How Often Does This Happen?

How Often Does this Happen?

Submitted by: sonic_cherry via Oddly Specific

And how does someone sign up? *Whistles innocently*

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29 Responses to How Often Does This Happen?

  1. Someon says:

    That…is disgusting.

    • Daria says:

      I think it’s still hanging up in Trent’s van, though I don’t know of anyone who has lost it in the van during the current owner’s tenure.

  2. D-R says:

    Can it be returned? 🙂

  3. SavvyDoggy says:

    I think the pic’s from Philippines. Our jeepneys look like that. I’m serious

  4. postl1terat1 says:

    I’m sure that if someone does lose virginity, he’s not responsible.

  5. Mental Mouse says:

    Aside from the wisecrack, that sign hurts my eyes…

  6. Mrs Rochester says:

    What are those menacing shards of glass doing hanging from that sign?

    • toogsh12 says:

      those aren’t shards of glass. those are pieces of shiny plastic. i know because i come from the same country this pic came from: the philippines. these signs, some funny (mostly tongue-in-cheek sort of humor), some very serious, are a common occurrence in public transportation vehicles called jeepneys

    • Billy-Jo Bobbie-Ann says:

      Unfinished fishin lures?

  7. SomeRandomChick says:

    Is this from Skippy’s Mistake in Arlington?

  8. Sticky Wicket says:


  9. LOLman says:

    ala eh, ang pinoy nga naman,

    we filipinos are so good we cold steal someone’s virginity without knowing =D

  10. council says:

    Only in the Philippines. There’s more of that kind in other jeepneys.

  11. Paula says:

    In that case, I should stay away from that vehicle. *ahem* What are you all looking at?

  12. Sants says:

    Soooo…..who the hell wants to do it inside an open-air public vehicle with about 20 or so other people sardined in there with you? :))

  13. otrootro says:

    y’know dudes, in the Philippines, even touching a person IN THOSE PLACES in the body makes them lose their virginity.

  14. The Huminator says:

    Dude, that’s my car!

  15. reece44 says:

    WTF. Philippine jeepney=FTW

    Its pretty embarrasing if you DO lose your virginity in a publie vehicle.
    Id rather to it in a dark alleyway where no one can see me.

  16. Bob says:

    That whistling isn’t going to be so innocent for much longer, if you know what I mean…

  17. catso says:

    Oops, I lost a quarter.

    Here it is, I’ll just bend over to get it…

  18. Anna says:

    Virginity is technically a state of mind. And yes, I’m from the Philippines. I like the sign that says:

    God knows

    Judas not pay.

    (Judas is pronounced as: Who does)


    Oddly specific.

  19. barfy says:

    omg i never realized so many filipinos visited this blog??

    anyway, i made a joke and ive been wanting to crack it and i finally have the opportunity to do so!!!! here goes:

    Q: “How do you determine the maximum seating capacity of a Philippine jeepney?”

    A: “If everyone’s sitting comfortably, then there’s still room for one more.”

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