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Funny Signs - Found It!

Submitted by: REDDIT via Oddly Specific

That lying little… she always told me it was in her pants. I should have known it was a trick.

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41 Responses to Found It!

  1. grandifolia says:

    Is it a cul-de-sac?

  2. Kusac says:

    I would love to know which street intersects this one!

  3. Lizard says:

    I’ve been down this road, it gets a little slippery when wet

  4. Katie says:

    You guys are scaring me!!! Who are y’all, the pedobear committee?

  5. LoL.Lawliet says:

    I’ve been down a ”Chitwood” (Pronounced shit-wood)

  6. The Doominater says:

    Honestly, didn’t they have any second thoughts before naming this street? Shouldn’t there have at least been one guy who stopped and said, “do you think people might take this sign the wrong way?”

    • Katie says:

      Like everybody on here^ …?

    • leila says:

      On the contrary, I bet there must be a group of people who are deeply offended by the idea of renaming the road and thus forever burying its legitimate historical significance in oblivion.

  7. orinoco womble says:

    Except that the S in Katies was photoshopped in…

  8. Snipper says:

    If you look it up on Google Maps, you will notice that there is no ‘S’ in the actual street name. It’s KATIE CROTCH RD. (which is just so much better)

    • The Amazing Rando says:

      I’m not entirely sure what the need of the “S” is. Katie Crotch Rd. is pretty messed up as it is.

  9. The Huminator says:

    No need to worry – after all, you obviously need to stop before venturing further

  10. katie13 says:

    i dont understand why the other katie is so offended…someone emailed me this and i thought it was hilarious!…im a katie…and im not offended…i actually kinda wanna take it lol if i was the street sign stealing type

    • Katie says:

      Because I have a rather scarring history with those two words.

    • ChagrinnedGoat says:

      Scarring enough to warrant screaming all over the internet about a sign that happens to be referencing the crotch of a woman with the same name as yours? A name that is probably taken by millions of people across the globe? (“Katherine” was the 60th most popular name for births in the US, 2009. That’s 1.5 million in one country alone.)

  11. mike says:

    I have been to Katies Crotch.. It is in Maine. Had to go through her crotch as a detour 😛

  12. Pheebs says:

    no wonder i kept getting cockblocked when we were dating.

  13. ha says:

    Probably named by a guy who still held a grudge against Katie …

    • Beauty says:

      just goes to show..if ur gna be a spoiled high-maintenance brat… be careful who you gold dig and then screw over lol

  14. M says:

    This is a real road in my hometown in rural Maine, and it’s always been known as “The Katie’s Crotch Road”. The legend that I heard is this: once upon a time, a woman named Katie lived in a house in the Y formed by this road and the main road, otherwise known as the crotch of the road. Sounds logical to me. The street sign has been stolen so often that the highway dept. has tried several different spellings… I think the current one is “Katie Ctch. Rd.” or something similar. 🙂

  15. Also Named Katie says:

    Thanks to Google Maps, I can now ‘look up’ my own crotch… Not sure how to feel about this.

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