My Bad

Funny Signs - My Bad

Submitted by: Jenkins, MN just past a gas station via Oddly Specific

How’d you know it was me?

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32 Responses to My Bad

  1. Kgal1959 says:

    Probably would have been even more funny if they had spelled “just” correctly, but oh well.

    • OP says:

      It’s in northern Minnesota. They use a lot of Scandinavian talk like “yust” for just.

  2. Micheal Kline says:

    Yust….WTF is Yust. I get the joke, but come on if you’re going to go to the effort of making a stupid sign to improve your business then you should spell check it…….on the other hand you may have done that on purpose to include the OCD drivers in which case this is a brilliant piece of marketing. Well done.

  3. kb says:

    I’m going to guess the “Yust” spelling is to represent the pronunciation in the local dialect. Finnglish?

    • griffinlady says:

      Generally… Speaking as a Minnesotan – Minnesota has a large number of Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, German and upper Northern European immigrant ancestry. The Yust is a play on such northern dialects. Look up some Ole’ and Lena jokes for examples.

    • griffinlady says:

      Forgot to mention Scandinavia and a number of other countries too! Sorry.

    • knowitall says:

      to griffinlady: Scandinavia is not a country; it is a region which includes some of the countries you already mentioned. Also, you misspelled “border”.

  4. I’m more curious as to where this sign is.

  5. splatman says:

    Just + Yuk = Yust. A way to express the yucky factor.

  6. anwa says:

    There are tons of these all over the Midwest. After a while, you just stop finding them funny.

  7. Carlos says:

    zOMG!!!one!!eleven :O

    A sign with a single minor typo in otherwise correct English that wasn’t retardedly posted in EngrishFunny, for once!

  8. kb says:

    Redneck, A-Pine Express is located in Jenkins, Minnesota. Roughly halfway betwixt Fargo and Duluth.

    • Thanks Kb, I write travel logs of alot of small towns and backwaters that folks like to read, and some like the little odd-ball signs here and there, so I always try and keep note of where they’re located for when I actually pass through an area.

  9. Mack says:

    The letter J is by Y on the keyboard

  10. fraoch says:

    Roll down the window! ROLL DOWN THE WINDOW!! *gag*

  11. You can see the sign over on google, so its been there quite some time.

    View of sign on Google Street View –

    Looks like the old A-frame Log Cabin restaurant is a good stop for eating, so that’d likely explain the gas 😉

  12. orinoco womble says:

    The A-Pine Express is a restaurant in Pequot, MN. They cater, too, evidently. And they can tell yas aaaalll about Paul Bunyan.

  13. VoidletFrog says:

    “Yust”? Seriously?

    • Your Mother says:

      Does anyone ever read the comments before them??
      ‘Yust’ is ‘just’ in Scandinavian .

  14. ME says:

    LAWLZ! I was just there last week, and I was gonna take a pic!! XD

  15. Jijaba says:

    I`m wondering if they spelled “just” wrong,or forgot the “of” and spelled “must” wrong.

  16. Breffix says:

    Oh man. I used to pass this stupid stupid sign everyday. It’s a really tacky play on words to get you to stop and buy gasoline. The A-Pine restaurant itself is AWFUL.

  17. imp says:

    You Yust Passed it. Yust now.

  18. BigDrew says:

    This is actually in Yenkins, MN.

  19. Isumo says:

    I seriously passed gas before I scrolled down to this pic….how did it know?

  20. Mandissimo says:

    So, I live here. It isn’t misspelled, it’s supposed to be funny, but it’s not. I admit it would be funnier if people weren’t distracted by the “yust” however, I have on occasion really passed gas whilst driving by the A-Pine. that’s always funny.

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