Now Entering Fail Farm

Funny Signs - Now Entering Fail Farm

Submitted by: Charlotte, Vermont via Oddly Specific

But don’t miss the frakking cows.

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14 Responses to Now Entering Fail Farm

  1. fraoch says:

    Or the goddamn alpaca

  2. Paula says:

    Aww…That’s just…Aww…

  3. ladyofargonne says:

    I know a place where there was a sign that read “diabetic dog.” Apparently people walked by and fed the dog. (They could have kept the dog in the house.)

  4. Bob says:

    Mad Cows

    Stewed Tomatoes

  5. meetalcraze says:

    this isn’t fail just telling drivers to watch out cause the dog can’t hear the horn to get out of the way

  6. o.O says:

    The farmer would be owned in farmville. 😀

  7. Nefarious_the_Z-Stack says:

    LMAO! Its IRL Farmville!

    • Lymn says:

      I was JUST about to say this 😀 It’s the essence of farmville. Retarded animals, dogs that won’t save you from any intruders, chickens that lay eggs though they aren’t fed…

  8. alex says:

    Wow, this is a fox’s dream come true.

  9. Katherine Berns says:

    People do not always fence their hens although most pen them up at night to cut down on coyotes, fox, and weasel attacks. And it isn’t like the dog will hear them and come help…Although the dog should smell them if they come around.

  10. fleaze says:

    wow its the disability ranch

  11. Linkabird says:

    I live in Charlotte and I’m kind of dying to know where this is!

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