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Funny Signs - Just Say It

Submitted by: Holiday Inn Express via Oddly Specific

It’s nice to see a hotel with enough balls to imply what we’re all thinking.

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204 Responses to Just Say It

  1. Stuart says:

    Holiday Inn Express has just made a new customer, even if only on principle.

    • snuzzled says:

      I will be staying at Holiday Inn Express every time I travel if they truly uphold this sign. Sincerely.

  2. PsychoDad says:

    Damn, that sign don’t =imply= nuttin’! Good for them too. As a father of six well-mannered and well-behaved children, I am often appalled by the abject lack of consideration some (many) parents have in controlling their little brats in public. Maybe this will get their attention.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree! Good on you mate!

    • Pete says:

      Wow. A true renaissance man. “controlling their little brats” Seriously? Are you really a parent or just pretending?

    • San says:

      Call a spade a spade. If the kid’s a brat, he’s a brat, whether you yourself are a parent or not, Pete. Just because you have your own children doesn’t mean you’re automatically required to be tolerant of the ill-behaved.

    • Truth says:

      And most good parents I’ve met aren’t afraid to call their own child a brat once in a while.

      It’s a good word to express that they’re being obnoxious and self-centered, and yet it doesn’t involve profanity.

    • The Amazing Rando says:

      Guilty as charged. My kids are pretty bratty at times. They’re good kids. GREAT kids. But they can be pretty bratty too.

    • Ironica says:

      Most good parents I’ve met model the behavior they expect in their children. And most don’t think ANYONE should resort to name-calling.

      Yes, children should be supervised at all times… and hotels should strictly enforce this, NOT so much just for the convenience of the other guests, but for the safety of the kids themselves. But calling children “brats” lets them know their needs aren’t important, and there’s no point in trying to meet your expectations, because you’ve already judged them.

    • eddy says:

      Unless you call them a fucking brat. Then involves profanity. And warranted at that.

    • PYLrulz says:

      So your kids are brats

    • Myntee says:

      some kids aren’t just brats. they’re little ass holes.

    • kim says:

      lol! awesomely honest

    • eddy says:

      And some of them are fucking little ass holes. But we love them all the same.

    • HvsL says:

      Clearly, you have no children of your own. Children are selfish little monsters you must bribe, threaten, coerce, or otherwise manipulate in order to teach them to be human beings other human beings can stand to be around.
      They will, without fail, be brats at some point or another.
      Some parents will control them (or attempt to control them).
      Others will be referred to this sign.

    • Amy says:

      I agree with you 100%. Selfish-monster-asshole is a child’s default personality. I have two kids. They’re smart, beautiful, sweet and loving. But…if my husband and I take them out in public we are constantly having to remind them to look out for other people, take turns, keep your voice down, turn around and mind your own business, stop whining…etc.

      We try so hard to raise our kids to behave and be polite, and while we still see room for improvement, other people usually tell us that our kids are so good. I get irritated when I see other people’s kids running roughshod over everyone and everything in their path with noone trying to control them.

    • Ironica says:

      Wow. You must have been raised by people who hate kids.

      I have two of them, and never have to bribe, threaten, coerce, or otherwise manipulate them. I sometimes have to prevent them from doing things that are unsafe or disrespectful of the rights of others, but I always do so honestly and forthrightly. Consequently, they trust me, and when I tell them what needs to happen, they’re more inclined to do it.

    • Mew says:

      So you can honestly say that you have NEVER for as long as your children have lived, told them that if they were good they would get to have/do something special? You have NEVER in as long as your kids been alive told them that if they do not stop their negative behavior, then a fun thing will be taken away for some length of time?

      It is simply impossible to have never done either one and still have children who listen to you. Why should they listen to you if there is no negative consequence to negative actions? Why should they want to do things if there will never be any reward for their good behavior?

    • Michelle says:

      Obviously Ironica’s kids are 6-month-old twins, and incapable of misbehaving when they get a bee up their bum.

    • eddy says:

      Plus, they’re fucking little ass holes.

    • eatyourfeedback says:

      Wow yourself, Pete – since PsychoDad’s post obviously hit a nerve with you, it appears you are one of the parents this sign is designated for.

      FYI: A person can be a parent and still think children (their own and others) are brats. They can also do their damndest to fix it by “controlling their little brats.”

    • 5150 says:

      Six well-mannered and well-behaved children, huh? Really? You do know it is illegal to put muzzles and choke collars on your children, right? It’s also illegal to make your children so scared of you that they cease acting like children.

      I have a 3 y.o. who is a very energetic kid and doesn’t have a “walk, don’t run” button anywhere. That’s how it is for kids his age. However, I definitely wouldn’t take him to some pretentious hotel that feels the need for such a wordy signs to get their point across. They should say at the time of booking, no children under the age of 10, or some nonsense like that.

    • geekgirl says:

      Wow, just cause you can’t control your child doesn’t mean the rest of the world has to put up with it or not bring their well mannered children with them. There are millions of well behaved three year olds in the world. Maybe take yours to the park once in a while.

    • eatyourfeedback says:

      Amen! “Your child…your problem” was the way I was taught, and it’s the standard I held for myself with my kids. You don’t take your kid to public places and remain there if they misbehave – you leave immediately. That way, your kid gets the message that when they act up the fun is over, and everyone else present doesn’t have to suffer. Everyone wins.

    • jillian says:

      Well, I hardly think the Holiday Inn Express is a pretentious hotel.

      In any case, they aren’t saying your children can’t be children. They are just saying you must supervise them at all times. Would you leave your child alone in the hotel room? Would you leave him in the lobby, fitness center, or pool area, to be supervised by the hotel staff? Would you let him run up and down the halls screaming with another child? Because -that- is the behavior this sign concerns.

    • Mega says:

      Your 3 y.o. is out of control because you have not properly parented him. That is not “how it is” for kids his age, unless the parents are incompetent.

    • Anonymous says:

      Let me rephrase for you, 5150:

      “I don’t believe in disciplining my little darling, because it’d break his spirit. Therefore I can’t believe that anybody else can get their kids to behave without abusing them. I can’t conceive of a middle ground between severe abuse and complete permissiveness, so I just let him run around, scream, break and throw things, and be a general nuisance. And I wouldn’t take him to some hotel where people actually expect parents to do their jobs.”

    • humor me says:


      I managed to raise 3 children without beating them senseless or letting them run wild. We had a set of rules for being out and I wasn’t willing to let them run around like a pack of wild dogs. I got more than one compliment on their good behavior, and they deserved it because they were acting like any child of their age was capable.

      If they were acting out of place, we had a discussion about what would be better. On those rare occasions when emotions and yes, brattiness prevailed, they’d get a quick swat for emphasis. I never beat them into submission, but we have been known to sit out in the car for 15 minutes in 90F heat until they got themselves under control.

