But Officer, My Clock Says It’s 8:03


Submitted by: Fun With Words via Oddly Specific

But then again, this watch hasn’t worked for years.

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22 Responses to But Officer, My Clock Says It’s 8:03

  1. Sheepeys says:

    Sounds like the high school I went to… School started at 7:13, finished at 3:12. o_O

  2. Melissa says:

    7:17, 8:02, 2:22, 3:07 ….. are those Bible verses?

    • Xenobio says:

      I was gonna say the down-to-the-minute specific timings sound like fasting start and break times. (I’m from a Muslim country).

  3. ktrom says:

    Actually, those are similar to my school hours of 7:07 am to 2:05 pm. That sign actually makes sense.

  4. Lizard says:

    Alright you kids get an extra 2 minutes to get to class, at 8:02 exactly the crossing guard goes home and we up the speed limit to 50MPH, be to class on time or get ready to play a serious game of Frogger…oh wait, you kids probably don’t know what Frogger is…well come to class 2 minutes late and you’ll find out..

    • The One Guy says:

      I find it hard to believe that anyone, no matter what age, doesn’t know what Frogger is. Then again, I’m a geek.

  5. Alex says:

    Lucky. School zones around here are 20 MPH

  6. Steve says:

    This is what happens when you convert from English time to Metric time…

  7. Josh BA says:

    Where I live, in CA, school zone speed limits are not tied to school hours but to the presence of children. Even if it’s 8 PM, if there is a child present near the street, the speed limit is 25.

    • Acies says:

      But what if you don’t see the kid til it’s too late? Isn’t part of the reason why we need slower speed limit in situations where there’s high probability of children because children can suddenly jump out of anywhere?

    • Josh BA says:

      My understanding is that it is up to the driver to be vigilant. If it’s likely that kids may be near you are expected to know that and moderate your driving accordingly. There are big flashing yellow lights near some signs where the normal speed is high or there is a lot of traffic to let you know when it is likely that a 25mph speed limit is likely to be in effect.

  8. GoHybrid says:

    I REALLY need to get a shot of our Wacky Wednesday school speed limit signs that we have and post one here, they’re like this sign, on steroids. Will see if I can remember to snap one tomorrow…

  9. John M says:

    That pretty much defines “oddly specific.” WTMF.

  10. enoilgat says:

    It makes some sense though. It is just a 45 minute interval before the start of class in the morning and a 45 minute interval after the end. It is definitely odd, but makes sense.

  11. yoyomama says:

    First let me say: I appreciate the oddly specific humor. Not trying to be a downer, but next let me say: this sign is stupid. Why not just say “7:10 – 8:10” and “2:15 – 3:15”? Or round it off even more, “7:00 – 8:15”? I would probably crash into a crosswalk full of pedestrians trying to wrap my mind around all those random numbers on that sign. Even better would be a full HOUR AND A HALF that would be easier for people to remember, and post them well ahead of the actual school zone, not when drivers are just approaching it. I’ve had kids in school for 10 years and I know school zones !! People are in a hurry getting to work, parents are trying to get kids to multiple schools on time, people are distracted, and kids are all over the place. I live in the Bay area, California, and in my neighborhood we do have a number of the speed monitoring flashing signs, and these are very good. Still, I believe that police should be posted at either end of school zones, especially in the mornings.

  12. Megg says:

    These are the exact times for typical school-bus arrival/departure in Anne Arundel County (MD)’s high schools.

  13. Levi says:

    I think it’s rather obvious why they chose odd times. It’s to get people who see the sign to actually look at their clocks, and to make people re-read the sign every time they pass it. People pay more attention to the sign because it has odd times, and are less likely to ignore it.

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