How Long?!

Funny Signs - How Long?!

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

Rush hour on Staten Island really sucks.

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17 Responses to How Long?!

  1. Humm. says:

    Come on, that’s merely 17.6 hours. Not even a day’s wait.

  2. Mommynator says:

    I live on Staten Island. And yes, it is true. It’s why we do everything online.

  3. UKSponge360 says:

    i’d go home and have a sleep… get a good 9/10 hours off that time… even after that you’d have time to go to the gym or something before you’d have to come back

  4. pgn674 says:

    That’s 17 hours 36 minutes. Got the ticket at 1:22 PM, so it’ll be ready at 6:58 AM the next day.

  5. sirbacon says:

    I like how you call it rush hour… singular. How naively optimistic.

  6. Sarge says:

    How is having to wait 17.6 hours “E-Z”?

  7. Seibee says:

    Worse than Argos.

  8. Sorsha says:


  9. TypSIgrl says:

    What’s wrong with that? Plenty of time to hit up the tanning salon.

  10. Rex Dnalloh says:

    Dude, Poor guy! Are you still there?!!!

  11. tobucks says:

    It must have been really memorable for them to keep the ticket for a year.

  12. losethegame says:

    He’d be more pissed if he bought that tickets three minutes later….

  13. fredg999 says:

    Well, if 437 people can pass within 17h36m, that’s like 2m25s per person, approximately. Even roller coasters have a better waiting time vs. ride time ratio.

  14. Steph3965 says:

    And this is yet another reason why I left Staten Island!

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