      You are not your child’s FRIEND. You are their PARENT, so start acting like it!

    • Anonymous says:

      @humor me: **applause**

      The other thing? The aptly-named 5150 is defending her right to leave her kid alone in the pool room or fitness room, where he could drown or be severely injured. What the hey?

    • Andy says:

      Spanking your child is not wrong, it’s wrong when the parent takes the spanking beyond what it is intended. “Spare the rod, hate the child.” Pretty much if you are to lazy to discipline, you shouldn’t have had one in the first place.

    • snuzzled says:

      There’s a difference between the quick pop on the butt (or sometimes cheek if I was being mouthy) my parents gave me and abusing your kid. A very clear difference.

      But nowadays you can literally get child services called on you for even grabbing your child a bit roughly (to pick him up so he can throw his tantrum in the car) so it’s no surprise parents are afraid to discipline their children in public. Even if you never lay a finger on them, they can say you were verbally abusing your child when you tell them to sit down and be quiet. Sad but true. Our society is enthusiastically breeding these poor excuses for parents…. but that’s a rant for another time…

    • MoonWind Dancer says:


      My first two boys were 17 months apart, then, 3 years after the 2nd, their brother was born.
      NOT ONE OF THEM ran around restaurants, jumped in booths, screamed, or acted up. They had a set of expectations taught to them, with appropriate follow-up. My hub and I brought along books, or crayons and paper, and crackers to keep them occupied while waiting for food. I’ve had MANY people come up to us and congratulate us on how well-behaved they were.
      We were going to “fancy” restaurants when the boys were 6,4, and 1- the boys were taught how to use napkins, and what behavior was expected.

      We had our “cool” times, too. The boys (now 24, 22, and 19) remember best the time we bought 5 cans of whipped cream, went out and had a whipped cream fight, then got to play with the hose to clean off. Or, our massive squirt gun wars- we would have my three, plus half the grade school kids at our house, and gave them all super soakers to goat it outside…

      I kinda miss that age…

    • Myntee says:

      *facepalm* 5150
      I have a 4 year old and 7 year old boy, and I have no trouble controlling them. If they do step out of line, and I for whatever reason can’t get them under control, then we go home.
      It is absolutely NOT your right to burden other people with your noisy disobedient children.
      It is entirely possible to control children without beating or scaring them. It is called parenting.
      I can just imagine, you are one of those ridiculous hippies who refuse to discipline their children for fear of “crushing their spirit” or something.
      Oh and by the way 3 year olds do have a “walk don’t run switch” you need to simply hold their hand and don’t let them go no matter how much they protest. They’ll learn to walk normally soon enough.

    • FLRP says:

      What? I don’t think so.

      Just because some people can’t (or won’t) control their kids doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be able to stay at decent hotel with mine.

      You don’t need to scare your kids into behaving either, that’s ridiculous. Yeah, they’re all going to play up at some point or other, but there’s a huge difference between a kid who occasionally pays up and a running, screaming brat who loses the shit whenever they’re told to behave.

    • snuzzled says:

      So are you implying it’s physically impossible to raise a child to be well-mannered and behaved? Wow. I’d hate to see how your three year old grows up…

      Maybe he doesn’t know how to walk indoors because you think he’s incapable of understanding the concept so you don’t push the issue. Three year olds understand the concept of “no” and “don’t” even if you must remind them a bit often.

    • Josh M says:

      You say you have a 3-year-old who “is a very energetic kid,” I say you have a 3-year-old who EVERYBODY ELSE HATES.

    • eatyourfeedback says:

      LOL…the Holiday Inn is about the furthest thing from a “pretentious hotel”. As for your last comment – that attitude is just appallingly obtuse. Why should hotels, etc. have to state what is obvious – that if you have kids, YOU need to supervise them?
      Get a clue. They’re your kids and therefore they are YOUR responsibility to contain – however you have to do so.

    • Matthew says:

      Wow, that sucks for your children. That’s just not right, that children would behave that way. Are you sure they aren’t secretly planning to kill you or something?

    • Anonymous says:

      Another idiot “parent” who doesn’t understand that there’s a huge middle ground between abuse and letting your spawn do whatever they want.

      The rest of us are secretly planning to kill YOU, Matthew, whenever you take your little hellions out in public.

    • snuzzled says:

      Another idiot commenter who doesn’t understand the concept of sarcasm. I think the “secretly planning to kill you” was a dead giveaway but of course, I realize there are all sorts of IQs on the internet 🙂

    • Someone says:

      Well, it really depends. Children should indeed never disturb other people (and since running around and such in a hotel is disturbing to people, I fully agree with the sign).

      However, they should be able to run around and such in situations where it won’t disturb others. That’s what being a kid is about: they should learn discipline indeed, but at the same time they should be able to be a kid (when they don’t disturb others): to be wild, playful, etcetera. That’s the true middle-way: benefitial to everyone.

      Of course, I don’t know if you allow them to be a kid in situations where they don’t disturb others, or that you force them to be well-behaved in every situation, but with all the replies, I felt it was neccesary saying that.

    • geekgirl says:

      There is a huge difference between having enforced expectations of how a child should behave in public and stifling them to the point that they never get to run and play. Running and playing, like you say, what being a kid is about. But they don’t magically learn to be respectful of other people at the age of 18.

    • HabbaTheJut says:

      More likely, they remain self-centered and obnoxious thru whatever passes for their adulthood. Every time I see some twit weaving and tailgating on the road, I have to wonder how they were raised. Most likely it was that whole me-first, no-manners, must-express-myself mentality.

    • snuzzled says:

      Beg pardon, but isn’t that what playgrounds are for? Isn’t that what game rooms at home are for? It’s not what hotel hallways are for, it’s certainly not what pools are for (running in a pool area is a recipe for disaster).

      Of course children should be allowed to be children, but they must also be taught there is a time and a place for it. When I go out to eat at a nice restaurant with a date or my (adult) family I do not want to be subjected to children screaming, jumping on the chairs, and being wild. Nor do I want to hear it in the movie theater (unless, of course, I go to a children’s movie, then I expect it).

      I really don’t think anyone here was saying anything else 🙂

    • dontcallmewave says:

      your name (PsychoDad) doesnt exactly inspire confidance in your parenting abilities

    • eatyourfeedback says:

      And yours does? At least PsychoDad is honest – God knows I felt that way when mine were under 10.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I betcha “Pete” is one of those breeders who lets his BRATS run unsupervised, screaming and trashing the environs, then has a hissy fit when anybody suggests to him that his BRATS aren’t welcome there.

    And WHIIIIIIIIIINES about how “you can’t control kids.” Yes, you can, Petey. It’s called discipline.

