I’ll Take Mine With, Please

Funny Signs - I'll Take Mine With, Please

Submitted by: Dan Q. via Oddly Specific

Because “Men’s” and “Women’s” was too discriminatory.

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43 Responses to I’ll Take Mine With, Please

  1. dijital101 says:

    uh, there’s a crack between the doors and they look like they go to the same room.

  2. Snookie_Townshend says:

    Back where I used to work, they started painting the doors to the men’s restrooms across the site green and the women’s purple. (It was a nice idea, I thought – made them stand out.) One woman, however, threw a fit and complained to the head of Facilities that “painting the doors different colors implies that the company believes there to be some basic, inherent difference between men and women!” Like the director said, there was really no polite way of pointing out that there is…

    • Nezumi says:

      Not to mention that (although she’s definitely not the type to appreciate this from the sound of it), they go deeper than equipment. There are genuine differences in brain structures and resulting mentality between males and females — it’s believed that at least some cases of transsexuality are due to someone ending up with the “wrong brain” due to a disparity between the hormones present in utero and their genetic sex.

    • ummm says:

      How about we all have one-person restrooms at work since NO ONE likes shitting with ANYONE of ANY GENDER in the room. Everyone would be happy and rejoice and no one would be escluded.

    • pshhhh says:

      That would be great

    • Carl T says:

      It would also be an awful lot of toilets. But if everyone gets his/her own toilet, we don’t really need separate office chairs for everyone. Let’s just give everyone a separate office with a flushable seat. Window view optional.

    • M says:

      There’s also the often-overlooked detail that the “brain differences” between men and women only show up in the averages — looking at a scan of a brain you’ll have a slightly better than random chance of identifying the person’s gender (though yeah, TS people’s brains are more likely to match the sex of identity than the assigned sex), but you wouldn’t want to bet much money on it.

      I just miss the restrooms at my favorite restaurant in Santa Cruz from 10-12 years ago. No labels on the restroom doors, just murals — drag queens on one door and a drag king on the other.

    • Truth says:

      But that’s because research as a whole generally determines averages, not individuals.

    • Devil Dan says:

      You should have pointed out that her believing that color matters implies that she’s racist.

    • M.U. says:


  3. confused says:

    Not to be picky, but if your clientele includes a lot of people who are trans or intergender, or for example dress in womens clothing but have male “equipment”, then yes, “men” and “women” *is* pretty discriminatory. If you commonly have people who don’t fit into binary gender identities, it makes sense to describe the facilities based on the facilities, rather than making assumptions about who’s going to use them.

    My bet is that if these signs aren’t in an LGBT friendly club, or an establishment in an LGBT area, it’s somewhere where an LGBT gathering is going on.

    • 5150 says:

      Wow! Political correctness just has to make life so damn difficult. I guess the signs should read “Those with male parts” and “Those with female parts”? Then it should say at the bottom “And keep your damn eyes to yourself!”

    • jgt2598 says:

      It could, the posters of these signs probably felt that stating the way they did sounded more intelligent.

    • B says:

      Meh, doesn’t seem that difficult to me.

      And, assuming “confused” is correct, and there would be transgender people there (which is a pretty good assumption even if it isn’t an LGBTI event actually- there are many more such people than we realize), some of the people who identify as women and who would prefer to use the toilets without urinals may nonetheless have “male parts.” And vice versa.

      I think this solution (identify what’s in the facilities, and let people decide what is best for themselves) is actually pretty simple.

    • 1780 says:

      Yeah…except for not every person has “parts” that are clearly either gender. And for the record…is political correctness really that much of a bother when it can make people feel more comfortable?

    • PsychoDad says:

      Bu11$41t. People are male or female. * Anything else is cosplay, no matter how elaborate, or self-delusion.

      *With the exception of the half-dozen or so natural hermaphrodites.

    • B says:

      Wow, thanks PsychoDad.

      You know, I’ve studied the biology and psychology of the various ways of being intersex, perused memoirs of transgendered people, and read lots and lots of academic writing about how gender is defined vis-a-vis biology, but your sweeping pronouncement makes it all so clear to me now!

      If only all those doctors, scholars, and intersexed people had access to your wisdom, surely a lot of time and anguish would be saved!


    • @psychodad : you fail at life, please feel free to try again

    • SpudTater says:

      > “men” and “women” *is* pretty discriminatory.

      Nonsense! What’s discriminatory is forcing trans-men and -women to use the bathroom for the gender they do not identify with. Edinburgh University Union simply passed a rule saying that if you identify as a woman (and are dressed accordingly), use the ladies, and if you identify as a man, use the gents. Guess what? No complaints, no fuss, and no stupid signs going up on toilet doors.

