That’s A Terrible Law!

Submitted by: Nella via Oddly Specific

Well, I guess if I have to…

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25 Responses to That’s A Terrible Law!

  1. this is not my name says:

    *insert typical ‘hot dog’ joke here*

    • geekgirl says:

      *groans* (then hangs head in shame for giggling.) 🙂

    • me says:

      *tries to post funnier joke with lack of grammer and spelling*

      *also states that he posted his comment before anyone ruined the conversation*
      *inb4 ccccombobreaker*

  2. 5150 says:

    Natural convection oven.

  3. but I don’t want to kill my pet! Does that mean a fine for me?

  4. Crowbar says:

    Law of Thermodynamics. So?

  5. Carlos says:

    We need to organize a protest! It’s not the government’s place to legislate whom heat kills and does not kill. Stay out of heat’s privately negotiated business, government!

  6. Paula says:

    Is there a cheezburger site for unfinished thoughts?

  7. splatman says:

    I seen a speed limit 60 sign with a “strictly enforced” sign below it. I thought, So why aren’t the police writing up everyone driving under 60?

  8. “Sometimes I want to commit crimes…”
    –Dogs Die in Hot Cars, “Please Describe Yourself”

  9. wozzle says:

    Seems to me that this sign is Oddly Not Specific Enough.

  10. Charles says:

    “Dog, it’s hot in this car!”
    “Yes, officer.”
    “You’re not dead.”
    “Yes, officer.”
    “You’re under arrest!”

  11. TheNoun says:

    Can we kill them in other ways?

  12. Baiciyu says:

    Doh. I live in G-burg. That sign is in the Toys R Us parking lot. I never thought about it as a fail before.

    • Calliope says:

      G’burg is my hometown, but I never saw those signs anywhere. I’m not seeing the humor in it anyway.

  13. iyr says:

    sure cheaper than euthanasia, only slightly cheaper than a bullet for when the DOG MUST DIE (old age, rabies, etc.) but think of the smell of burnt dog in your car…..

  14. überRegenbogen says:

    Ah semantics. People who speak English really ought to learn to speak English (especially when they’re in charge of official signage). :s

  15. Brandon says:

    Yeah, flood your car with some chicken broth and you’ll have dinner ready before you can say “Macy’s Clearance”

  16. Bt says:

    What if it is not hot enough? Is there a Department of Heat to regulate this? Do they put a big hot plate under you car?

  17. Broc says:

    I wonder what kind of sign they have for Babies?

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