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Funny Signs - ...Go On

Submitted by: Capadocchia, Turkey via Oddly Specific

I have ridden a camel, actually, and it is a pretty nice experience. Until the bastard spits on you.

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15 Responses to …Go On

  1. Gemenon says:

    I suppose it could be a nice experience, unless of course you’re riding it in rush hour traffic on a freeway, trying to get it to run at 100 km/h.

  2. Ask says:

    try it on on a lama

  3. gryphon says:

    Well, given the camel ride I recently saw elsewhere on the cheezenet…. ohhhh yeah.

  4. Durfae says:

    Isn’t it lama who spits when it is angry?

    I prefer camel toe anyway

  5. flareback says:

    Camels are horrid animals. Never go on a ride longer than 15 minutes. Went on an all day ride once and was miserable.

  6. steve says:

    I seem to recall that a camel saddle positions you to kick the beast in the head when it gets out of line.

  7. Max says:

    I have ridden camels, more than once.
    That is the only animal on the planet with more knees than legs.
    You get on the camel when it’s crouched on the ground, and then you swear at it to get it up. The way it gets up is hind quarters first, then front quarters, then hind quarters again and finally the front again.
    I know that it shouldn’t be possible to raise half its body more than once, but somehow it manages.
    And each time it flings you forward or back.
    Walking is like getting up, but adding a side-to-side motion to go with the up and down motion.
    When the camel is going at a good clip (what camel drovers call “lurching”) every organ in your body is oscillating at a different phase from every other organ.
    So, no. Don’t try riding a camel. It is not a nice experience.

    Unless you’re a sadomasochist.

  8. azvo says:

    Speak for yourself, sign-guy, I found it to be a very uncomfortable experience…

  9. Ali says:

    Camels don’t spit, actually, they vomit. But they can aim and shoot it, so I don’t know that it’s any better…

  10. meetoo says:

    Yeah – went to Egypt last April. Did the touristy ride the camel thing (for my three boys). My oldest son and I got on the thing while it was on the ground. Then it stood up and I felt like I was on top of an eight story moving building. It scared the hell out of me. There was a sharp noise behind us and it took off at a gallop. Our guide came after us, and caught up easily. I was laughing hysterically by the time they stopped it. So they got us a different camel, and halfway through the tour, my sister’s camel (with my youngest son on it) decided it was time for a little cuddle with my camel. I felt this hot breath on my neck and there was a camel face right next to me. I realized what they were doing and more hysterical laughter. It was the weirdest day ever. My neck hurt for days after that – they really jostle you around. Do the museums, though – they are great if you get a good guide to take you through.

  11. Alex P. says:

    I was just there! and you spelled “Cappadocia” wrong.

  12. Armauld says:

    My sister-in-law was riding in a line of camels and the one in front of her had diarrhea and kept spraying it around with his tail. She didn’t think it was a nice experience.

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