I’d Rather Have Soggy Heptagons

Funny Signs - I'd Rather Have Soggy Heptagons

Submitted by: Bag n’ Save via Oddly Specific

Who says you’ll never need geometry in real life?

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27 Responses to I’d Rather Have Soggy Heptagons

  1. Cath says:

    Crispy is a ludicrous word, anyway…

  2. Gemenon says:

    It has 11 vitamins and minerals, but the circular cereal to the right has 13. Is the number of vitamins and minerals related to shape?

  3. wozzle says:

    I’d buy it just for the packaging. Love the name; it makes me laugh.

  4. Pip says:

    Cut that out! I love Crispix and I got all excited when I realized there was store brand Crispix! You apologize right now!

  5. ohno says:

    Yummy – flatland food

  6. Mr_Darkside says:

    lol – My Grandmother just gave my kids some of this – I give it a thumbs up for creative marketing!

  7. James says:

    I submitted this 5 months ago. Talk about lag? :X

  8. MWS says:

    The Crispy Hexagon has 3t^2*sqrt(3)/2 vitamins and minerals, while the Toasted Oval has pi*r^2.
    My favorite is the Heart Healthy Hecatonicosachoron. Snap, Crackle, Gibber.

  9. Merri says:

    Mmh. Too much of its stuff is lost into the 4th dimension.

  10. aLtErN8iVe says:

    Found these a while ago at Jewel/Osco.. the box of cereal is my phone’s wallpaper :]

  11. HaWKEYE GIRL says:

    HAHHAAA Omaha Fail.

  12. Dan says:

    The company I work for made this cereal. Pretty good stuff actually. However this case expires Dec01, 2010. So it’s not as fresh. It was made 6 months ago.

  13. Bfa says:


    Am I the only one who’s known about these since age six?

    It’s not really a new name.

    • Ford says:

      No, I knew about them too. Has everyone else been living in a cave or something? On Mars? Underneath a rock? With their eyes shut? And their fingers in their ears?

    • Amee says:

      Just because its in your area, doesn’t mean its in everybody’s. Different places have different cereal types.

  14. RyDawg says:

    “Crispy Hexagons–Kids ask for it by name!”

  15. bryanbabylon says:

    I just bought these at grocery outlet a few weeks ago!

  16. Marjie says:

    We spent some time laughing at the name of this product as Publix grocery’s own brand years ago! Fun times!

  17. M.Jo says:

    Ha. We carry those at the grocery store I work at. Except they’re under the Hy Vee brand name. I always laugh when I have to stock them.

  18. Me says:

    I guess it’s a better name than “Crispy Six-Sided Objects”.

  19. novacaine says:

    Reminds of this one cereal I saw called “Chocolate Peanut Butter Spheres”

  20. Starhowl says:

    And right next to the Toasted Oats! – A Toasted Oats cereal.

  21. Kirre says:

    I love these things. They may be a knockoff, but they honestly taste better than the real deal.

  22. sleeepy2 says:

    I actually emailed the Crispy Hexagons manufacturer about a year ago and told them how much I loved their name and product. They sent me TWO letters of thanks and coupons for free boxes.

    Class outfit all around.

  23. pepsibookcat says:

    What math teachers eat for breakfast!

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