ereH thgiR toN s’gnihtemoS

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

.struh daeh yM

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39 Responses to ereH thgiR toN s’gnihtemoS

  1. R says:

    !!rorrim a htiw daer eb ot desoppus s’tI !ymmuD

  2. ˙s sıɹɥɔ says:

    ˙˙˙ǝɹǝɥ ʇɥƃıɹ ʇou s,ƃuıɥʇǝɯos

  3. AaronS says:

    Clearly this is doctored…one would expect the paint to look strange if it were put up the wrong way and it looks just fine!

  4. The Grim Reaper says:

    !!!aiM amaM

  5. asdfoeuiyfgo says:

    come on, this could very easily be just a regular flipped photo…

  6. splatman says:

    This is what happens when Boredom meets Screwdriver.

  7. Gangreless says:

    Why is this even on here?

  8. DeadBob says:

    Actually, to support the “flipped photo” hypothesis, the white bckgrund on the lower part ofthe sign is UNDER the black letters.
    If thesign were mounted backwards on the wall, the phrase on the bottom would not show up.

    Sign-making knowlegde FTW!

    • skeptic says:

      No. You see, this is printed using separations, much like everything nowadays. They didn’t paint the white base, then added the lettering. They just had the sign first designed, then split into its various colors for painting. So you end up with a white separation which has the lettering “missing”, and then the black separation is applied over the blank letters.

    • Truth says:

      And your comment was a sign-making knowledge fail.

  9. sparky says:

    @ deadbob
    i dunno man, to me it kinda looks like the paint is on the other side of the glass? it might not necessarily have text painted OVER background, but rather filled in. (my basis for this theory is that you can see shadows of the screws penetrating the glass)
    lets not ruin it for everyone until we explore every option 🙂

    • Ixar says:

      Simpler explanation: The white piece is a separate piece of plastic behind the glass and the glass has been turned around.

  10. Snookie_Townshend says:

    Maybe a manager I once supported is working as a sign installer. He once burst into the secretarial center yelling at me for making a bunch of transparencies “backward.” A moment later, his manager (whom I also supported) came out of the conference room and said, “Hey genius, try flipping them over face up. And stop yelling at her. She’s not the idiot here.” That job was never boring.

  11. Stevie-O says:

    Clearly this is warning is not for us, but for Alice — in case of fire, do not use the elevator to return from Wonderland.

  12. Aurora says:

    ?gniyrt tuohtiw sdrawkcab daer nac I taht lla ta driew ti Is

  13. roothoot says:

    It’s not backwards, its obviously russian XD

  14. Raer says:

    .dnatsrednu ot niarb eht rof drah os t’nsi siht agnam esenapaJ fo tol a daer uoy fI

  15. Hawksky says:

    !nuf si sdrawkcab

  16. steve says:

    The paranoids who worry about conspiracies putting in secret Satanic backwards messages would freak out over this one!

  17. Edisnoom says:

    Edisnoom oT emocleW

  18. That Guy says:

    I am so glad I understand reverse english..and upside down english..

  19. Chic-Wolf says:

    and this is where the Russian alphabet comes from…

  20. Rumble says:

    But before you exit the building, you must solve this riddle!

  21. Nick says:

    .sdnah ruoy nO .gnidliub eht gnitixe elihw sdrawkcab klaw ot desoppus er’uoY .elpmis s’tI

  22. yosuppeeps says:

    palindrome time!
    Now I won!
    (literally, that was a palindrome)
    Was it a car or a cat I saw?
    A Santa at NASA

  23. Thalia says:

    This is more of a failblog picture than an oddly specific picture.

  24. Vivian says:

    Uh… really simple explanation: college freshman dormitory. I wouldn’t put it past an 18-year-old prankster to get out his trusty screwdriver and cause confusion and chaos, only to be written up by his RA later.

  25. !niw u siht daer nac uoy fi says:

    .eelopep fo nuf ekam t’nod!tacypoc

  26. fleaze says:

    this is for dyslexia people or elopoep aixelsyd rof si siht

  27. Damian says:

    Mesopadamians get a lot of criticism :/

  28. genericnamehere says:

    Hmm.. well, I just copied and pasted that picture into Microsoft Paint and it took me all of two seconds to hit “Rotate Horizontally”.. Guess what? It was the right way.. I’m disappointed.

  29. sdfgdfgdfg says:

    Maybe this picture was found by some elgooG user who didn’tunderstand elgooG.

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