Because He Waits Until You’re Gone

Submitted by: SiebeSniper via Oddly Specific

However, his office is kind of a fire waiting to happen, so maybe he has a point.

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29 Responses to Because He Waits Until You’re Gone

  1. Snookie_Townshend says:

    One time at my old job, I had to get the phone jack ID from an unoccupied office so the phone and network could be turned on. When I unlocked the door I found one of the other secretaries and a tech support guy in there already. Let’s just say the phone wasn’t the only thing getting turned on.

    Some days should have come with hazard pay…

  2. ottojackson says:

    You have no idea how much I enjoy smoking.

  3. Steven says:

    What’s wrong with the text in this picture? Is it a shop, or did someone ink those letters with distillate of crushed intern souls?

    • Furby says:

      Serious Answer: It was written on a white board with a blue marker.

      Better Answer: Interns don’t have souls. It might be their dignity, though.

    • Steven says:

      Good call on the souls vs. dignity… but what I was driving at is that the lettering seems to be glowing compared to the blue ink on the skull. I can’t be the only one that sees it? I’m guessing it glows more brightly in sync with how much power the boss is deriving from all the leeched dignity.

    • sandra says:

      Either someone was writing with mechanical precision, or that was entered after the fact in PShop. Every single letter is exactly the same as the other. I don’t think this was really written on the board.

    • sandra says:

      I mean: every e is alike, every x is alike… and exactly so.


    • Hawkin says:

      It is shopped. All of the letters are the exact same shape throughout, in addition to the odd color. Nobody with handwriting that bad is that consistent. It’s a “handwriting” font, and not actual handwriting.

    • Hawkin says:

      That being said, it is still amusing, and I can understand the sentiment.

    • Carlos says:

      Agreed. I was about to write that.

    • Henk the Killer says:

      The skull is dotted whilst the lettering is “smeared” out.

    • Pixel Detective says:

      Shop. “Enjox” is not a mistake people make when writing by hand.

    • Feyn says:

      plus you can tell it could be written by a German. In Germany the y and the x are next to each other, it’s more likely to make that mistake

  4. Rich says:

    But you would if you could.

  5. CB says:

    Why do the title and caption assume a man? Based off the circles over the eyes, I hope for their sake that that is a woman’s hand writing. But then again, no one that has their own office should still be dotting their i’s with circles, regardless of sex.

  6. Jemz says:

    Have a closer look at the writing – its definitely shopped. All the individual letters (such as e) are identical.
    While the joke is good, the lack of authenticity fails.

  7. Jaus says:

    Not all of the repeated letters are the same. The two “f”s in office are slightly different.

    Also, since when is “enjox” a word? Or is that the British spelling of the American “enjoy”?

    • Not a commenter. says:

      … It’s called making part of the y too long. I do it all the time.

    • domerdaver says:

      All of the “f”s are identical to within the noise of the JPEG compression.

      The x’s and the y-with-a-part-too-long in enjoy are identical and quite dissimilar from the other y’s.

  8. Jemz says:

    oh, not to mention “enjox”


  9. Steven says:

    That’s it! Now that we’ve determined this is a fabrication, I want a refund!

    Just a partial one, though. That’s still a pretty sweet skull, for a whiteboard.

  10. Nic says:

    I enjox smoking and sey. IN YOUR OFFICE.

  11. domerdaver says:

    It would seem that between the lines, the writer’s is seeking my reassurance that her sex in my office has not gone unseen.

    I can provide.

  12. J says:

    Possible Title Fail.
    Not too many men use big circles to dot their I’s.

    I imagine a woman wrote this, which is hot.

  13. Mel says:

    Is it just me or does that marker looks like it’s FLUORESCENT?

  14. Charles says:

    He does, you just don’t see him when he does.

  15. Noseyme says:

    Yall assumed a guy wrote this when you read it?

    Strange, I assumed a woman wrote this when I read it. Likely because of the circles over the I’s.

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