joke that everyone who uses it thinks to be original.

  25. postl1terat1 says:

    And here I thought it was from the Aurora, Texas cemetery.

  26. History is written by the…losers?

  27. Evilsnickers says:

    I’ve seen one in the show “How I met your mother”, in the McLarens bar.

    • Bobert says:

      Haha, that’s exactly what I thought of. I had found myself hoping that the writers had come up with an original sign. Oh, well.

  28. Science_Nerd says:

    I actually fell over laughing at this one.

  29. IQtest says:

    It happened at my house too, I have the same sign.

  30. KittieJ says:

    I hate to burst all of your bubbles, but this is a sign that you can order from catalogues.

  31. Rob says:

    There’s a sign like that in the liquor store in the movie Cookie’s Fortune, I think. Always made me smile.

  32. Nillstarr says:

    There is one just like it at work – a resort in Western Australia 🙂 going international now ooooooo!

  33. Marek says:

    I think the Simpons had a joke like this about the Chinese censorship of the Tiananmen square protests.

  34. Sam says:

    I found this plaque on a house in New Orleans. Obvioulsy it was a fake since everybody knows there is always something happening in New Orleans no matter where you are in it.

  35. Solar says:

    I have that exact plaque on a boulder outside my 107 year old house lmao

  36. ANS1 says:

    Same plaque, almost exactly (bronze instead of iron), can be found on the wall of a Vancouver pub. Methinks this is available on the internet somewhere

  37. Aria says:

    This is on my neighbor’s house, and always makes me smile.

  38. AR2 says:

    My parents have this exact same sign in their house. I love it.

  39. me says:

    The owner of the house we bought left this exact sign by the door!

  40. Dem says:

    i’ve seen near Dublin 10 years ago, behind another statue..And I see same plaque in NY and Providence (RI) this year…what does it means?

  41. Fez Frascati says:

    There’s a similar one at Full of Beans in Ojai, CA.

  42. Juice says:

    There is this same plaque on the wall of Bell Hall at George Washington University. Oddly, the building was built in 1935.

  43. Beardie says:

    It is a mass-produced item whose impact loses something with all the repetition. It’s really only funny if it’s in a historic location with lots of other, genuine, commemorative plaques.

    You wouldn’t expect anything to have happened in Laurel Highlands, PA, at a gas station which hadn’t been built yet.

  44. Sarah says:

    Saw one of these in Rye, England outside my hotel, very funny but apparently not origional.

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