    • JT says:

      You are a terrible person who should never be allowed around kids.

    • Anonymous says:

      And you’re probably a clueless baby machine or babydaddy who stands there obliviously while your kids destroy everything in sight and endanger themselves. Do us all a favor and remove your uterus or vas deferens with a rusty, rusty grapefruit spoon. Without anesthesia.

    • vanessa says:



    • Chris says:

      Having worked at a restraunt in a wealthier area of Cincinnati, I have seen a number of parents ignore thier children run around and scream and knock things over under the guise of “expressing themselves.” This of course, is a rather big saftey issue becuase a child knocking over tables can hurt, or kill another child. There was several times in which kids were knocking over chairs and running and the parents simply just ignored it. When we advised them to stop because it was dangerous, they snaped at us stating to not question their parenting. At that point you just have to wonder, “What parenting?”

    • vanessa says:

      Yeah, cuz focusing on your food and staring out the window isn’t parenting..and if the kid broke somethin, and you asked them to pay for it, they most likely pitch a fit and try to blame you somehow…

    • W00t says:



    • The Amazing Rando says:

      “breeder” huh? Damn us all for perpetuating the human race. How dare we!

    • similar says:

      Yes, indeed.

    • Denise in WI says:

      Yes, because the human race is sooooooooo in danger of becoming extinct….NOT!

    • LilMalkieM says:

      It’s one thing to perpetuate the human race and another to just have kids that one will never properly teach how to behave in civilized society. That’s not even mentioning the severe overpopulation this world is dealing with already. A ~Parent~ has a child/ children and guides them into adulthood with love and discipline and isn’t afraid to put a kid right when they’re behaving like a little jerk. A ~Breeder~ is someone who just brought a child/ children into this world for the sheer hell of it and does absolutely nothing in the way of teaching a child the right way to behave around others. We need more Parents; less Breeders, I believe.

    • snuzzled says:

      Not every parent is a breeder, just like not every childfree person is a baby-hater. Just sayin’.

      However, if you take offense to the term, you more than likely fit the colloquial definition of a breeder.

    • eatyourfeedback says:

      Exactly. Thanks for taking the words out of mouth!

  4. Gustav says:

    Where’s the sign for the drunken guests who are much louder and more obtrusive than children?

    At least children go to sleep before midnight.

    • wishinonehand says:

      ‘scuze me, it took me a few minutes to pick myself up off the floor I was laughing so hard. ‘Children go to sleep before midnight’… you’ve never worked in a hotel, have you? Try working the front desk and STILL be chasing the little brats (very appropriate word!) back to their rooms because parents and/or chaperones (oh god how I hate childrens’ sports teams when they travel) are too busy drinking and having a good time to do their bloody jobs.

      40 8-year-olds running up and down the halls and through the lobby and destroying everything in sight and screaming at the top of their lungs… I’ll take the drunks any night, thanks. You can call the cops on THEM.

    • Katia says:

      LOL, this! It’s socially acceptable to be annoyed by drunks and to tell drunks to shut the f*ck up before you call the cops. Whereas with half the parents in the world, you can tell them NICELY to quiet their kids and they freak out. And if you complain to [whoever’s in charge of the venue you’re at, be it a hotel/apartment building/theater/grocery store], it’s possible the reaction will be, “but they’re just children!” and everyone around you will think you are Satan personified because you don’t think a cute widdle child screaming in your ear is so cute and precious and totally okay.

    • eatyourfeedback says:

      I know, right? I’ve noticed that it’s the kind of parents with the “it takes a village” mentality who get angry and defensive whenever one of the “villagers” steps in. “Just children”, my ass. I was “just a child” too once upon a time not all that long ago, and guess what? I behaved or I was whisked away immediately by my parents until I could do so.

    • cantsleepclownswilleatme says:

      5150, all I can say is thank heavens you wouldn’t take your ill behaved child to a hotel I would happily stay in. My own kids were also prone to act out when they were tots but I would no more take them to a hotel to stay than I would start spitting nickles. I mean really, who DOES that? The answer is careless useless people who are busily raising up MORE careless useless people. Ah goody, breeders. Happy day.

    • bionelly says:

      Wow, judgmental much? Some people actually have well-behaved kids, and if those people want to take their kids on vacation (which is actually a fairly normal thing to do), then I don’t see how that makes them “careless useless people”. Heck, even if the kids are “prone to acting out” but the parents make an actual effort to keep them under control (in other words, obeying the actual sign), I certainly wouldn’t complain.

    • cantsleepclownswilleatme says:

      This happened to my husband and me one night when he took me out to eat at a fairly nice restaurant for an occasion and we were seated next to a couple with 2 crying children. I immediately requested another table across the room and the manager came over and acted like we were monsters. But they still wanted us to shell out big bucks for the pleasure of listening to someone who had NOT had the good grace to hire a babysitter shush their kids all through our meal. Oh yeah, that’s real special.Oh and if someone wants to tell me that it’s too expensive to hire a sitter, I’ll tell you to budget fro it. We go out when we like now that the kids have grown but when they were babes, we made sure we had enough for sitters, dinner and a movie or we stayed home. I advise those of you who want to go out to do the same. I have no intention of bearing with your children and I will complain to whoever I have to to get you tossed out of whatever place I’m in.

    • Limrasson says:

      In this case you should discipline the children.
      If the parents come then whining about how you do not have any right to treat their devilish kids that way, then you should discipline the parents as well.

    • Truth says:

      Legally you can’t discipline the kids though…. only their parents. Which, of course, should always be done in such cases.

    • vanessa says:

      Half the time they won’t even llet the parents discipline the children-I’m not talking beatings, but I’ve seen my sis in law, a good parent, be unsure what to do @ Subway when her kid was acting up-and they do sometimes, even to the best parents.

      Kids will be kids and will need to be taught how to behave, but also, just because you see a kid acting like a brat once doesn’t mean that that kid isn’t tired, or hungry, or doesn’t understand. It also doesn’t mean that the parents are bad. People need to stop being so judgmental. But I do find kids who are too quiet and “behaved” at all times to be mainly a concern to myself, because then you sucked the spirit out of the kid…

    • Anonymous says:

      “Half the time they won’t even let the parents discipline the children” — oh, what a bullsh1t excuse. Child Protection Services has its hands full dealing with cases of *actual* abuse. They’re not going to come up to your house and take your kid away because some busybody saw you yell at him or her in Subway or grab them by the wrist and force them to sit down.

    • vanessa says:

      I’m NOT offering a bullshit excuse- people HAVE been called when there was a swat on the butt-and thats all it was. They may not take the child away, but have you SEEN how judgmental people can be (yourself included) over one kid being hyper? Have you gotten dirty looks for yelling at your kid to sit down? It’s just something I’m pointing out that people do.

