Gee, You Think?

Funny Signs - Gee, You Think?

Submitted by: Photographed near Salt Lake City, UT, while I was on vacation via Oddly Specific

This is going to make it a lot harder to fight forest fires.

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10 Responses to Gee, You Think?

  1. Comments from Luxemburg says:

    Maybe we could sell it to BP for use as a blow out preventer?
    We wouldn’t even have to refurbish it.

  2. kb says:

    It is still “in service” from the point of view of passing canines.

  3. Kit Carsick says:

    Who the hell goes to SLC on vacation??

  4. Who the hell goes to SLC on vacation??

  5. Nyckname says:

    They installed a new fire hydrant on my block in Houston. It had a tag hanging on it. For the ten year limited warranty. Hopefully in eleven years they aren’t hoping they’d purchased the extended service plan.

  6. Alexandryia says:

    This reminds me of some warning labels I’ve seen– like the “Caution, Contents are Hot!” on coffee cups. Sometimes I seriously worry about the intelligence (or rapid decay thereof) this country.

  7. Blitz says:

    Forest fires! Too bad there isn’t, like, frozen water all over the ground to stop them with…

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