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True story: Someone did this on a bus I rode and got their fingernail clipping in my coffee. Totally gross.

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37 Responses to *Shudder*

  1. InsaneElvis says:

    I -hate- when idiots clip their fingernails at work. I want to smash their faces into their desk.

    • Mrs. Flibble says:

      I have one at my work, right next to me, that does this too. GRRRRRR.

    • Missy says:

      I used to clean office buildings. So I was the one that had to clean up those nail clippings all over those idiots’ desks and floors.
      That made me want to smash their faces into their desks. Barf.

  2. CollegeGil says:

    Once I was studying in the silent section of the library and some guy was clipping his nails and blasting music in his headphones. I could hear both across the room >.<

  3. vampiresquirrel says:

    yeah, I know about annoying sounds and headphones… there was a woman on the bus next to me the other day wearing headphones and sniffing 1-2 times EVERY SINGLE TIME she inhaled. I posted an angry letter in the rants&raves section of Craigslist to relieve some of the irritation.

    • Geisha_Girl says:

      Carrying Kleenex to pointedly offer to the sniffler might make them realize it’s annoying and they need to bring tissues of their own. Or it just might make them think you’re nice to offer and brighten their day.

      Yeah, I had a next-door nail clipper at my office, too. One of his flew over my cube wall and onto my keyboard, so I picked it up and gave it back to him saying “I think this is yours. I know it doesn’t belong to my keyboard.” Never happened again.

  4. bunnyrut says:

    Yeah… Someone was doing that on my bus once. Now I wish I said something. People need to be embarrassed in public in order to understand what they’re doing is gross.

  5. Dwertzu says:

    Why is it in the colors of the german flag?

  6. daisy says:

    Don’t EVER sit next to me on a bus with coffee!

  7. my oh my.. says:

    please people, get a life. put things in perspecive.

    it’s nail clippings we’re talking about here, not oil leaks or ethnic cleansing.

  8. demonyc says:

    i thought this site was about seriously wrong signs. this is a spoof of subway signs. were you fooled? if not, why is this here?

    • Gina says:

      Yeah, this was a spoof done by someone a few months ago. It even got reported as a fake on NY1 news.

  9. Carey says:

    My father-in-law famously clipped his fingernails at our friends wedding…DURING the ceremony…on the church pews.

  10. clayton says:

    Ive seen a video on these signs. They’re by a street artist who was kinda pissed at all the stupid stuff people think is just fine and dandy to do on a subway. He made tons of different ones all about “subway etiquette.” Go street art!

  11. A says:

    Obviously fake.

    • Rob says:

      I love the pretentious idiots who feel the need to go into every single post on these sites and say “OMG THIS IS SO OBVIOUSLY FAKE”.

      What would we ever do without your powers of observation, wise one?

    • A says:

      I don’t go to every single post and say Obviously Fake. I only did it here because it is. You don’t live in New York, do you?

  12. bigyellowdinosaur says:

    bleugh, I hate fingernail clippings. My dad clips them and they fly onto the carpet and I have to vacuum them up every week and when they don’t come out I have to pick them out. ew ew ew.

  13. randomasshat says:

    fuck clipping nails, if u hve to do something about it in pubic at least bite them, its silent,

    plus is someone was clipping their nails and it landed in my coffee, i would of gotten up and punched them in the face with the cup still in my hand, so they would of gotten a facefull of boiling fist

  14. orinoco womble says:

    So if it’s crazy to even have to mention this…and YOU felt strongly enough to put up a highly-coloured sign…then….?

  15. PrayForMojo says:

    It’s very common for people to clip their nails on the DC metro. Common, but disgusting. I always hope the train hits a bump or slows suddenly so they clip through their skin instead.

    Of course, that’s still not as annoying as the people who litter food scraps and then complaint about the rats.

  16. The One Guy says:

    Ok, while I understand the noise part, do people really clip their nails in a war that causes them to fly everywhere? I know that whenever I clip my nails, I do it over a trash can, and that’s where all the clippings end up.

  17. Aaron says:

    Hmm, just seeing this gave me the impulse to clip one of my nails :p I don’t blame whoever made this sign though (it wasn’t the MTA) because when I rode the E train a few days ago, some ghetto fabulous chick sat down next to me and started filing her nails. After I saw the little dandruff-like flakes floating to the floor in puffy streams, she looked me as if I had somehow offended her when I got up and moved to another seat. Wouldn’t mind seeing a few more signs like this on the subway, might make the few obliviously inconsiderate people realize what douchebags they can be.

  18. Erin says:

    Had someone do this at church the other day. It echoed loudly throughout the building but that didn’t stop them! Some people are just super unaware of their surroundings and how their actions affect others.

  19. ClariPossum says:

    The noise never bothers me. What DOES bother me is having a jagged nail that catches on EVERYTHING. Biting doesn’t always do the trick, you know. Of course, I usually try to use a file if I can.

    My main point is that not EVERYONE is annoyed to death by this.

    • Sally says:

      You have a point – I hate snagging nails and carry a tiny pair of nail clippers with me at all times for that reason. But a) I usually do it in the bathroom or something so people don’t have to watch, and b) I think there’s a difference between doing one or two efficient snips in public to do away with a troublesome snag and sitting on the bus trimming all your nails in front of everyone :-/ I doubt many people would complain about one or two snips. Two or three snips per nail over ten nails has got to be maddening, though.

      …at least it’s not toenails, I guess?

  20. Somethingcrazy says:

    Oh I SO agree with this. There’s nothing more awful than having to sit around other people and hearing that telltale *snip* *snip* ….*snip* and having to cover your drink and watch out for projectiles. 😦

    Do this stuff at HOME, people!

  21. Nectra says:

    So gross >< Someone clipped their toenails at a gas station I was at once…. Are people lacking so much in common sense that they think it's a good idea to do this in public? I can't even stand it when my friend clips her nails in the living room while I'm over. There are some things that just need to stay in the bathroom.

  22. LOLWUT says:


  23. jj says:

    best. guerilla art. ever.
    they look just like the real subway notices in NYC

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