When Just One Picture Of Goats In Trees Isn’t Enough For You

Submitted by: Unknown

I can’t wait to see next March! The anticipation is killing me.

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44 Responses to When Just One Picture Of Goats In Trees Isn’t Enough For You

  1. Hyhybt says:

    Mom would love one of these!

    (How bad is it when you get gift-shopping ideas from Oddly Specific posts?)

  2. W00t! says:

    I want one!

  3. marleah says:

    These calendars are actually quite popular – at least, I’ve seen them around stores for the last 5 years or so. But then, I live in Kansas …

  4. Sarcastic Moron says:

    You know, I question how a goat managed to get on the tree on the first place…

  5. Sarcastic Moron says:

    You know, I question how a goat managed to get on a tree in the first place….

  6. J says:

    “For the last six years, I’ve always had my goat calendar. It’s just not cutting it for me anymore. If only there was something new!

    Oh wait…. What’s this??”

  7. Manda says:

    Just the new nightmare I need. Thanks a lot.

  8. Ben Harris says:

    Calendar Manufacturer: “Here’s your Goats in Trees calendar! … What’s that? … That’s what I said, goats in trees. … How do you spell that? … G-O-A-T-S-E? What’s that??”

  9. Duke says:

    Needs a “NSFW” tag…

  10. Jasini says:

    I want to see that Pigs calendar. Or is it a wigs calendar?

  11. Shipoopi says:

    that is oddly specific

  12. Hyhybt says:

    Reminds me of a business up the road a ways from here called “Goats On The Roof.” When I heard of it, I thought they meant a sign or plastic ones or something, but no, they covered the roofs with dirt and sod, connected them with catwalks (goatwalks?) and put live goats up there. Gets people into their nicknack shop.

  13. Lolll says:

    Bob!!!! Ed!!!!

  14. LOLmycatsonfire says:

    If there’s 1 thing I want for christmas this year, this is it. Nothing else will do.

  15. hansthecat says:

    I have the Goats in Trees 2010 calendar (seriously), and it has the same picture on the front. I’d bet the inside pictures are all the same too.

  16. Poet9132 says:

    Still not enough goats in trees for me. I gotta have the day-to-day version!

  17. Responder says:

    So that’s ‘Harold the Clever Goat’, now?

    (Notice they don’t so much fly as plummet.)

  18. enoilgat says:

    Oddly Specific just opened my eyes into a new world…

  19. Kermit says:

    “Pigs in Space”!!!!

  20. Seith says:

    My father used to keep two goats and they always climbed onto the trees and ate all the leaves and fruit. Goats are not only pretty good at climbing but pretty smart as well – sheeps, for example, probably wouldn’t try to reach the delicious bits like that. BD

  21. Rattus says:

    Makes parking your car under a pigeon filled oak look like a day at the beach in comparison.

  22. burntheorange says:

    I see SRV’s Calander Club stores have released their 2011 collection of pointless wall pictures… I had a 2nd job at one of their stores over a few winter retail insanity seasons, the goats just barely scratch the surface of WTF in that place.

  23. Raelee says:

    They climb the Argan trees in Morocco and eat the fruit. Locals then retrieve the nuts from their…leftovers..and break them open to make Argan oil from the seed. Remember that next time you put Argan oil on your face 🙂

  24. Mr Practical says:

    Just make sure you’re not standing underneath when the goats ripen and start to fall off

  25. Nicholas "Lavacano" O'Connor says:

    Big deal, I had an Extreme Ironing calendar a year or so ago.

  26. WorrierPrincess says:

    Nah, I’m holding out for the Photographers Who Stare At Goats in Trees, 2012 calendar

  27. Marvelous Mira says:

    I want this.

  28. Personage says:

    I am getting this calendar. Thank you v. much, Oddlees.

  29. TacoGuy says:

    Fiddler on the Roof movie, Tevye’s Dream, THAT goat needs to be in this calendar.

  30. Nanncyka says:

    Actualy the goats still climb the trees and eat the fruit but Argan Oil is no longer made like that for mass production….

  31. le miss griss says:

    i totally just bought this. is that wrong that i absolutely had to have it since its so ridiculous?

    hell no. goats are mine.

  32. Lymn says:

    Goatsin’ trees are interesting.

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