It Sure Is!

It Sure Is!

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

I can’t help but think that maybe this sign just got alerted to Solid Snake’s presence.

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24 Responses to It Sure Is!

  1. LOTGK says:

    You know what it’s gonna be in a hundred years from now….?

    *Thanks Sam Kinison*

  2. Carlos says:

    Wasn’t this one already up here not too long ago?

    Also: Totally diggin’ the Solid Snake comment.

  3. Nerd says:


  4. Snookie_Townshend says:

    *Looks at sign* I see the Obvious Fairy has visited us again.

  5. bigyellowdinosaur says:

    OMG, sand!

  6. Hawkin says:

    *looks around wildly*

    Where?! Where?!

  7. LynzCatastrophe says:

    Sand! Its Everywhere! Get used to it.

  8. Rich says:

    I think the sand has an idea. Let’s listen to what it has to say.

  9. Could be Norwegian meaning `TRUE´.

    • spotter says:

      Yeah, in the wide norwegian desert plains!

    • Mandekeo says:

      Actually, “sand” in Norwegian means exactly what it does in English, though we pronounce it differently. “Sant” is true.

  10. WoW Geek says:

    Dammit… when I see a sign like that, first thing on my mind, NEW QUEST!

  11. Seibee says:

    Captain Obvious lives in the desert?

  12. koepkeb says:

    Maybe it has a quest to give?

    • Hawkin says:

      Yes, move all of the sand from here over to the power lines in the distance using this pair of tweezers.

    • DeadBob says:

      I can do it!

      The trick is operating a skid steer (Bobcat loader) touching the controls ONLY with the tweezers.

      I have always been a trial to my parents and employers…

  13. riku910 says:

    there are desert snakes… maybe it saw one! XD

  14. brandon says:

    I read the sign as “not sand”….

  15. Most awesome on the wrong side of lame says:

    OMG REALLY!?!?! WHERE?!?!

  16. Hawksky says:


  17. rick says:

    That sand has a quest! I bet it’s rewards are teh epics!

  18. DurMan says:

    Now Anakin Skywalker well know to avoid the area.

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