Robots Only

Funny Signs - Robots Only

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

This is how it starts. Next thing you know, Skynet has taken over and we’re all being jacked into the Matrix.

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40 Responses to Robots Only

  1. transistor09 says:

    Wait, doesn’t it meant “no robots allowed”?

  2. mantolwen says:

    ‘Non-Organic Personnel Keep Out’ means NO ROBOTS, not Robots Only. It’s the start of the segregation!

  3. TJ says:

    Good thing I brought Gort.

  4. Pugiron says:

    Since it says “Non-Organic Personel Keep out” The tag should be “No Droids Allowed” as they are non organic… stupid.

  5. Hering says:

    Actually, doesn’t “non-organic personnell: keep out” mean that robots are forbidden to pass – instead of everybody else as the title implies?

  6. Seibee says:

    Non-organic personnel keep out, or non-organic personnel: keep out?

  7. Mr. Obvious says:

    It would seem to me that this would be discriminatory towards robots instead of robots only. Since humans are organic and they are saying non-organic’s must keep out.

  8. The Amazing Rando says:

    Bender made that sign.

  9. Costel says:

    Last I checked we were the organic ones… we as in “we, humans”… I’m not a robot 😛

  10. Skiv says:

    I read this as “no robots allowed”, not “no humans allowed”; also, anyone else see the faded “restricted” underneath the fresh paint?

  11. Nik says:

    wouldn’t it have to be “organic personnel keep out” to be robots only o.o

  12. me says:

    wow, poster fail.
    the sign says “NON-organic personnel keep out”. soo “senitel robots keep out”
    since to be “personnel” it would have to be senitel and have “free will”.
    soo epic fail, this is the reverse of sky-net!

  13. The Jew says:

    “Robots Only”, dumbass, a robot is non-organic so they need to keep out. Humans only

  14. Again says:

    No moron…

    Robots are the “non-organic personnel”, not us.

    The sign bans ROBOTS.


  15. Agent Simmons says:

    Sector Seven Rules!

  16. Organic Personnel says:

    Yes, I think we’re trying to keep the robots out. Not keeping the fleshies out. 🙂

  17. Rich says:

    The importance of punctuation.

    Non-organic; Personnel Keep out (This isn’t organic, so personnel must keep out)


    Non-organic personnel: Keep out (Notice to non-organic personnel to keep out)


    “Non-organic personnel; Keep out” (This is non-organic personnel, everyone keep out)

  18. John A says:

    So, is this at the swimming pool aboard Voyager?

  19. Bender says:

    Its not like i want to be with you losers anyways, wheres my beer and cigar!!

  20. Fyreferret says:

    Wen will people learn to read the comments that are already posted before people say the same thing eight hundred times?

    • SteveWithAQ says:

      When you learn to spell “When”.

    • Mr. Obvious says:

      My guess is when posts don’t have to be approved before being readable. Then, they will come forth immediately instead of there being none displayed when I went to post and there are six of them ahead of my original post now.

  21. Valerian says:

    Legion would be so disappointed.

  22. MDGamboa says:

    I thought robots are made of INORGANIC material, not NON-ORGANIC.

    • Normally Unclear says:

      That’s not the point, plus inorganic and non-organic are the same thing. This sign is obviously prohibiting robots from entering, while the poster thought that it was prohibiting fleshies from entering.

  23. LaserLiza says:

    What about the Borg?

  24. Carafe says:

    You know, i’m guessing one piddly little sign isn’t enough to keep most free-thinking robots out of there.

  25. dw says:

    Depends, some robots are really big on rules.

  26. Josh says:

    Should be Humans only…

  27. A robotic humanoid Parakeet says:

    Hey, this is discrimination against Lt. Cmdr Data! You’d let the Borg through because they are partially organic, but not an actual android! I’m calling R. Daneel Olivaw and Elijah Baley to deal with the likes of you!!!

  28. Normally Unclear says:

    Would cyborgs have to leave their robotic portions behind?

  29. Lisa P says:

    Oh, God, I am such a nerd because I came here to comment on the fact that non-organic means… oh…


    *wraps more tape around broken glasses*

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