No Roosters

Funny Signs - No Roosters

Submitted by: garden in manhattan via Oddly Specific

Obviously someone thinks you should be getting up earlier.

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21 Responses to No Roosters

  1. Jafe says:

    OMG I hate it when people throw roosters in my yard!

  2. PsychoDad says:

    Well, who would want a rooster in their garden, anyway???

  3. DBGDBG says:

    Actually, people getting rid of roosters in this manner is a problem just outside of Victoria, British Columbia (on Vancouver Island). There are parts of the city where you’re allowed to keep hens but no roosters. So, if/when urban-dwellers realize that a few of the chicks they bought weren’t “sexed” properly by the seller, they dump the roosters out in the countryside, usually at a place which has a garden and other chickens. It’s a royal pain for people in the country because, not wanting to risk disease or general craziness from urban chickens, someone has to catch the . . . import . . . and wring its neck.

    I live in Toronto across the street from a sunken and verdant church-yard. Guess where people dump their unwanted kittens?

    • says:

      ….unwanted…. kittens? DOES NOT COMPUTE.

    • Rodent says:

      Aw. I’ve adopted a few of those :>
      Too bad about the Riverfront Humane Society.

    • DBGDBG says:

      Yeah, the doings at the Toronto Humane Society made for sad, sad reading.

      I’m serious about the “… .unwanted… . kittens?” Cost to “euthanize” a kitten = $10. So if you’re Hitler and your kitteh had 5 babies, you can buy a two-four with the money you save by . . .

    • pshhhh says:

      do u have to make it sound so smart? what about the dumb ppl?

    • Mike says:

      They should become clever, damn it.

    • Rottiluv says:

      Vancouver did that too. You’re allowed chickens, people got roosters, now the city is being over run by abandoned roosters.

  4. Manda says:

    Believe it or not, that’s a real problem. Cities don’t allow roosters, only hens, so when some dork buys a chick that turns into a rooster, they’ll chuck it into a neighbor’s yard that already has hens like they’d know what to do with them.

  5. Sarge says:

    Still, it seems oddly specific to me. But then my city doesn’t generally allow live farm animals of ANY description to be kept inside city limits.

  6. malkatz says:

    This ain’t no cock garden!

  7. Beetus says:

    any way you look at it, you’ve been cock blocked!

  8. Therrinn says:

    But please, feel free to dump all the rabbits you want into this garden.

  9. Ess says:

    Holy crap, Oddly Specific actually posted a sign that’s actually oddly specific. Color me impressed.

  10. George says:

    They don’t want anymore cock.

  11. I am just so tired of picking up roosters.

  12. The One Guy says:

    But didn’t you want me to find and throw all your roosters in there because you are allergic to them and can’t do it yourself? Now how am I going to get that jar?

  13. Myranya says:

    I work at a place with chickens (history theme park but we have some animals also), and people dump roosters there sometimes. Also heard of it happening in petting zoos. Even when there is no city ordinance that doesn’t allow roosters, most folks want a flock of mostly hens, so if they have one rooster that’s enough for them… then they get chicks, and the young roosters are dumped because the owners are too ‘chicken’ to kill them themselves.

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