Also Look Out for The Seagull in the Gimp Mask

Also Look Out for The Seagull in the Gimp Mask

Submitted by: JulieOpp via Oddly Specific

Pesky crows, with their inappropriate touching and rubbing on my windshield. And always when I’m texting!

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19 Responses to Also Look Out for The Seagull in the Gimp Mask

  1. Robert says:

    I thought Servo was the one with… oh. Never mind.

  2. GenericName says:

    Would the gimpgull really be such a problem? I think he’ll be to busy avoiding the crow. Or not, but then they’ll still be distracted…

  3. smadge1 says:

    I have issues with crows eating the rubber bits of my car.

  4. Murry says:

    I have heard of this. There is a church in England where all the cars are stripped of their wind’screen’ wipers by crows if the owners are not careful. They just like chewing on it, I guess

  5. Sarge says:

    Crows will eat anything. They’re not picky.

  6. robert ot says:

    crows like shiny things.

  7. soja4 says:

    This is in New Zealand, got the same pic! And yes, they do attack your car. We had to split up, one doing the sightseeing, the other defending the car. Nothing compared to what the Keas did to us further South though!!!

  8. Robert says:

    Well, I’ve seen a calf trying to eat a tractor, and pics of a polar bear trying to eat a nuclear submarine, so it stands to reason that crows might try to eat cars…

  9. Rockledge says:

    Down here in Texas, we sometimes have problems with vultures eating the rubber around windshields. Really!

  10. rml515 says:

    That’s nothing – there are some parrots in New Zealand that will strip the rubber completely off of a car…

  11. VickyLee says:

    O.o They couldn’t think of a better word to use than “fetish”?

  12. splatman says:

    Wouldn’t you need to cover the tires too? They’re just as rubbery as the wiper blades. How many tires have to be replaces each year due to crows?
    There was once a dog down the street from my place that would chew the tires of passing bikes.

  13. wombotismo says:

    The webmaster is v funny on this site. 🙂

  14. JustGoogleIt says:

    Crows like a challenge. Thus they like to play with the windshield wipers. Google it.

  15. fetish…that’s a funny word to say isn’t it?



    Crow fetish.

    Crow fetish w/ rubber.

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