Or Ghosts

Funny Signs - Or Ghosts

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

If television has taught me one thing, it’s that it is always one or the other.

Either way, these signs have always creeped me out.

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51 Responses to Or Ghosts

  1. Altrissa says:

    I saw a sign like this just outside of Las Vegas..It made me drive that much faster.

    • Dash says:

      Driving through Nevada, the only thing you see more of than these signs are some weird desert plans.

  2. Zack says:

    Why are you picking up hitchhikers in the first place?

  3. TrafalagarLaw says:

    I don’t know why they try to escape, resistance is futile. you will be assimilated.

  4. Loren Pechtel says:

    A common sign when there is a prison nearby.

    • Zarggg says:

      Truth. I fail to see why this is funny.

    • Snookie_Townshend says:

      Not funny ha-ha so much as funnywaitaminuteWTF?! And they used to have these signs on the interstate near the old state mental hospital. The place is closed now – has been for years – but it still looks like something Stephen King dreamed up.

    • Kristi says:

      You aren’t by any chance referring to MHI in Independence, IA, are you?

      That building scares the bejeebers outta me!

  5. Jojohoser says:

    I’d be MORE likely to pick up a hitchhiker who was trying to escape inmates…

  6. downdurnst says:

    The thing is, shouldn’t it say “escaped inmates”??? “Escaping inmates” implies that the Hitchhiker is actually RUNNING AWAY from inmates who’ve escaped. Hell, a grammatically correct reading of this sign should make it your duty as a fellow human to help that poor hitchhiker escape from those pesky inmates!

    • PsychoDad says:

      That’s what I thought the “joke” was, just an awkward construction lending itself to ambiguity.

    • Zarggg says:

      I guess I’m far too used to these signs then, as that did not occur to me. 😛

    • qatie says:

      Yeah – if the inmates are out on the highway thumbing rides, then they already have escaped and are no longer still escaping. Unless you are picking up your hitchhikers from inside the prison’s exercise yard…

    • Patrick says:

      NOW I can see why this is funny. Living relatively close to 3 prisons, including a max. security that NYS sends all its troublemakers to, I was like, ‘This sign makes sense to me…”

  7. pshhhh says:

    i find that funny…

  8. Dennis says:

    I would just run if I was escaping an inmate. I mean it’s so hard to get a ride.

    • Daria says:

      It’s easier to successfully STEAL a car than to thumb a ride, especially if you’re a male in an orange jumpsuit. These signs are stupid beyond belief.

  9. heidrance says:

    I always thought it was funny because what kind of whack job escaped prisoner can’t contain his urge to kill until he’s more than a mile away from the prison? Wouldn’t he be nice to the person that just picked him up?
    I suppose he could stab the person and stuff them in the trunk, then take the car to Canada – but then where’s the gratitude?

    • says:

      But you don’t really want to help an inmate escape, do you?

      Personally though I’d find these signs more annoying than anything. You just know hitchhikers who *didn’t* just break out of jail get shafted. Nobody will pick them up for miles around because of the damn signs.

  10. Sarge says:

    Well, it’s official: Hitchhikers are allowed to be escaping inmates.

    They said “You May” and everything! There’s a even a big yellow sign that says so. See?

    • Yackety Andy says:

      I’m glad that we cleared that up.

      If I was escaping inmates, it would be such a comfort to know that I may do so. I mean, when you’re running for your life, shouldn’t you always stop and ask for permission, first?


  11. Airors says:

    If I were escaping inmates, I’d probably not stop to hitchhike.

  12. 4.5 says:

    Beware of Hitchhiking ghosts….Haunted Mansion FTW

  13. Ghost says:

    Thanks for the ride, lady!

  14. Justin says:

    Prisoner zero has escaped!

  15. sridhar says:

    We can only hope that the fence behind is not the prison’s.

  16. dw says:

    I’ve seen a sign like that, except it was all shot up.

  17. worm says:

    so … it’s saying I should pick up hitchhikers to help them as they try to escape the inmates?


    thank you come again

    • cT says:

      Holy crap you WIN. Halo 1 is amazing, I had totally forgotten about that line in the maw until I read your reply.

  19. Peavienr says:

    I live about 25 miles from a state penitentiary and there are signs similar to this saying not to pick up hitchhikers, thought they don’t get as specific to say they might be escaping inmates.

  20. postl1terat1 says:

    Needs a sign next to it:


  21. Seibee says:

    Just don’t pick up blokes in orange jumpsuits or girls in white dresses. Then you’ll probably be safe.

  22. Sharktattoo says:

    Seen this in Texas, near Wichita Falls.

  23. Anonny125 says:

    This reminds me of how there used to be a rest stop quite close to a prison near some of my relatives. Whose idea was that?

  24. Archibald Ironfist says:

    I’ve seen a sign like this online, but that one was riddled with bullet holes.

  25. Brian Westley says:

    Technically, isn’t this true everywhere?

  26. wtf says:

    Why is this sign here? It’s not funny because it’s actually a very common sign if you’ve ever traveled pretty much anywhere in the U.S.

  27. lyredragon says:

    this reminds me of the roads outside sterling colorado

  28. Digital_Ronin says:

    Oh good, we’re almost to Arkham…

  29. iyr says:

    near phoenix theres a sign the reads something about it being illegal to pick up hitchhikers near the prison. imagine if your car broke down there…

  30. Jessica says:

    I saw these signs outside the Dallas, TX area. It was nerve racking since the speed limit in the area was 40 mph. Too slow for my taste!

  31. faeriemama says:

    Maybe the hitchhiker is trying to escape the destruction of the planet? Don’t forget your towel!

  32. Messmon says:

    They may also possibly be rapists.

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