A Very Good Point

Funny Signs - A Very Good Point

Submitted by: Chapel Hill, NC via Oddly Specific

Oh Jimmy John’s….

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10 Responses to A Very Good Point

  1. HunterJE says:

    Not sure how much signs meant entirely to be silly, and not trying to convey any actual information (such as the signs at JJ’s) fit on this site. Also they make absolutely terrible sandwiches — I really can’t get why everyone gets so excited about that place.

    • Mike says:

      what’s terrible about them? I can see how someone would see them as nothing special, but terrible? lol…everything seems good quality to me.

  2. et@nc says:

    Much less of an “oddly specific”, much more of a “immd” or “epicwinftw”, but eh who can complain about free entertainment?

    And… JJ’s is delicious and very fast, i’ve had a few times where I got my change and sandwich at the same time.

  3. Jag says:

    I love them sandwiches. I don’t know what’s wrong with HunterJE.

  4. JacNic says:

    I used to be a manager at Jimmy Johns. The signs got old but I still have cravings for their sammiches 😀
    We hand slice all the meats/cheeses/lettuce and make the bread fresh daily! HunterJE just might not have a taste for classic cold cut sandwiches.

  5. Avid says:

    Those are all over, at pretty much every Jimmy Jhons, it really doesn’t belong here.

  6. Imalshen says:

    JIMMY JOHN’S! I love Jimmy John’s. I worked there but I couldn’t get my job back this summer when I came back from Uni. Cut backs. Oh well, summer jobs are only short anyway. Though I could use a Turkey Tom. I’m deprived now.

    Though I do agree, the JJ’s signs aren’t really Oddly Specific. Well, maybe the “How to eat an Unwich” one would fit here…

  7. Yeah well, if signs could talk would we really need walls? No.

  8. that random guy says:

    i want to post a “dude what” pic from 4chan next to that

  9. Yugi Moto says:

    JJ’s pretty much has the best sandwiches ever. HunterJE prolly likes Quizno’s shit. Trust me, I’m the king of card games.

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