But It’s So Shiny!

Submitted by: Matt Kilgannon via Oddly Specific

Plus, who can tell military debris from simple debris? I tend not to be discriminatory in my debris-collection.

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28 Responses to But It’s So Shiny!

  1. cass says:

    When it explodes and kills you, you may feel pain, a sensation that hurts.

  2. r3loaded says:

    This sign must be in Britain. We have signs for everything! 😀

    • jimimnyperson says:

      Yeah, it’s on some MOD properties for liability reasons. Basically so if someone blows their hand off on a not-quite-so-burnt-out smoke grenade, they were asking for it.

      And to pre-empt any responses to this: yes, smoke grenades can burn your hand off, especially if theyre phos ones.

  3. Tank668 says:

    Few ordnance items are “shiny”. They are either camouflaged or painted bright colors to be seen. Which is a problem, because kids think they are toys.

    • Mental Mouse says:

      Actually, that’s a problem with the “shiny” stuff too — Google “cluster bombs”.

    • Cluster Bomb says:

      most cluster bomb submunitions are painted, it would violate military procedure to just have unpainted ordnance. Most are olive drab or painted in bright colors, even if they should explode on contact.

  4. Kyle Reese says:

    Don´t take candy from strangers.

  5. meowcat2 says:

    Its called Unexploded Ordnance

  6. G. James says:

    “Your dad said you were collecting shells!”
    “Shells! 57 millimeter. My dad gets $12 apiece for them. They make great paperweights.”

    • DrSolar says:

      I used to live near a range, they sold desk-tidies made of 20mm casings for charity, always a use for something those lads.

  7. Astragali says:

    It’s easy to tell what’s military debris – it always stands at attention 🙂

  8. Duke says:

    From the looks of the sign, it would appear that someone decided to ignore the warning.

  9. Deven says:

    “Out there beyond that sign. every military debris that explodes, burns, or shoots in the mud wants to kill you and use your eyes for jewjewbees”

  10. Dodom says:

    My grampa has an unexploded shell in his shed. He found it, and picked it up. No matter how many signs you put up telling people not to touch them, they still will.

  11. K-t says:

    Good to know.

  12. madfencer says:

    These are common on military training land in england. Though they often say do not touch suspicious objects. YOu can usually tell if its military by the fact its a big lump of metal in the woodland! You can hear the cannon testing for miles

  13. Archibald Ironfist says:

    How about, “Do not touch any military debris, it may explode and kill you, and the area around it will be dirty with your guts. Please keep the area clean at all times.”
    Somehow, I feel like that would suit the situation much more.

  14. Kate says:

    haha look at the dents in the sign!

    • Greebo says:

      the dents are probally bird-shot (No 6) from people shooting game birds on the next moor. we used to drive the birds for pocket money at school and some of the shooters wern’t that good, they only hit the ground due to Gravity. they always scared me more than the military stuff. that and the open mine shafts in the area…

  15. KC says:

    No way! I saw this sign walking in a random sheep field in Scotland! I survived 🙂

  16. Bill says:

    We used to pick up military debris all the time. Don’t tell me if you found a bazooka in the forest you would just leave it there. In Germany the forests were littered with debris dating back to WW2

    • Casa says:

      I’d totally pick it up, but there would be a little voice in the back of my head telling me I’m about to get exploded. o.0

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