What About Customers?

What About Customers?

Submitted by: MAUS via Oddly Specific

Customers must leave their asses un-wiped.

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13 Responses to What About Customers?

  1. peet says:

    do not wipe your own ass! that’s what employees are for.

  2. Humm. says:

    Funny that this had to be mentioned…

  3. Dario says:

    Employees must wipe ass of consumers…and boss.

  4. Timmah says:

    it just means its optional for everyone else.

  5. Magzime says:

    Customers with clean asses must use employee’s used paper, so they can “un-wipe” their asses…

  6. malkatz says:

    Must be a brothel.

  7. ohno says:

    ..they may.

  8. Carlos says:

    Wow. I would never have guessed.
    Is this one real, or is a novelty parody sticker?
    If it is real, then how did this become so much of an issue that they had to post a notice? Why were people not doing it? How did it affect business?

    • Vancouver says:

      It’s a novelty parody sticker from Clubcard.ca, a printing company in Vancouver. This would’ve been more appropriately posted to Hacked IRL.

    • ash says:

      It is a parody sticker that a local printing business in SF hands out with their free promo packs. Someone probably just slapped one on in that rest room.

  9. tablo says:

    Employees MUST wipe ass. Customers have an option to wipe or not.

  10. John David Galt says:

    Just like buying gas in Oregon. You’re not allowed to do it for yourself.

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