Isn’t That the Point?

Submitted by: Aaron via Oddly Specific

Otherwise it wouldn’t be much of a suicide.

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16 Responses to Isn’t That the Point?

  1. 5150 says:

    Wow! I had no idea!!

  2. ..... says:

    They shouldn’t get full credit if someone else helped.

    • Damaged says:

      Should be like in TF2, it tells you who actually got the kill blow and who helped, although if the person themselves did most of the damage and someone just did the last little bit of damage, its usually “XYZ Has finished off ZYX”.

  3. Em The Mildly Amazing says:


  4. 17R3W says:

    Obvious sign is Obvious

  5. Gemenon says:

    Assisted resurrection resurrects! The cycle goes on.

  6. ASK says:

    The question is actually:

    Does Suicide kills assists?

  7. enoilgat says:

    Haha I think they meant to say something like, “Assisted Suicide is Murder.”

    • Nil says:

      Ah, but then they wouldn’t get the acronym ‘ASK’…which really, isn’t that what the assisted suicidee did?

  8. Sky Guy says:

    Oh REEAALLY!?! I thought it resurrected people that were already dead.

  9. Milk Man says:

    I love the acronym made “Wanna Die? All you have to do is ASK!”

  10. DWilson says:

    Does a failed suicide carry the death penalty?

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