      Child protective services is an important thing , and a difficult job, but…I can tell you first hand they don’t always do their job, or do it right,

    • Katrina says:

      I just want to point out that probably the majority of the people glaring at a parent with misbehaving children are doing so because the kids are being brats.

      I work at a movie theater and let me assure you almost no one knows how to parent anymore. It’s not cute when some little girl dumps her Pepsi on me while running through the lobby, or if a child”expresses himself” by singing loudly throughout an entire movie so that we have to refund everyone else’s admission money.

      If I glare at you when you go to correct your children, it’s probably because I’m thinking about the 17 other times this week that I’ve been in that exact situation and the parents have responded with “Oh isn’t that cute?!?” or completely ignored the behavior. Generally, almost everyone except bad parents sincerely wishes you’d discipline your kids…and the bad parents certainly don’t have enough ambition to call Social Services if they can’t be bothered to tell their kids to sit down and shut up instead of running screaming through a hotel.

      No, Child Services isn’t perfect, but generally if you have food and beds in your home, the kids have no complaints, and you have no past history with them, they’re going to overlook any tiny complaint they get about you.

    • Truth says:

      Exactly. Child services is barely capable of dealing with the real problems, let alone inventing fake cases for them to deal with.

      “But I do find kids who are too quiet and “behaved” at all times”.

      I find it odd that you try and give excuses as to why a kid would be obnoxious, but you don’t ever think of the fact that some kids are just quiet or shy?

    • eatyourfeedback says:

      Bulls**t. Who is the “they” to which you refer? Society?

      We DO NOT “need to understand” why a kid is acting like a brat. Parents need to understand, but they also need to deal with each situation appropriately – and if your kid is acting out in public, that means they need to be REMOVED from the public until they aren’t tired, hungry, or whatever else reason they may have for throwing a fit. Bottom line: your child, your problem. NOT everyone else’s.

    • msmith730 says:

      Wait, why should the hotel staff have to discipline the children? It is by no means their job. The parents should do their damn jobs. Society never stops amazing me in that they have lost all sense of responsibility. It always shocks me that we have to have a license to prove we can drive a car but anyone can have a kid.

    • Anonymous says:

      The hotel staff shouldn’t *have* to, but they end up doing it anyway because the useless breeders (not parents) can’t be bothered, and if nobody makes the little brats go back to their rooms and be quiet, the hotel will lose good paying guests.

      Other than that I agree with you a thousand percent. I’ve recently seen “mommy bloggers” argue that to expect children to behave well in public, and their mothers to make them do so, is “oppressive.”

      Yeah, you know, I’m an unabashed liberal, but there’s such a thing as being so “open-minded” your brains fall right out. Or mistaking your own sense of entitlement for “fighting for your rights.” No, you have no g0ddamn right to let your kid scream for 20 minutes straight at the restaurant, even if it’s a “family” restaurant, and throw rolls and run into waitstaff carrying trays of hot food. Take your uncivilized little crotch monkey home and don’t let it out again until it’s got some manners.

    • vanessa says:

      I take it you’ve been a waitress before? Ugh, hardest customers to deal with, and I’m in a college town with retard drunk men. Stupid thing is, the good parents tip well, the breed machines don’t, and are easily three times the work.

    • eatyourfeedback says:

      I agree entirely – and I too am an unabashed liberal. 🙂

    • similar says:

      It’s our right to have children. Our right to bring another person to this godforsaken wasteland and force them to our collective will. After all it’s written in the bible, look it up.

    • Rathx says:

      Well, there’s a problem with the “It’s in the bible, look it up” thing…not everyone is Christian, or even have a religion at all, now i’m not a parent, and i’m not even in my adulthood yet, but I just had to jump in and say this: My parents didn’t raise me forcefully, nor did they ever ask me do anything that they wouldn’t/couldn’t do themselves just because they want to “force me to their collective will,” but I did learn what was acceptable in public, and what wasn’t, like randomly screaming at people, or destruction of property.

    • LilMalkieM says:

      Very true, Rathx. Religion aside, good parents do the best they know how to do, balancing discipline with praise to help a child they’ve brought into this world recognize what behavior is correct in certain situations. Yes, kids should have time to be kids and even the best-behaved will have times where they’re acting like brats, but in public places like that Holiday Inn Express or a restaurant, theater, et cetera, parents need to know to rein their kids’ behavior in if they’re getting too out of control. It’s not ‘forcing a child to conform to collective will’; it’s just common sense. I’m pretty sure some of the people writing in saying ‘oh, but if I discipline them, it’ll break their spirit!’ wouldn’t be so outright lazy if a teenager or an adult behaved like that with them, screaming and running around and generally being a jerk. That’s why it’s best to start teaching them good behavior while they’re young, so you don’t get more people like those that whine about ‘breaking spirits’ and such idiocy.

    • Rathx says:

      I’m pretty sure I get what you’re saying, it’s kind of like at certain age a child just suddenly “Loses their spirit” and it’s too late to discipline them, while being able to make them self confident, so they start ignoring their parents and act out all the time. That actually makes alot of sense to me, still being a teenager and all, I see many other teenagers at school who had abusive parents who try to be independent and want to fight all the time, and others who think they are allowed to do anything they want, because the parents just don’t care, iv’e seen a lot of different types of classmates, some were decent kids, who had good parents, others tried to distract everyone else by being the center of attention, who didn’t get enough attention as a kid.

    • Amy says:

      There is no god and the bible is a bunch of crap. But there’s just wrongness all over the idea that people should be somehow licensed or approved before having a child. Can you imagine? What would the criteria be and who would determine whether you were eligible or not? No…that’s horrible.

    • vanessa says:

      Except in the real world it doesn’t work that way…

      and you can get sued.

      Parents should just do their job and it wouldn’t be a problem in the first place.

    • kenzie says:

      oh god don’t even get me started on hockey kids and their irresponsible parents!

    • Sarge says:

      The drunks buy drinks, which keeps the hotel in the money.

      The children do not.

    • JD says:

      So, if I have 4 rooms complaining about one room with two children who are alone in the room while their parents are getting drunk, who makes money? Certainly not the hotel, who comps the rooms for those four. God knows I can’t get the money from the parents, when their credit card won’t authorize for over $500….

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, yes, sometimes the “parents” ARE the irresponsible drunks. However, I’m amused that you think there’s no solution to this problem. (Oh, and I’ve never had MY room comped because of screaming brats on my floor.)

      The solution is a warning sign like the one above, then calling the cops if the kids are too young to be left alone, or going to the room and warning them to keep it down. If their “parents” complain that you spoke mean to their ickle pweshuses, you remind them diplomatically that they’re not the only paying guests. And then you give the other guests a few complimentary drinks or whatever, not comp the entire price of their rooms.

