How Else Will I Ditch My Kids?

How Else Will I Ditch My Kids?

Submitted by: restaurant in Gilbert, AZ via Oddly Specific

You could always let this guy watch them.

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20 Responses to How Else Will I Ditch My Kids?

  1. pyrax says:

    Misplaced exclamation point, that.

    • Tracey says:

      Seriously. I thought the sign was telling you not to flush, and I thought, “Just how old is this plumbing???”

    • Josh says:

      I was thinking the same thing…

    • Jay says:

      Break out the red magic markers. It should read: “This is an historic building…”.

    • The One Guy says:

      Um, no it shouldn’t.

    • knowitall says:

      The One Guy is right, cuz in the U.S. we pronounce the “h”.

    • English Teacher says:

      Actually J is correct. Eventhough in the US we do pronounce the ‘H’, as you correctly noted, the correct/proper way to write/say it is “an historic building”.

    • Daleinaz says:

      No, I’m sorry, the correct way to write it is the way you pronounce it. The rule is, if the noun is pronounced with a leading consonant, the article is “a”. If the noun is pronounced with a leading vowel, the article is “an”. Here in the US, we pronounce the “h” in “historic”, therefore “a historic” is correct. To try to pronounce the “h” in “an historic” is as awkward as saying “a earthworm”.

      But can anyone tell me why in the US we don’t pronounce the “h” in herb (as in herbs and spices), but the British chefs I’ve seen on TV DO pronounce the “h”? I thought the “leading h is silent” rule came from England. What are the exceptions?

    • ahowe68 says:

      There are several English accents. Some of them don’t have silent leading “h”s.

  2. Mrs Rochester says:

    Keep this restroom clean! Bag all waste and deposit on front steps of this historic building!

  3. Devil Dan says:

    Also, we still use lead pipes so you might not want to drink the water.

  4. Chrystoph says:

    What, they can’t afford a janitor??!

  5. Sarge says:


  6. Kelly Ann says:

    Is this in some of the office buildings in the US Capitol? I think I saw this while I was in there. I may be wrong.

  7. Hope says:

    Is it OK to flush older children, then?

  8. NoPunyNerd says:

    Please do not flush! Really?!?

  9. WGMOW says:

    it’s OK to flush unsanitary products but not sanitary products?

  10. uhm says:

    an, a, historic… ok big deal?

    But nobody reacted to not flushing down small children? i guess that’s a common problem in the US?

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