Making A Stand

Funny Signs - Making A Stand

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

At least they asked kindly. That’s an improvement on some tactics.

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54 Responses to Making A Stand

  1. Piteous says:

    I wish we had these signs in America.

  2. QueenOfIrony237 says:

    Wait, I thought smoking was supposed to be relaxing? I think I’ll stick to the little creature who’s eyes pop out when you squeeze it.

  3. CowsAreCool says:

    I am so making a sign like that.

  4. Sosij says:

    But what if I want some secondhand smoke? Greedy bastards.

  5. Siena says:

    Brilliant! Even though I am proud to say I quit smoking over two years ago, I still get very annoyed with people coughing extra loudly and commenting while walking through a smoking area. Just walk on and go pat yourselves on the back somewhere else please.

    • geekgirl says:

      This! I also quit a few years ago, and am still flabbergasted at the nastiness of some non smokers. I mean, yeah, if they’re smoking in an non smoking area, give em’ hell, but if they’re in the designated area f**k the hell off and let them enjoy their cancer sticks in peace. 🙂
      I don’t know about London, but where I’m from you’re lucky if the designated smoking area isn’t practically around the back, in the alley next to the dumpsters. I’d be even less polite than this sign if someone complained.

    • gia says:

      Someone whose hair and clothes stink permanently, has yellow nails and her teeth are falling off shouldn’t call other people nasty.

    • zymish says:

      Not every smoker is one of those pack-a-day types. You sound like one of those people who coughs loudly and pointedly while walking through these designated smoking areas. I hate cigarette smoke too, but I’m not an asshole about it.

    • Onasariel says:

      I’m a non smoker and it makes me want to punch people in the face when they do that.

    • Castamir says:

      Uhm, try walking within 30 meters of some smoking bastard. I for one get sick and feel like retching. You may not be as sensitive to that shit, but come on…

    • Princess Leppard says:

      It must be terrible to be so fragile. How do you go anywhere?

    • Flash635 says:

      @Castamir. Ironically, you’d probably have a much lower reaction if you smoked a bit yourself and built up a resistance.

      A lot of people who give up smoking develop allergies after the protective layer of tar flushes out of their lungs and nasal passages.

  6. Amy says:

    LMFAO! TOO FUNNY! LOVE IT! I’m a “former smoker” which…we all know…is far worse than any “non smoker” hehehe…but THIS made me LOL!!! 😀

  7. ChemEngChick says:

    I will GLADLY comply!

  8. Kris L says:

    I have nothing against smokers, as long as I don’t have to breathe their smoke. The idea of a smoking area sounds good – maybe then they’d keep their smoke to themselves instead of smoking in parking lots, etc. where I have to walk by.

    What I really hate is people who smoke on either side of the door, so I have to go through the smoke. That’s when I tend to cough. I’m not smug, I just don’t like the smell. Or the deadliness.

    • Mr. Obvious says:

      I have nothing against people who wear too much perfume and cologne, as long as I don’t have to breathe their perfume and cologne. The idea of a perfume and cologne area sounds good – maybe then they’d keep their perfume and cologne to themselves instead of in elevators, stairways, office cubicles, etc. where I have to walk by.

      What I really hate is people who wear perfume and cologne on either side of the door, so I have to go through the smoke. That’s when I tend to cough. I’m not smug, I just don’t like the smell. Or the deadliness.

    • geekgirl says:

      Why have people suddenly given up cleanliness and replaced it with perfume? Shoes smell? Frebreeze! Bed spread wiffy? Frebreeze! B.O. getting noticable? Body spray! Carpet starting to smell like fido? Sprinkle some powder!
      What ever happened to washing machines, soap, and rug doctors?

    • Bursting Bubbles says:

      Fail. Why do you think most soap smells good? Let’s play a game of fill in the blank:
      “P-r-um- is added to soaps and laundry detergents.” I’ve left out a consonant and two vowels (incidentally the same vowel used twice).

      I agree that non-smokers can vacate the area without being whiny, as well as agree that perfume and cologne in general are disgusting, but comparing the smell of cancer to the smell of someone trying to hard is funny and still incorrect.
      The answer was “perfume”, by the way.

    • Leg-iron says:

      Perfume and cologne are made of volatile organic chemicals. As are all those sprays and air fresheners.

      They pump chemicals into the air all the time, not just the few minutes of a cigarette. Far more chemicals.

      You know those chemicals they like to tell you are in cigarette smoke? Benzene, and so on? They’re in those sprays and powders too. At far higher concentrations.

      So, keep spraying the air fresheners. Breathe deep of the lovely smell and pat yourselves on the back because the smell hasn’t come from leaves.

      It’s come from petroleum products run through a chemical factory. That has to be healthier, right?

      I’m not criticising, mind. You want to breathe that stuff, you go ahead. As a scientist, I wouldn’t go near any of it but you know better, I’m sure.

      “It’s safe”. Just keep saying it and it becomes true because that’s how reality works. Isn’t it?

