“Magic” Is One Word For It

"Magic" is One Word for It

Submitted by: Greece or Turkey – can’t recall – maybe it was the magic of the atmosphere that has my mind so fuzzy via Oddly Specific

I don’t want to know why that kid has no underwear or pants. Like, at all. Total creep show.

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38 Responses to “Magic” Is One Word For It

  1. Kusac says:

    … I can not begin to describe the feelings I feel in regards to this sign, where do I begin? Just… wow.
    Is this a business of Pedobear or something? That’s all I can say, there is just too much here to work with.

  2. Neil says:

    Forget the pants, it looks like he is slitting his wrist, or maybe he is just EMO!

  3. 5318008 says:

    Also, the kid is sitting on top of the lid, and oh yeah HAS A BIB ON WTF!!

  4. Lizard says:

    This is one time where curiosity is not getting the better of me…I don’t even want to know what or where this is, wherever it is it should be taken down and I’m thinking it’s quite possible that whoever put it up should be shot…

  5. kb says:

    So only the rapper, Curtis James Jackson III (aka “50 Cent”), is enough to feel the Magic Atmosphere?

    • Rumbleroar says:

      I was totally going to mention that! G-Unit is enough for a whole family trip to the bathroom!

  6. Omra says:

    The bib weirded me out too… Was he eatting in the restroom?? And then I noticed he had no eyes either!! Eeeeeehhhhhh…

  7. Seibee says:

    Creepy child is creepy. At least there’s a grammar fail to take your mind off it. For a while.

  8. sjbdtz says:

    It’s at Ephesus, Turkey. I took the same photo….

  9. Marc says:

    It’s in Turkey outside of the Topkapi Palace.

  10. Nick says:

    And last but not least, it has to be said: “The toilet’s WHAT?!”

  11. Dash says:

    And he is only wearing half a shirt. Also he either has one leg longer than the other or a foot growing out of his foot.

  12. TravelLady says:

    It’s in Turkey, near Kucidasi – the ruins of Ephesus. Why do I know this? I have the exact same picture!

  13. Zuckas says:

    A different version of this sign from the same place is already on the site 😦

  14. Snookie_Townshend says:

    Somehow, “magic atmosphere” isn’t one of the things I’d associate with a bathroom.

  15. mbhappy says:

    This is in Turkey. I remember the magic atmosphere fondly. Though I think it had more to do with the hookah than the WC.

  16. orinoco womble says:

    Ok, so that’s just…scary.
    The toilet’s what?
    Is it the toilet’s child? I’ve known a lot of little turds…

  17. monsterface says:

    I remember seeing it at Ephesus in Turkey, and cracking up.

  18. Mrs Rochester says:

    I heard they have people to wipe your own ass in Turkey. Or at least they did 30 years ago. This is disturbing.

  19. Jijaba says:

    Weird.I`m guessing WC stands for “Watching Childern” or something like that.

    • TheFoot says:

      If you dont really know what it means ill tell you… WC is an old term standing for Water Closet, which is an archaic name for the toilet, its also what builders use to designate the toilet on building blueprints.

  20. Chris S. says:

    Who is WC Toilet?

    What is the sign referring to that belongs to WC Toilet?

  21. Vigg says:

    Turkey! I saw this sign in Ephesus, outside the “House of the Virgin Mary”… Nearby was a fantastic sign labeled “Real Fake Watches”…

  22. iyr says:

    Irony is: “Greece or Turkey – can’t recall” but this site is oddly specific.

  23. Pirate says:

    To wrap up the facts about the creepy kid, he is slitting his wrist, he has a bib on, one leg is longer than other, he has only half a shirt, he is sitting on the lid, he has no eyes, and he is sitting on the flush handle. To wrap up the facts about the sign, there should be an “S” after ’50 cent’. To say all the questions and hopefully answer them, what belongs to the toilet? The magic atmosphere, apparently. Why does the toilet have a magic atmosphere? This is probably referring to the fact that you feel refreshed afterwards. What does WC stand for? It stands for Water Closet, the old English(not to be confused with Old English) term for toilet. Why is the kid so creepy? No idea.

    • Paula says:

      Why are we assuming he’s sitting on the lid? It’s more likely the toilet seat. They probably left the lid out because a) public toilets don’t usually have lids, or b) because they forgot.

    • Pirate says:

      Actually, most public toilets do have toilet seats.

    • Paula says:

      I said they don’t have lids, which makes it more likely that what he’s sitting on it is the seat.

    • Pirate says:

      Oh wait, I forgot one thing. But, then again, it already says it under the picture. The kid has no pants.

  24. lola says:

    It was in Ephasis, Turkey.

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