No Touching!

No Touching!

Submitted by: Kazh! via Oddly Specific

This reminds me of college, as most of the people I met had a ‘No Touching’ policy.

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10 Responses to No Touching!

  1. G. James says:

    My laser pointer has a pistol-style grip. Is that OK?

  2. Athanar says:

    I don’t really feel this belongs here, it’s just a no-touch policy and tells what to use and where to get the item to use. It’s not redundant.

  3. hammertime says:

    can’t touch this.

  4. splatman says:

    Makes me wanna build a very powerful laser pointer. One that can replace the Sawzall in putting in new windows and doors. Or just ask a Jedi to do the pointing.

  5. qzl says:

    robots only, no filthy humans allowed

  6. aurora75 says:

    no teaching!

  7. paul hilbert says:

    In which way does this belong here? If the walls are often used for projectors and this institution wants these walls to stay clean it is completely ok to demand this. It is neither wrong, nor funny nor spectacular in any way…

  8. dralutris says:

    well, i guess cats finally did take over the world…

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