Stickman: 1, Gator: 4

Stickman: 1, Gator: 4

Submitted by: Unknown

Stickman, you so crazy! Everyone knows that the only thing you feed a saltwater crocodile is a hand, and a clock.

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16 Responses to Stickman: 1, Gator: 4

  1. holyelectricalsocket says:

    Alligator FTW!

    • Gangreless says:

      It’s a crocodile, not an alligator. Note the snout that points up in a way that says (in Tululah Bankhead voice), “Dahlink, how dahr you confuse me for one of those low brow, flat nosed alligators.”

    • Henk the Killer says:

      Also it says so in the comment below the pic.

  2. shego219 says:

    Stickman! How I’ve missed you!

  3. Lunch Meat says:

    Since when is running/swimming away from a crocodile a bad thing.

  4. Seibee says:

    Oh Sticky, you’ll never learn, will you?

  5. Someone says:

    All I can see is Stickman beating the Crocodile in the olympics: with running AND swimming.

  6. A Noun says:

    That skull has cheekbones to die for.

  7. robert ot says:

    me personally would throw down with the croc/gator

  8. Castamir says:

    Well, on 5th you lose only a hand, that’s not fatal.

  9. clapclapclap says:

    Peter Pan reference FTW. :3

  10. satanballs666 says:

    i am sure that saltwater croc can tear down that tiny fence

  11. Joding says:

    In the fourth one I thought it was an old man with a cane at first, and thought “Why are they feeding old men to crocodiles?”

  12. Brandon says:

    There’s no way stickman is getting to level 2 without an Action Replay

  13. kinmik says:

    most skull-and-crossbones have this big toothy smile that would brighten anyone’s day. these are just like, “meh.”

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