Mmm, Ass Candy

Funny Signs - Mmm, Ass Candy

Submitted by: Local Supermarket via Oddly Specific

Sounds tasty!

Wait…no, it doesn’t.

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27 Responses to Mmm, Ass Candy

  1. Jenny says:

    I’m pretty sure ass. is a grammatically correct abbreviation of assorted. Still funny.

  2. actually says:

    It does.

    Do they mean turds or used butt plugs?

  3. Blipvert says:

    The bin is probably filled with gummy Venus de Milos.

  4. gte225 says:

    “Ass” advertised

  5. wheel says:

    obviously ass. means assorted

  6. wheel says:


  7. Holli says:

    Man, this is one of the best abbreviations of all time and it never stops being funny! I get faxes at work all the time from “Ass. Managers.” ROFL!

  8. Snookie_Townshend says:

    Some things you just shouldn’t abbreviate. (This coming from someone who was once listed as the “Ass. to the Finance Department” in the employee directory.)

  9. 5318008 says:

    Peter: “All I could find was a cake and that big ass piñata.”
    Brian: “I sure hope candy comes out of that.”

  10. Steve says:

    Ass candy is dandy, but ass liquor is quicker

  11. Carlos says:

    Well, no. It doesn’t say “flavored.”

    Logically, if “candy” is pleasing to the taste, and “eye candy” is pleasing to the sight, then “ass candy” is…

    I don’t care what it is. It’s great and I want it, lots of it. Oh, and give me some extra to share with the girlfriend.

  12. splatman says:

    It’s time to abbreviate assorted as “atd” or “ast”.

  13. pepper says:

    Thank God! My ass has been hounding me all week for a watermelon lollipop.

  14. EvilPolicitans says:

    Thank the photographer for not including in the frame aforementioned “Ass. Candy”. What is seen cannot be unseen.

    Which is mostly appropriate unless it’s the link Thom provided… Diabetes here I come…

  15. pshhhh says:


  16. bushputz says:

    Actually, the abbreviation for assorted is ASST.

  17. ashley says:

    hehe ass candy,wait do you eat it through your ass

  18. Eichro says:

    I actually read that as “piss candy”

  19. riku910 says:

    hey! i know! maybe the doctor that does the prostate exams had extra candy that he gave to the pationt that hes selling ( USES THE CANDY TO PROBE AND LETS IT GO UP THEIR ASS AND IT GETS THROWN UP! IRONIC ISINT IT?)

  20. Myranya says:

    Too obviously an abbreviation with the fat period in place. If the period had been missing it’d be funny!

  21. samarcheskie says:

    actually there is such thing as ass candy… When i was in germany 4 yrs ago they had gummy candy in the shape of asses…. on they were ass faces… so there

  22. Timberrose says:

    Why is everyone stating the obvious??? Of course ass. is short for assorted… Duh!!!

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