[linkimage]KILL IT! KILLITKILLITKILLIT!!!![/linkimage]

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

Now I just *have* to check, or I’ll always wonder…

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  1. justin says:

    Nice hornet! Nice hornet! Just sit still while I put this sign over you….there you go. Good boy! Have a cookie.

  2. TrafalagarLaw says:

    I’ll be right back, just need to get my flamethrower.

  3. Batman says:

    Bees. My god.

    • SulZala says:

      A bee isn’t a hornet. Hornets are much more agressive, dangerous and large. A lone bee rather flies away while a hornet attacks and afterwards it will LIVE so it can sting you again.

  4. Mel says:

    That’s an excellent way to keep people from reading whatever is written underneath.

  5. InfiniteMonkey says:

    That’s so … antisemitic. Everything is.

    • B says:

      Yeah, I too wonder if the content of the poster beneath it has to do with the hornet flyer. But who knows?

    • jamisings says:

      Something to do with items priced so low a child can afford them.

    • Jorge says:

      i guess it a ad form a newspaper taken out with an unrelated news over an temple

    • Kamahl says:

      I thought anything posted so it could be read was “Lutheran”. Would this be anti-Lutheranism because it wants to make you not want to read what’s underneath it?

  6. jd says:

    oh, antisemitism…

    • GeneralDibs says:

      I don’t think it’s anti semetic, just anti organized religion. I would need more context (location of original poster, type of info on it, etc.) But I don’t think they covered it up because they hate Jews, they probably just hate the displaying of any religious promotion in public areas. It seems like the work of a clever atheist rather than the work of a dumb racist. Just my 2 cents.

  7. kb says:

    perhaps it was place there by a WASP?

    • vampiresquirrel says:

      Ohhhhh, HORRIBLE PUN!!!!!! *double facepalm*

      And, of course, some of you will sadly not understand.
      I laugh at the joke and at you. 🙂

  8. lollzers says:

    I know the person who made this win 😀

  9. spartankitteh125 says:

    kill it with fire!!!

  10. Rob says:

    True Story: I was at a barbecue with a bunch of friends-of-friends that were hippie vegans and they threw a big baby tantrum because I tried to kill a hornet that kept buzzing by me.

    Someone should trap hippies underneath a flyer.

  11. Eric says:

    I know the source of this image! It was from a thread on Something Awful about a dude who made pink flyers that said weird things on them, and this is one of them.

  12. kattnipp says:

    why not just smack it?

  13. Jijaba says:

    I really hope that “bulge” is it`s stinger.Bulge isn`t the best word for it.

  14. Bronnie says:

    That’s my school!!

    this photo is pretty out-dated, it was in 2008, in the common room.

    LTC represent! 🙂

  15. Rumbleroar says:

    Of COURSE the hornet is angry! You taped a freaking paper over him!

  16. Qraisi says:

    xD nice. i like how whoever posted this flyer carried it around in case of hornets on a wall.

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