    • Ali says:

      Two words: Madeline McCann

    • bionelly says:

      THIS! I’ve never worked in a hotel, but I have stayed in plenty of them, and there have been many more times when I was disturbed by noisy, obnoxious adults (most of them probably drunk) than kids.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, bully for you. It doesn’t erase other people’s experiences of having been bothered by noisy kids instead.

    • vanessa says:

      It doesn’t erase others dealing with drunks instead either.

    • eatyourfeedback says:

      Yes, but this article isn’t about dealing with drunks. It’s about parents who can’t be bothered to keep their own offspring under control in public places.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I betcha “Pete” is one of those types who lets his BRATS run unsupervised, screaming and trashing the environs, then has a hissy fit when anybody suggests to him that his BRATS aren’t welcome there.

    And WHIIIIIIIIIINES about how “you can’t control kids.” Yes, you can, Petey. It’s called discipline.

  6. Anonymous says:

    @Gustav: The little darlings don’t have bedtimes anymore.

    Also, you can get drunken guests ejected.

  7. lololololol says:

    I bet Pete gets LOTS of dirty looks in restaurants.

  8. Apel Mjausson says:

    Where is this? I want to stay at this hotel.

  9. Lots42 says:

    At least children go to sleep before midnight.

    Where do you live? I want to move there.

    P.S. I wish every business ever had this sign.

  10. Manonanon says:

    Attention Recent High school graduates:

    Your parents aren’t here to supervise you at all times. Please do not leave your drunken friends unattended in your room, lobby, fitness room, or pool area. Also, for safety and noise concerns, you are not permitted to drink and have sex in the hallways. If you are unable or unwilling to use the stairs to get to the pool, instead of jumping off the balcony, we will tell our other guests to ignore it, because we don’t feel like dealing with your shit.

  11. Julia says:

    Well, we can see by the defensive responses who has bratty kids, and who doesn’t. I’d stay at that place in a heartbeat.

  12. Lisa says:

    If this sign offends you, your kids are probably the brats running amok. Just sayin…

  13. Oddly Specific needs a WIN tag of some sort.

  14. Jay says:

    This is wonderful. I wished ALL places had this kind of policy. Restaurants, movie theaters, grocery stores etc. Kids who are loud and allowed to run around unsupervised RUIN things for everyone around them. It’s disgusting.

    Parent your kids!!

    • HabbaTheJut says:

      I was recently in store that sells antique furniture & decor, when 2 kids started to play catch with a crystal figurine. They were well beyond any age where they wouldn’t know better, AND their “parents” said nothing. Then they got huffy when the manager told them to leave.

    • eatyourfeedback says:

      I wish this too. If you don’t feel like parenting, do the world a favor and don’t reproduce!

  15. Sue says:

    I totally agree with this!! Too many parents today think it’s everyone else’s responsibility to look after THEIR kids while they sit in the bar, watch tv, or do whatever they want, ignoring the children they brought into the world. I have 2 grown sons, raised them alone, and they knew how they were expected to behave, and what the consequences were if they mis-behaved. And yes, I did spank them, in public too, if needed. They’re both happy, productive members of society now, and I’m incredibly proud of them.

    • Jen says:

      Sue FTW!!

    • vanessa says:

      Thats wonderful-just a quick question, and I’m serious- Has anyone ever hassled you for swatting your kids on the butt? Why do hey do this? Its not as if they were whipped, I’m talking even a slap on the hand seems a criminal offense these days.

    • HvsL says:

      My sister and her Army Sgt husband use PT to discipline their energetic and intelligent (they suspect ADHD but not enough to want/need meds) 7 year old son. He’s a handful, but when he’s doing “six inches” (laying flat on his back with his feet 6 inches above the ground) he is quiet and still tiring himself out.
      Some people may think it’s a little much but I noticed a huge difference in his behaviour when they started it. Now that he’s calmed down some, he may get a ‘parade rest and LOOK AT ME’, but they understand that in the Army. . .

    • Rottiluv says:

      A friend of mine was actually put on family ‘watch’ and had to go to parenting classes for swatting her oldest son in public. Of course the fact that she had a baby in the other arm and he was choking his little sister with her scarf at the exact moment (what earned him the swat) didn’t seem to matter much.

  16. Katia says:

    I wish I could put this sign in my apartment building, for my neighbors who allow their kids to scream and shriek and yell and have temper tantrums at the top of their lungs, as well as run around on wood floors and pound on walls (I’ve felt the building SHAKE and been woken up by this before) all day every day any time of day or night. (It’s honestly so bad that when they first moved in, their kids were crying so much I wondered if they were being abused and if I should call the police. It’s not NORMAL for kids to be that unhappy. Shortly thereafter I realized that no: they’re just brats who were never taught the concept of an “indoor voice,” whether they’re tossing a temper tantrum or playing. Haven’t a clue how they get by in school if they act like that there too.)

    • Anonymous says:

      “Haven’t a clue how they get by in school if they act like that there too.)”

      Discipline isn’t allowed in the schools anymore, either, because the “experts” decided it was “abusive,” and anyway any attempt to make the kid behave will have the idiot egg or sperm donor roaring into the school yelling HOW DARE YOU BE SO MEAN TO MY LITTLE DARLING WHO CAN DO NO WRONG??!?

    • The Amazing Rando says:

      Define “discipline.” If you mean the days of corporal punishment in schools, then HELL NO they’re not laying a hand on my child. Besides that, I do believe time-outs and detention still exists. What else do you want?

    • vanessa says:

      That sucks, I live in an apt too. But are you sure there is no abuse? My cousin was all sorts of temper tantrum screaming brat, and then it came out that she was raped by her step father who told her if she told anyone he’d cut off the head of her mother and rape her, and do the same to all her siblings.

      She is now a productive member of society with one well behave child and another on the way.

  17. bitbot says:

    Do you know what ‘imply’ means?

  18. geekgirl says:

    Best. Sign. Ever.
    I too agree, the ones bitching that this sign is unreasonable are the dipshits that shouldn’t breed. Just because a kid is hyper, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t know how to behave in public.
    I think anyone who has worked with the public knows just how much these kind of signs are needed.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just look at some of the responses to “PsychoDad” — a couple of people who think that you can’t get kids to behave unless you put choke chains on them and beat them bloody. And probably that giving them so much as a dirty look is “abusive.”

      My only consolation is that their offspring will present no serious competition to me whatsoever when they’re eventually old enough to work. Nobody wants to hire someone who was never socialized to take other people into consideration and to hear the word “no.”

