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Submitted by: six3one via Oddly Specific

All this time, I never knew there was train-on-train action.

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36 Responses to Good to Know

  1. Hyhybt says:

    They call it “coupling.”

  2. Seibee says:

    All I can think of to ask is why the person taking the photo was standing on the tracks. One hopes they switched off the live rail.

    • aussie says:

      Sorry to burst your bubble but thats a Melbourne Australia train. We don’t have live rails its overhead power lines.

      Picture is very accurate our train system is always fucked.

    • Noodella says:

      It really is the perfect summary of the train system in Melbourne.

    • metro melbourne says:

      true, but we’re better than brisbane! 🙂

    • Mr_X says:

      There is no live rail. Welcome to Australia, there’s a 1500V wire above you.

  3. Gemenon says:

    You’re assuming too much that it was “train on train” action. Maybe it was bus on train, or even unicycle on train. There’s a lot more freedom that way nowadays.

  4. Sarge says:

    So that’s how they make new trains…

  5. Lizard says:

    Must be why the guy a few signs back had to wait 1056 minutes.

  6. Duke says:

    Rule 34 – no exceptions

  7. Minky says:

    This train is photoshopped

    • Damaged says:

      Would agree, at a station they wouldn’t risk their job putting that up, if it was in a yard maybe. Also notice no glare from the LED display shining through the thick curved windshield.

      As someone above said though, its accurate signage for ANY Melbourne trains.

    • Hawkin says:

      Indeed. I have seen this same train with f*@ked (or something similar) instead of the actual word. So at least one is shopped, and I’m betting on both.

      Oh well. It’s still mildly amusing.

    • Julia says:

      Yeah. You can tell. Notice the reflection on the windshield…it’s UNDER what is supposedly on the display.

    • Siirenias says:

      My FACE is shopped.

      You don’t want to know what happens when we lose power.

    • lindseypooface says:

      Nah, I’ve seen it in real life. If you think that a train driver wouldn’t do that, then you don’t know the Australian blue collar workforce.

  8. F. says:

    Do not hump

  9. DonkeyManda says:

    woot woot for melbourne! definately accurate, the trains are always down!

  10. Reaper4012 says:

    of course there is. remember: rule 34

  11. stace8383 says:

    Ah, all you Melbournites engaging in the local passtime of bagging the trains… I’ve just moved back here from Canberra, and you don’t know what bad public transport is until you’ve lived in Canberra without a car!

  12. Marek says:

    Yeah that sounds about right for connex.

  13. Phil Buckley says:

    That is really wrong to have a swear word on the front of a train like that, I would imagine there would have been kids around at the time?

    It is very illegal to have a swear word out in the public like that and it can make train people look more and more bad…… I think that photo should be removed cause it can get people into some very serious trouble.


    • Spring says:

      Welcome to the Internet, man.

    • Snake Fence says:

      Chill out dude, the little urchins can see and hear way worse than this on the TV (or telly, if you prefer…)

    • Cynical-Vegemite says:

      Hehe as if we give a sh*t in Australia. We mostly take a fairly relaxed attitude to swearing and if you ever complained about it Phil we’d put you on the first plane outta here.

      For example our previous Prime Minister (Kevin Rudd) accidentally called the GFC a “global sh*tstorm” on live TV and the day after no one really cared that the leader of our country had sworn on primetime TV but they cared more that he might have done it deliberately to “seem more human”

      As for you Melburnians whinging about Pubic Transport (not a typo) down South of the border, try Sydney’s for a week, you’ll be calling your trains efficient, clean, on time, comfortable and spacious after.

  14. Jim Young says:

    That is quite funny lol

  15. DarkyP says:

    Hear hear, Stace!

    Us Melburnians do love to hate on our PT, but at least we have some! 😀

    Also, have seen train at Werribee. Is legit.

  16. plue_plue says:

    We Melbourne people have a love hate relationship with Public Transport System. We have more people taking it but less is done to it. I especially love the Sydenham line…also a reminder… we are Metro now!

  17. Unca Notch says:

    It’s not ‘shopped. In which train nerds (like my good self) discuss it:

  18. Elliot says:

    What, proper fucked?

  19. Haru says:

    I thought Alstom-refurbished PID’s were Orange not Yellow? O.o…

    But still…that’s true…they just need to repaint this train in the new Metro Livery…

  20. mike says:

    This photo is about 4years old.

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