You Read The Sign, Move Along

Funny Signs - You Read The Sign, Move Along

Submitted by: the streets of Brooklyn, NY via Oddly Specific

Ah yes, the old “do as I say, not as I do” strategy.

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14 Responses to You Read The Sign, Move Along

  1. Rheukala says:

    That sign looks like a Post-It.

  2. xyz says:

    seems like someone wanted to comply and tried to remove the sign on the bottom right corner

  3. akura says:

    haha very good

  4. Snookie_Townshend says:

    There’s a tree with a sign on it reading “NO SIGNS” near here. I always thought it was funny. Nobody else I know does.

  5. g says:

    Well it’s not a sign. It’s just a piece of paper taped up onto a wall. NOT a sign.

  6. Sarge says:

    See how that sign is peeling off the wall? Even it doesn’t want to be on that building.

  7. Seibee says:

    Needs a P.S ‘Except this one’

  8. MIBI says:

    I know that sign!

  9. LoopDoGG says:

    I like the directness of it, “absolutely no signs” that right, not a single one damn it!!!

  10. Teek says:

    It’s not paper. It’s pixels. ._.

  11. tinyg says:

    I’ve taken a photo of this sign (or one just like it) in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Totally real. And ironic.

  12. srkaficionada says:

    There is a building in downtown where I live that has the same thing. Because it overlooks the highway and is a huge building,people always put up signs without asking the owners of the building. Speculation was they got tired of scrapping off signs and tracking down people who put up the signs, they decided to put up a sign saying “no signs on building or face prosecution”. Seems to be working out ok.

    The point is this: it may be ironic but maybe there’s a reason the sign is there.

  13. FeivelbenMishael says:

    That is the side of 770 Eastern Parkway, Lubavitch World Headquarters

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