    • geekgirl says:

      Yeah, those are the parents that think young=stupid and there is no point teaching them anything until some magic age, where they will suddenly know exactly how to behave in any situation, cope with any challenge, and conquer the world with their brilliance.
      “Socialized” is the perfect word. Like puppies, those that never learned not to pee on the rug. Of course, most of the parents are probably metaphorically still pissing in the corners themselves.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, apples tend not to fall far from trees. There are always the ones who are terrified at not getting validation every waking moment from their kids, but by and large the worst ones are those who treat their kids as extensions of their own egos.

    • geekgirl says:

      Yeah, I figure if I want validation from the kid I’m raising, I want it when she’s in her 30s and a productive member of society. Not from some brat running loose, bugging everyone and telling me I’m the best aunty ever. You have to wonder if the parents are really that insecure, or just lazy.
      I know one of the ego parents, her whole life revolves around trying to show up the other parents/kids in the school. I actually kind of pity the kids cause they’re going to get to the real world and mommy won’t have any influence with their boss. They’re in for a nasty shock.

  19. UKSponge360 says:

    As a hotel barman, i totally approve of this sign! I want to print out a copy, have an engraving done, and permanently affix it next to the check-in desk!

  20. Rob says:

    I support this establishment.

  21. OrionRed says:

    Best parenting advice I ever got: “Your kids behave how you expect them to.” I didn’t get it until much later… kids will act until you react, then adjust their actions to what you allow as their parent(s).

    A person who thinks all 3-year-olds are wild will let their 3-year-old run wild. A person who thinks their 3-year-old has a lot of energy that needs to be directed will keep their 3-year-old engaged, even if it’s hard work.

    • vanessa says:

      Yes, see people, theres a difference between alot of energy and ill behaved.

    • Truth says:

      And while we’re on the topic of energy: Not every kid that has “lots of energy” has ADHD… It annoys me to no end when parents say “Billy has ADHD so that’s why he acts like that sometimes”.

      Did they go to a psychologist? No. They just assumed that they “knew what ADHD was and that their child has it”.

      Not every kid with energy has something wrong with them. They just need attention and appropriate guidance.

    • geekgirl says:

      Agree totally! It never occurs to them to redirect anything. Going out later? Take them to the park for half an hour.
      I love the ones who are at a restaurant and the kid is bored silly but they haven’t even brought crayons for the poor kid while the parents sit and chat for ever about stuff the kid couldn’t care less about. When mine was little I had these little sets in my purse, quite often I’d hand one to a kid at another table. It’s amazing how quiet a kid can get with a mini colouring/activity book and 3 crayons.

    • FLRP says:

      It annoys me because not all kids with ADHD are brats.

      I know a few who are overactive and all that, but if you say something to them they’ll apologise and do as they are told … so stop trying to use ADHD as an excuse, or alternatively IF your kid has ADHD parent them anyway.

    • Katrina says:

      My 11-year old brother has ADHD and my mom would NEVER have allowed him to act like a brat in public, even before he was diagnosed and put on medication. If he started acting up, she would take him out to the car (whether we were at dinner, the grocery store, etc) and sit there with him until he calmed down (and she’d leave my older sister, me and my other younger brother at the table or in the store – my sister was 15 when the youngest was born). And I bring my brother up to Chicago to visit me, and I take him to museums and restaurants even when he’s not on medication and he’ll get antsy, but he doesn’t interfere with anyone’s experience. Just because a kid has ADHD doesn’t mean they will scream and run everywhere, because my brother didn’t and doesn’t. I know he has a lot of energy and a short attention span, but he knows he has to behave, so he does.

  22. Melissa says:

    I wish we could post a sign like this in my hair salon. Had a little “darling” playing with one of our styling chairs the other week, pumping it up and down and spinning it around. The mother sat in the lobby and occasionally said “Come sit over here by me” but never came over and grabbed the child and made him sit down. Then he got his foot caught in the footrest and nearly fell on his face and I was GLAD! Amazing that despite the sharp scissors and razors, the hot curling and flat irons laying around, and the sometimes toxic products we have to use on clients, parents still let their kids run wild around our shop. It’s a wonder we don’t have more kids getting hurt. But them if we did, we’d probably get sued for leaving our tools out where some unsupervised child could get to them and cut or burn himself.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve heard similar stories from people who work in tattoo parlors. Even though many/most of them ban kids under a certain age.

      Your manager should have taken the kid by the hand, brought him over to the useless egg donor, and (politely) told her that because the environment is full of sharp and toxic objects, if she couldn’t keep him in control, they’d have to leave, because the salon can’t assume that kind of liability. Or just lie and say that letting kids play in that area is illegal due to safety regulations.

    • vanessa says:

      Who is taking a kid to a tattoo parlor?! WTF?

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve seen these anecdotes from more than one employee of tat parlors. I rather doubt every single one of them is lying.

    • vanessa says:

      I didn’t say they did. I’m questioning the parent that would take their kid to a tattoo parlor…wow you are so touchy.

    • Truth says:

      It did come across like you were doubting the validity of his post though.

      However, if one of the parents is having a tattoo touched up or something, then it isn’t too unreasonable that they’d bring along their child.

    • vanessa says:

      It is if they let them run amok.

    • vanessa says:

      I don’t see that it did. I see that it said who does that? There are places much better to take your kids…I wouldn’t take mine to a tattoo parlor.

      Truth huh? For who?

    • Mega says:

      I don’t know if it counts for anything, but I got the feeling that Vanessa’s post was showing astonishment at the idea of someone taking their kids to a tat parlor at all, not that she was trying to imply the other poster was fibbing.

    • cantsleepclownswilleatme says:

      I agree with Mega, Vanessa was on point. truth and Anon, you both are a bit too literal.

    • geekgirl says:

      Yeah, I wish more places stood up and called the parents on the behavior and asked them to leave. Worst case you loose them as a customer, but really how many are you gaining because it’s a nicer place to be.
      I had one woman who wouldn’t keep track of her barefoot toddler (barely walking) in a fabric store. I asked her to hold on to her, I pointed out the wayward pins everywhere, I pointed out the wobbly bolts of fabric on unstable tables, that weighted about 50lbs (just the table) and would land hard right on the kids chest if she pulled herself up by the fabric. The woman told me it was none of my business. I told her I had no intention of watching her child kill herself, and then get sued for not doing anything and to leave. I had four customers thank me, cause they could see it coming too. I can’t even imagine trying to keep my mouth shut in a salon on a tattoo parlor.

  23. Does this hotel chain have an affiliated airline? Definitely my preferred airline..

  24. Leah says:

    Yeah, they should have an equally relevant notice put on airplanes. I once had a aisle seat next to a mom, and the dad and two screaming kids on the other side. Not only did the dad change one of the kid’s diapers RIGHT THERE, but he couldn’t keep them in their seats, and they kept climbing over my lap to get to their mom, who literally turned to face the window and pretended she couldn’t hear them screaming. Then she had the nerve to tell me as we were leaving, “just wait until you have children.”

