Way to Give it Away

So, I have no idea where the second image today went. It was there last night, I can promise you that. Though, granted, I had Absinthe for the first time, so I could have made the whole thing up.

Anyway, I’m incredibly sorry and incredibly embarrassed, so if anyone needs me here’s where I’ll be:

Funny Signs - Way to Give it Away

Submitted by: Cornwall via Oddly Specific

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10 Responses to Way to Give it Away

  1. malkatz says:

    Well, it doesn’t say SECRET hideaway. Maybe they want people to hide WITH them.

    • Phil says:

      Wouldn’t Secret Hideaway be somewhat redundant? Webster defines hideaway by referring to hideout which is defined as “a place of refuge, retreat, or concealment”, certainly seems like that would be a place one would want kept secret. Hence I believe SECRET goes without saying.

  2. Zack says:

    I know where this is.

  3. Seibee says:


  4. Animaphagus says:

    Maybe some kind of WW bomb shelter.
    Where I live (Eastern France, near Germany), we still have lots of them, but they’re shown with a white arrow and a square painted on the wall of the building

  5. BUBBA says:


  6. Barc777 says:

    Hernando!! What are you up to?

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