Two For The Price Of Two!

Two For The Price Of Two!

Submitted by: schlammbad via Oddly Specific

Oh man, I’m totally going there for lunch so I can get two lunches for the same price as always!

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20 Responses to Two For The Price Of Two!

  1. IndieSinger says:

    I think this is very clever!

    I once saw a sign which said, “SPECIAL OFFER: Buy two, give one back”.

  2. nj says:

    I saw this at Creation NW 2010…. it was in front of a fish and chips stand, and everybody in the line was laughing about it…. I SAW IT BEFORE IT GOT ON FAILBLOG!!! For once in my life!!! XD

  3. Carlos says:

    I’ve seen this old joke before. It was in an ad. for a hot dog stand. This one didn’t even change a word of it apart from the particular food item. That’s lame.

  4. Music-chan says:

    Personally, I’ve never seen this before I thought it was pretty funny. I guess no one is that interesting around here.

  5. Sarge says:

    Steal one, get one free.

  6. fraoch says:

    Such a great deal! I’ll take 8!

  7. G. James says:

    Pearl Vision used to run an ad with several offers for glasses represented by coupons with big print. One of them read, “Buy One, Get One.” Well, I should hope so!

    Still thinking about getting that penny burrito at Amigos (“.99¢”).

  8. Devil Dan says:

    You’ll get two for free if you buy three for the price of five.

  9. OddlySpecific_Fail says:

    OddlySpecific, I am afraid you have failed! It’s two for the price of four, not two for the price of two. Dumbasses 😀

  10. faeriemama says:

    Pay as you exit. SWEET DEAL!

  11. wetpantslol says:

    Wait, I don’t even..

  12. Mike says:

    There’s a pub in Bristol, UK, which has in very big letters ‘FREE BEER’. In very small letters it says ‘Ping Pong’ under ‘FREE’ and ‘From around the world’ under ‘BEER’. Pretty good.

  13. dana says:

    asta o spunea un pic diferit caragiale pe vremea lui

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