Every Villain Loves Lemons

[linkimage]Every Villain Loves Lemons[/linkimage]

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

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33 Responses to Every Villain Loves Lemons

  1. Untelligent says:

    *Every Villain IS Lemons

  2. Snookie_Townshend says:

    I like the Calvin & Hobbes version – “when life gives you lemons, I say wing ’em back and add some of your own!”

  3. samuel says:

    Looks like “Gru” for a new place to work 🙂

  4. problem404 says:

    ZOMG i see that place all teh time i live rite by it how weird is dat there always putin stuff like dat in HOUMA, Laoisiana

    • Infinite says:

      You know what’s weird? How you live in Louisiana and can’t spell it, or anything else, for that matter.

  5. when life gives you lemons, keep ’em ’cause hey, free lemons!

  6. katsuko says:

    That’s what I do with ’em.


  7. Bug-Eyed Earl says:

    When life gives you poop, make poop juice.

  8. I like better: “When life gives you lemons kill that bitch and drink her blood!”

  9. joseph1985dm says:

    Come here… Get closer.. I have some lemons…

  10. Darkailleam says:

    If life gives you lemons make lemonade

    What if life gives you ‘gators?


  11. Thalia says:

    I have a new motto.

  12. this has to be my favorite sign…

  13. Shoshana says:

    let’s hope life gives you some sugar as well, or that lemonade is gonna be real sour.

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