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, because everybody WILL have children. Gawd, what a pair of entitled jerks. And in the few cases when such people are thrown off the plane before it takes off because they can’t make their little darlings sit still long enough to be belted in, they go on “Good Morning America” to whiiiiiiine about “discrimination,” and the dumbass “mommy rights” contingent SCREAAAAMS all over the internet about “intolerance of children!!”

    • vanessa says:

      I don’t see the big deal about the diaper? I mean, whatever, she could have TRIED to parent them, instead of ignoring them anyway…..

    • Anonymous says:

      Because nobody wants to have their nose 2 feet from your little bundle o’love’s open, foul diaper. I realize you think they sh1t lilacs, but, trust me, they don’t.

      And when you can smell something, that means particles of it are in the air. Yeah, particles of poop in a tightly enclosed, air-controlled space full of people. That’s SO sanitary.

      The fact that anyone has to explain this to you is astounding.

    • vanessa says:

      We all poop. And it stinks. So does yours. Get over it. Ever try going to a airplane bathroom?! Theres no ROOM to change a kids diaper in there.

    • CDThe says:

      Cool, I’m going to change my sanitary towel right next to you since you have no problem with bodily waste.

    • Mew says:

      Most of us don’t subject our feces to everyone nearby in a small, enclosed space. I don’t care how little room is in a plane’s bathroom, it’s rude to change a diaper where other people will later be sitting down and possibly eating. A respectful parent would do their best to change the baby away from others to avoid offending people. We may all poop, but it’s not something anybody wants to see another doing unless you have that fetish, and I know I don’t.

    • Mew says:

      I hate that. I don’t fly much so I’ve not had to deal with it, but I HAVE seen well behaved kids on a plane. I’ll admit the girl sitting directly in front of me annoyed me a bit. She occasionally flopped in her seat which shook the stuff I was holding on my lap, and a few times she turned around to stare at me. But other than that she was quite and well behaved. There was an even younger child, a boy, on the other side of the aisle from me. I forgot he was even on the plane. He was at most 3 years old, and I think he slept through most of the flight, because he didn’t make a sound the entire time. When I remembered he was on the plane I was surprised at how well behaved he had been.

      More people need to teach their kids to be like the 3 year old.

    • bionelly says:

      So… they need to teach them to sleep all the time? I mean, I’m all for keeping the kid from yelling and making a bunch of noise, but if complete silence for hours on end is what it takes for you to think they’re well-behaved, I think you’re setting your standards too high. Plus, if he was asleep, I don’t think he really deserves credit for being “well-behaved”. For all you know, he might be a little terror who just happened to be asleep (and therefore quiet) when you saw him.

    • Hanhula says:

      I would have glared at the kids and told them to get off. If they refused, or kept doing it, I would have called one of the air hostess people and got them to sort the kids out.
      If the mum had said that to me, I would have looked at her and gone ‘If I do have children, then I will make sure they do not behave like complete idiots in public.’
      Or I might say ‘I’m gay. I can’t have kids.’ just for the lol factor.

  25. Mega says:

    This sign is a win. I have out-of-control little shitbird kids running rampant in my shop all the time, and the parents just ignore them. It takes a village to raise a child when the parents are too stupid to do it themselves.

    And I agree that anyone offended by this sign has THAT KIND of child. And it’s your fault, because you didn’t discipline them properly.

    • vanessa says:

      Shitbird made me laugh for some reason….good post.

    • Hanhula says:

      I’m offended by the sign because I am a teenager, and I would never behave outrageously in public. Why shouldn’t I be allowed to go swimming without an adult? Why shouldn’t I be able to stay in the room booked by my parents whilst they go and get something?

  26. Bob says:

    My question to all of you who are raving about the amazing merits of this sign is this:

    My kid is autistic. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told outright by complete strangers to get my kid under control. Strangely enough, no matter how much I beat the hell out of her, she still doesn’t always behave.

    Would you just recommend I not take her out in public? Please, share your great wisdom with me.

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe if a plurality of parents bothered to civilize their perfectly normal kids, so that sh1tty behavior in public weren’t a norm now, you wouldn’t get half the snide remarks and dirty looks that you do.

      In any case, whether the kid is autistic or not, when they act up, you TAKE. THEM. OUTSIDE. Awwww, does that inconvenience you? Tough noogies. You decided to have kids. You deal with the inconveniences.

      Finally, “discipline” doesn’t equal “beat the hell out of.” Nice strawman, though.

    • vanessa says:

      I think he was being sarcastic, and I’m sure has a life. It’s not ALWAYS feasible to take the kid outside if you just want to get something done and get outta there. I’m starting to wonder if you HAVE kids, or even know what an inconvenience is, or if you have ever had a family member with any sort of disability.

      What you said is true though-if other parents were actually parents, parents with children with real problems wouldn’t get treated like crap for something that the kid can’t help.

    • Anonymous says:

      “OMG I BET YOU DON’T HAVE CHEEEELDRUNNNNN!!” Nice Breeder Bingo there.

    • vanessa says:

      No kids moron. I have none. Just more common sense and sympathy for other human beings of all ages than you.

    • John says:

      You never did say if you did or not, I’m lead to believe you don’t.

    • 5150 says:

      You are a sorry individual who likes to attack everyone, huh? Get over yourself already and grow up to realize you don’t know everything about everyone.

    • The Amazing Rando says:

      You can’t possibly have children. And if you do, can I have your name so I can see it in the paper? You know, the story that ends with “and the child finally snapped and stabbed the parents 30 times.”

    • The Amazing Rando says:

      Unless you’ve dealt with autistic children, don’t even pretend to know how to handle them.

    • vanessa says:

      My brother is schizophrenic and has heard voices. Even at the age of 23, it’s hard for him to behave normally. And he was very difficult to care for as a kid, so i feel your pain. Theres no pleasing people sometimes, those screaming about a 1 yr old crying are almost (almost) as bad as the parent ignoring them.

      There is a line between bad parenting (as the sign indicates, and rightly so) and things beyond all control. If you think children can be controlled 100% of the time, you must be a robot, or my father. They are still emotional HUMANS. People like anon down there don’t seem to get the difference.

  27. Luka says:

    Want to see more of children behaving badly while parents not only tolerate such crap but get in a hissy fit when sombody says something? Then visit http://stfuparents.tumblr.com/

  28. robert ot says:

    as a non-parent 28 year old (but a lot of mates do have ’em) I know appreaciate the spankings/scoldings i got from mine mum now that im a 99% upright citizen ,nobody like them then, but discipline is just that. now as adults we are checked by laws.