    • Scatman Dan says:

      A reasonable suggestion, but neglects the possibility that there are people (and there are) who identify as neither male nor female, or as both. Also, it implies that you must “dress” a particular way in order to be allowed to identify as a particular gender: so, presumably, a male-identified crossdresser would not be allowed in either of your two bathrooms…

  4. Susan says:

    One restaurant I visited had two restrooms. The signs on the doors said “It doesn’t matter” and “It really doesn’t matter.” How true!

  5. Sarge says:

    Girls can pee standing up too, you know.

  6. Jale says:

    They did this at Manchester Students’ Union (not certain that the picture is from the same, but you know…). The papers got interested and interviewed the SU Officer who had come up with the idea. She was asked “Isn’t this just political correctness gone mad?”. She replied “Actually, the term Political Correctness gone MAD isn’t very PC”.

    Witty activists.

  7. Mank says:

    This is at the University of Manchester Student’s Union. It is run by the students and has always been a hotbed of inane political correctness. The idea, as previous posters pointed out, is so as not to discriminate against transsexuals – last count, there were none at all in the whole university. Still, I guess one might visit some day!

    • Emmarainbow says:

      Well, I know some of them…

      if it makes some people feel more comfortable, what’s the problem?

    • acidburn says:

      Actually it’s at the University of Leicester at the annual bisexual community gathering Bicon 2008.

    • Lizzy says:

      We had signs like this at BiCon ’10 as well. I think it’s a fantastic idea as it means people who don’t associate with a gender can be accommodated for and it’s not discriminatory.

  8. Collie says:

    This was in the news a year or two back. I believe it is in a Students’ Union building somewhere like Manchester, England.

    • The_Farwall says:

      Manchester Students Union definitely did this and made the news earlier this year/late last year. They re-branded all their ‘Male’ and ‘Female’ toilets this way so as to avoid excluding any trans- or inter-gendered students. There was a great moment on the news story when the interviewer asked “Isn’t this a case of political correctness gone mad?” and the student spokesperson answered “Frankly I think that question is politically incorrect.”

      I’m pretty sure this isn’t a photo of that though, as people have pointed out, those doors lead into the same room, I guess this was someone’s recreation of the situation so they could take a funny photo.

  9. Beavis says:

    I’ll have two urinal cakes please. With whipped cream, thanks!

  10. Geisha_Girl says:

    It’s not so much discriminatory as trying not to be. Public places are finally realizing that there are transgendered and transsexual (pre- or post-op) that have preferences on which type of receptacle they use. I’ve actually had people thank me at one job for having non-gender-specific bathrooms.

    • random ftm trans person says:

      I’d thank you or anyone else who runs a public place with non-gender-specific bathrooms. Holding it for 8 or more hours has quite the consequences, but it’s better than death threats and slurs for using either marked bathroom. More places need gender neutral or one room bathrooms.

  11. Marvelous Mira says:

    I’m curious how much this affects transgendered people. It seems to me that you can see ‘Male’ and ‘Female’ signs and say “I have a penis, so I should use the Male restroom!”. I’m not trying to be transphobic, I am just unaffected by this so I don’t care as much.

    I think we should have a picture of a penis and vagina on the doors. Whichever one you use!

    • Geisha_Girl says:

      Now they can say “I’m going to use the little penis’ and/or vagina room” as their excuse for leaving the table! 😆

    • Geisha_Girl says:

      …aaaand replying to Mira again because I forgot – it’s cool that you don’t care, but by way of explanation, there are FTM transsexuals who wear strap-ons on a daily basis if they are pre-op. A lot of the issue a FTM friend of mine had was being pre-op and using a urinal (which he did), but he has had some really threatening experiences doing so. Having gender-neutral (preferably one-person, lock-the-door, no-stalls) bathrooms cuts down on not only confusion, but embarrassment and harassment.

  12. Grace says:

    Is this a spinoff of Doctors Without Borders?

  13. FTM says:

    I think more places should have gender neutral toilets like this. I’m a pre op FTM and because I don’t really pass 100% as male, I have to use the female toilets at the moment. Women always give me weird looks when I use the women’s toilets, and sometimes ask me to leave.

  14. Scatman Dan says:

    I took this photo! Here it is on my blog a few years ago:

    The photo was taken at the UK National Bisexual Conference in 2007. The gap between the doors is, indeed, because they’re a set of double doors going through to one room – on the other side of the doors corridors lead off the left and right to what are normally signposted Women and Men, respectively.

  15. Broc says:

    a urinal is a toilet that you do not sit down upon

  16. fatkid says:

    This is at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA. I remember seeing it and thinking it was funny. the best part is that both of them are unisex bathrooms… I never expected to walk in on my girlfriend, but I never regretted what happened after.

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