I’m Tapped Out

Submitted by: princesskx via Oddly Specific

Limp cash may be accepted in a pinch, however.

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24 Responses to I’m Tapped Out

  1. Junkyard says:

    Surely bribery is hard cash?

  2. JP says:

    i need a favor

  3. Someone says:

    *walks out with a 5-dollar object*
    “You haven’t seen anything”
    *puts 10 dollars in cashier’s pocket*

  4. Bob says:

    Haha! I walk past this sign on the way to uni every day. Its in Manchester< England. Suddenly went up one day, wondered what happened to make it go up!

  5. Sticky Wicket says:


  6. Uuummm... says:

    But all my cash is soft, you know, the stuff made with paper.

    • CK159 says:

      Better bring in the 30 pound backpack full of quarters if you want that sofa.

    • smrtAlek says:

      you must be american, because canadians would say loonies or toonies, Bigger coins, and i don’t think anybody else uses quarters, so, this would not be good in america, where as somewhere where they have coins of more value, ‘hard’ cash so to speak, but i’m just blabbing on, so i’ll be shutting up now…

  7. kurt says:

    One more good deal and we’re out ot business

  8. Moo says:

    LOL at “until further notice”!

  9. panderbear says:

    You’re from Illinois aren’t you?

  10. Stormtrooper says:

    No “Favors” Allowed. I wonder what kind of “Favors” they meant in there.

  11. Kyryx says:

    Souls, memories and years of life aren’t mentioned, and they are by far, the best means of payment. Plus an unspecific favor is a very powerful thing. Never promise an unspecific favor

  12. azthy says:

    I’m still trying to figure out how corruption could be used as payment for something…

  13. Jijaba says:

    Corruption,eh?That buisness IS corruption.

  14. Samuel says:

    Hmmm…they didn’t mention threats. I don’t think that really falls under corruption. Are threats acceptable?

  15. clemm says:

    Honesty from a real work type business. Too bad the government cant operate under those conditions!

  16. I'm not a witch. I'm YOU! says:

    I’m sure they’s let me slide for a… “favor”. Only a “favor” in quotation though, not a regular favor.

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