Won’t Someone Think of the Swans?!

Funny Signs - Won't Someone Think of the Swans?!

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

Unless it’s Bella Swan. I’d totally mow that b*tch down.

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25 Responses to Won’t Someone Think of the Swans?!

  1. james says:

    First thing I thought of was slow zombies.

  2. shego219 says:

    I was mildly amused until I read the post-submit comment. Then I laughed out loud.

    • Heather/ KaptainKlancy says:

      The extreme hatred for a fictional character WAS pleasantly surprising!

  3. TheCannyScot says:

    You probably do more time for killing a swan than for killing a human. Even if she does smell wonderful.

  4. heidrance says:

    Sgt. Angel —
    The swan’s escaped the castle.
    — Peter Ian Staker

    • da JeCo says:


    • Stabby says:

      Everything went well? Yarp. And you’ve taken care of him? Yarp. And he won’t be getting back up again? Um…. Narp?
      Omg, haven’t seen that movie in so long! I need to pirate another copy, I can’t find it in town and I’m not paying S&H

  5. Sarge says:

    Thanks for the caution. But I choose to go fast.


  6. Stephen King’s The Slow Mutants
    Too bad it wasn’t AND Dogs.

  7. Seibee says:

    Some swans here belong to the Queen. Not sure what the penalty is for killing one, but it’s worth knowing lol.

    • RainbowCubes87 says:

      All swans in the UK are protected by the Queen. The penalty for killing a swan IS imprisonment but i don’t know for how long.

  8. 5150 says:

    The “Dead Slow Here”? Are the dead fast somewhere else? I’m just so confused!

    Damn zombies on a gardener, child, swan, or dog killing spree.

  9. Swift says:

    so true 😀
    Bella Swan


  10. Pook says:

    Well I don’t care fore Garedeners, Children, Swans or Dogs….Weeeeeeeeeee

  11. Victoria says:

    Actually, I wouldn’t mind killing Bella Swan. Yes, my name really is Victoria and I have red hair.

  12. baw says:

    cosh, why everyone hates twilight that much? its just a bunch of books/movies that are loved by teenage girls. they are just needing a short break from the reality

    • Davkas says:

      Because unfortunately there are some rather misguided ideas there in a book targeted at people young enough to take them seriously (the most obvious being stalking=love).

  13. HatesDogs says:

    I won’t slow down for stray dogs, but ok on the other three.

  14. englishlad says:

    actually in England it illegal to kill any stray swans because they are property of the queen and you can be prosecuted for it for up to 3 years


  15. LOLwut? says:

    Oblivion- Real vampires

    Twilight- sparkly crap with bed-head hair, Stalking, you can’t be that strong without getting your shit fucked in the sun.

  16. kendall says:

    ZOMG KILL BELLA YESSSSSSSSSS at least keep jacob around hes hot…….hate twilight, love taylor lautner

  17. HelenaTroy says:

    I love their priorities! Gardeners are more important than children, and swans are more important than dogs

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