Give A Guy A ‘Something Else Than A Break’

Give A Guy A 'Something Else Than A Break'

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

Honesty is the best policy, considering his window isn’t broken… yet.

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28 Responses to Give A Guy A ‘Something Else Than A Break’

  1. JustOlJon says:

    Hm. This does assume that the thief/thieves can read, so I’m not sure it’s gonna be successful.

    Owners of convertibles learn to take valuables with them and leave the doors unlocked, in hopes that the crooks will open the door to do their misdeeds and not cut the top.

    • Poochner says:

      I’ve known a couple that, weather permitting, did that one better and just left the top down.

  2. wandering through says:

    We do the same (minus the sign) with our company truck that’s left on our property at night. There’s really nothing valuable inside, unless you consider a stock radio without even a CD player valuable. After 3 broken windows and nothing inside stolen there’s really no reason to lock it.

  3. CJ says:

    Am I the only one who might be tempted to check? Not to take anything, but just out of curiousity?

  4. Mike says:

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop people from sleeping/pooping in your car.

  5. Casi says:

    I actually had to put up a sign like that once. A group used to come into my apartment complex’s parking lot at least once a month and bust into any car that had the potential for anything good. Eventually we all just started leaving our cars unlocked and putting up signs for about a month since the apartment management decided we weren’t worth a security camera. They seem to have worked. Almost a year now since the last break in.

  6. Indomitus says:

    *breaks in and steals the sign*

  7. “Valuables” is subjective though. Someone got into my unlocked car, used it as a hotbox, and stole my completely valueless cell phone. Then they called my mom and my husband trying to get ransom money for the phone. Ah, teenagers.

  8. njaneardude says:

    Happened to me, car broke down on the highway (Porsche 928), these kids gave me a ride to the next exit and to a local mechanic (Pre everyone having a cell phone days). They went back and broke the window and stole my gym bag with weekend clothes. The doors were open, sometimes the door locks were finicky so I usually left it unlocked. Really sucked, not only was I now facing mechanical repair bills, I had to replace the window.

  9. ubermarklar says:

    I’m guessing this is in Cape Town

  10. bbq4u says:

    I have resorted to this

  11. Gamereg says:

    I recall reading about this on Legend has it a guy put up a sign like this, had his car broken into, and a note left in it saying “Just checking.”

  12. g says:

    it’s like giving a robber your money so he doesn’t steal it.

  13. S/A says:


    No. It’s not like that at all. It’s more like handing the mugger your empty purse before they bash you in the head with a bat.

  14. Ironica says:

    The first car my mom had that had an alarm, she never locked. It wasn’t clicker-based (set itself automatically and was deactivated by turning the key in the ignition), so it was easy to leave the doors unlocked. Always did, never had anything stolen.

    But then one time, a friend borrowed it, then parked it by her house, where it always lived… and locked it. That night, someone broke the rear window and stole my camera out of it (stupid little 35mm auto-focus; not even a GOOD camera… but it had half a roll of film from my high school graduation in it :-/).

    Another time, I rented a UHaul truck and parked this same car at the UHaul place. When I returned the truck that evening, they informed me that they noticed my doors were unlocked, so they took it upon themselves to lock them (and they seemed to think I should be really grateful they’d done this). Of course, this set off the alarm, so they had to then jimmy the lock, open the hood, and disconnect the battery to keep it from dying. (I got the impression that having an alarm enabled on my unlocked car was somewhat discourteous.) Then a few days later, while driving the car, I had a mechanical failure… turns out that while disconnecting the battery, they left a wrench sitting on top of it, which fell down and knocked a hose loose and my car overheated. Thanks a frigging hell of a LOT, UHaul.

  15. Petezzz says:

    I knew a guy who did this. The next day the window was broken and right under the note on the paper he left there was some barely legible junky-ass writing that said “dude im so f**kin sorry, I didnt see the note until after i broke the window, my bad.”

  16. Justme says:

    I saw a car like that near Alamo Square in San Francisco. Maybe it is the same.
    We laughed about it.
    A few steps later there was a car with broken windows.
    A few steps later there was another car with broken windows.
    A few steps later there was another car with broken windows.

    We stopped laughing, took our car and parked somewhere else.

  17. DZ says:

    I have considered doing this…

    I had my window broken so that someone could steal two dollars in quarters from my car.

    The next day had to drive it with the window still broken, and a highway patrolman pulled me over and searched me because he thought I was driving a stolen car. A helpful city cop showed up and provided an extra gun pointed at me in case I tried anything.

  18. bill e bong says:

    I’ve seen this car before !! strange..

  19. Riva says:

    Not really funny once you have lived in a rough neighborhood and have actually resorted to this after having your window broken out three times….and i drove a ten year old camry with no stereo (the stereo it had was factory issued but it got stolen)

  20. Casa says:

    I’ve had my purse stolen from the front seat of my car. Stupid moment, totally my fault for leaving it there, I know. The thing is, I had my wallet and keys in my pocket at the time… and there was 20$’s in the ash tray that they didn’t touch.

    All they got was a cheep purse, with nothing in it but a lighter and a map.

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