Everything’s Just Fine

Submitted by: Bathroom Door in Irish Kevin’s, Key West via Oddly Specific

This is the most uncreative bathroom wall graffiti I’ve ever seen.

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7 Responses to Everything’s Just Fine

  1. Professor Umbridge says:

    I will have order!

  2. 5150 says:

    So profound!! I think I’ve just been titillated.

  3. Lizard says:

    maybe if they wrote smaller they could have fit the missing word…but why is it the first word that’s missing, was the person a backwards writer??

    • Lizard says:

      or is this sign supposed to be the opposite of Out of Order? I guess we can just be happy they didn’t write In of Order…

  4. No1askedme says:

    My head asplode!!

  5. Executioner says:

    The first word is Really Out…

  6. Paula says:

    It’s nice to get some good news for a change.

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