    • DeeJay says:

      Sorry, but I’d rather spray on some antiperspirant than walk around reeking of horrible BO all day. I’m sure the people around me would rather this too.

    • schmock says:

      there are perfume free soaps and antiperspirants you know?

    • Rapunzel says:

      This is too funny. But in all seriousness, cologne and perfume smell like garbage as does cigarette smoke.

    • Flash635 says:

      I think perfumes, especially in room deodourisers and such are worse than cigarette smoke.

  9. Doct0r says:

    I like this idea. Keep all the smokers together so you lessen the risk to others of deadly diseases.

    Also, very British, and if the sign is ever read out, is has to be said in a posh voice, gives more authority.

    • noodle says:

      I agree with your point, but I must point out that that sign is from London- the accent you want to read that in is cockney, not all the british are posh wankers you know.

    • K says:

      And Cockney is not the “London” accent – it’s specific areas of the SOUTH of London (and even then arguably half in affectation these days).

      It quite clearly says CITY of London – as in the borough? If you’re going to be oddly specific, at least be correct, por favor?

    • noodle says:

      good point, but in the city of London theres no particular accent anyway, so when in doubt- go for the cockney.

  10. postl1terat1 says:

    Push me out in the elements? Then I will bleeding well kill myself slowly in public, with others of my kind.

  11. Rey Fox says:

    Simply awesome. But why would they hyphenate “piss off”?

    • fattoler says:

      Because that is the old fashioned way to do it, in fact most two word combination phrases like rip-off and fun-fair were hyphenated.

    • zymish says:

      That’s not the same sort of phrase. “Rip-off” and “fun-fair” are nouns. There should be no hyphen in “piss off” as it’s not a noun at all. It would be kind of like like hyphenating “go away”, “have fun”, or other such things.

    • YourD says:

      Maybe whoever posted the sign wanted to have the smokers duel the non-smokers in a pissing contest…

  12. adam says:

    dio damn non-smoking ban

  13. SaltySally says:

    LOVE this! Think I’ll have it put on a T-shirt!

  14. Dame says:

    So, uh, none of you guys have ever heard of a smoking area? They even exist in America.

    I mean really.

  15. Svant says:

    Best. Sign. Ever.

  16. gia says:

    The repugnant stinkers are just mad they’re forced to piss off from everywhere else.

  17. Jep says:

    Well, I’m one of those who coughs, but it is because I have severe asthma; not because I’m trying to be rude. And I agree, it is rude for people to stand all around the door and smoke so others are forced to walk through it.

    • tincan says:

      I don’t cough at people who smoke, but I pull up my T-shirt to act as a temporarily mask.

      I think I have the right to not smell it, right? And the places I walk through are like outside buildings where I must walk through.

  18. Georgeman says:

    Why is everyone anti-smoking? I know it can cause cancer, I have family who have smoked 20 a day and still be healthy, Me personally I am not bothered by the smell, so why is everyone kicking them out of the pubs?

    Even when they are allowed to smoke outside, they are then a Subject of ridicule (I don’t smoke but most of my family do) I have suffered comments, coughs aimed at us ect…

    If they don’t like smokers then don’t go to the pub then?

    • Anonny says:

      Don’t kid yourself: It’s bad for them too. Maybe you can’t tell just looking at them, but a doctor would know.

      Sure, it doesn’t bother YOU, but there’s lots of people it does bother, and a few that cigarette smoke could actually KILL. (And yes, the same goes for perfume. I’ve seen signs warning against wearing perfumes to avoid bothering allergies. But I’ve never met anyone who wore perfume so much it killed their computer and tinted all their furniture.)

      It only takes ONE inconsiderate(or just desperate) smoker to smoke up a big volume of space, so keeping a smoke-free area free of determined smokers takes constant vigilance. It’s not correct to resent all smokers for that, but we’re only human.

    • YourD says:

      While it takes only one smoker to fill a volume of space (say, a small pub) with smoke, the fact is that back when it was allowed the majority of people going into the pub were either smokers or people who knew full well that there was a good chance of encountering someone who does.

      I believe that (at least over here in the Netherlands) the law that bans smoking in public buildings is in place to guarantee every single working man and woman that they have a smoke-free workplace. Banning it in pubs is simply because those have staff just as much as office buildings, buses, shops and so forth.

  19. Reihert says:

    We dont care if you smoke, we do care if you smoke near us.
    Smoke at your home or at those designed cancer areas but keep your dirty habit to yourself.

    • myob says:

      the sign was, as so many of you pompous, self-righteous, PC prigs missed it, to suggest that you non-smokers should stay out of an area specifically reserved for an activity that you claim to abhor, and shut up about your rights being more significant than the rights of anyone else. I have no desire to share my smoke or your breath, thank you ever so much!

  20. Violet says:

    It’s funny to me that some people think being self-righteous about their non-smoking status is less obnoxious than the smoking itself. Both are caustic, crappy habits. Let’s call it a day.

  21. Taylor says:

    This is so British… even while insulting you, they are proper.

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