  29. KitKun says:

    This is nice, but I like ‘All Unsupervise children will be sold to the circus’ signs a little better. Oh well, if they’re willing to put this up, I’d stay there.

  30. Captain Obvious says:


  31. kenzie says:

    i work at a hotel, and let me tell you, it gets supersuperSUPER annoying when “parents” (i refuse to call people who let their spoiled kids run around and trip people, play hockey in the halls, and steal from housekeeping carts while screaming and throwing toilet paper rolls parents) let their kids roam wild. there have been some kids that are nice, and so this doesn’t apply to everyone, but i completely agree with the sign. and before someone says that i am some old bag ranting about annoying children, i am seventeen and am proud to say that MY parents raised me to act like a human and not an ape. oh yeah… there is a large line between discipline and abuse. anyone can tell that.

  32. vanessa says:

    Kids will be kids and act up sometimes. Parents need to mind and watch their offspring. Thats all.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Kids will be kids” — the perpetual excuse of “parents” who don’t want to do their jobs. And, no, it’s the OFFSPRING who should mind their PARENTS, not the other way around.

    • vanessa says:

      I am not a parent. And yes, kids will be kids. They will behave as children. I wasn’t implying that it’s okay for them to act like wild monkeys. You are pretty intolerant and don’t seem to understand that things won’t always work out for you in public. Move to a retirement community and enjoy the silence then.

    • The Amazing Rando says:

      So I’m guessing children should be seen and not heard just to make YOU happy, right? Except nobody gives a crap what you think. I hope my kids come across you some day in a restaurant and knock your soup into your lap. I don’t want to CONTROL my children. They’re not robots. They’re people and they think for themselves just like you or me. Child-haters like you make me want to throw up in your breakfast.

    • CDThe says:

      ‘I hope my kids come across you some day in a restaurant and knock your soup into your lap. ‘

      Aaaand thank you for providing such a sterling example of what annoys so many of us. Your ‘right’ to have children doesn’t mean you have a right to stop them doing destructive things.

      I was NEVER allowed to act up in a restaurant or a public place when I was a kid. And if you had any desire to make your kids grow up to be good adults neither would you.

      Teach them manners – seriously it’s one of the best things you can grant them.

    • Neri says:

      And this attitude is exactly why otherwise reasonable people approach the subject with such hostility.

      The bottom line is that that wide woolly world out there isn’t getting paid to endure your child, whatever issues they may have. As they aren’t getting paid to endure your child, big surprise that they feel they should not have to endure your child’s presence. While there is usually some latitude, loud, noisy or otherwise disruptive or destructive behavior tends to push buttons.

      The other bottom line is that people wish parents would LEAVE if their infant or toddler is being incredibly fussy and refuses to be consoled. While I expect a hostile response over this, I must remind you that having children is a life changing experience for better or for worse, and sometimes it hits you in the “for worse” category. Restaraunts rarely ask you to leave but you can bet your hind end all nearby patrons are wishing they would.

    • Shannon says:

      Yes captain obvious in certain situations we DO think that children should be seen and not heard. Like for instance in fine dining establishments or airplanes or movie theaters. We the general public DO NOT want to hear your precious snowflake screaming like a banshee because you are too lazy or weak-willed to correct your child. It’s called PARENTNG.

    • Mew says:

      Have fun when your children are in prison down the road because you didn’t feel you should “control” them as kids. Do you really think they’re going to learn how to be a responsible adult if you allow them to do anything and everything? People like you are the ones who raise kids who do drugs, drink and drive, and steal from others. They’ve grown up feeling that they can do anything without consequence and then when they become adults and enter the real world, they can’t understand why people aren’t giving in to their every desire. They don’t know why they have to work for what they want, and why they can’t tell their boss to go to hell without being fired for it. When people won’t give them what they want, they’ll take it for themselves even if it’s illegal.

    • MoonWind Dancer says:

      And YOU, will be getting me calling the police, getting your ass kicked out of the restaurant, PLUS, getting my cleaning bill.

      YOU breed it, don’t guide it, YOU pay the consequences.

      Children are a privilege, not a right…

  33. Bobbi says:

    If people want to let their kids act like little animals, let them do so in their own homes. If their precious babies can’t behave better in public, don’t take them out until they do.

    • Rottiluv says:

      I take offence to this. My dogs go into hotels on a regular basis and do not run up and down hallways or befoul the hot tub (what the hell happened I don’t know) or scream and yell.

      I guess my dogs are smarter than some peoples children.

  34. vanessa says:

    I saw signs like this in Las Vegas in a casino-can’t recall which one- and was wondering who would let their kids run wild in LAS VEGAS?! Thats nuts.

  35. dontcallmewave says:

    so… um what is the joke here?

  36. Someon says:

    I’m pretty sure that what the sign is /actually/ saying is “Don’t kick your kids out of the room so you can have sex”.

  37. Rottiluv says:

    I love the Holiday Inn Express. You know thinking back, I have never actually had an issue with them and unruly children. Last week I was in one and they locked all the little brats and their drunken “chaperons” on the second floor, leaving the rest of the hotel quiet.

  38. chickendog says:

    Stayed in holiday Inn Express on a business trip and it was awesome. Didn’t see a child the entire stay 🙂 Quietest hotel I’ve ever been in. Usually I get booked in at hotels with youth hockey tournaments, etc. Never saw a sign like this but I like it!

  39. Polystyrene says:

    In case you repressive authoritarians haven’t noticed this sign is unenforceable. The rental agreement you sign with the hotel grants the hotel many powers but to dump you because your small toddler cries after skinning their knee is not one of them. Maybe if you cretins stopped domineering your children you would realize some people actually can raise their child without the abusive military attitude.

    • MoonWind Dancer says:

      ^^^ Cut me a break!!! NO ONE said a child could not cry if he hurt himself!!
      We’re talking about MISBEHAVING children, not injured ones!

      You may be right I’m authoritarian… That’s the big, bad, world out there- someone is in charge, the rules have been made, and if not followed, you go to a nice little cell and become the girlfriend of “Bubba”…

      If kids don’t learn how to follow rules when they’re young, how are they going to do it later on in life???

    • Mew says:

      I think parents these days assume their children will magically learn all about being a responsible adult the moment they hit some pre-set age. People don’t seem to think they have to teach their children how to behave like a responsible human, they just learn it all by themselves. People use their kids only being X years old as an excuse for behavior. “They don’t know any better!” Well, isn’t it the parents’ job to teach them better?

      I hate to steal a line from a TV shrink but it’s true. You’re not raising children, you’re raising adults. Kids don’t stay kids forever, and from the second they are born it is the job of the parents to teach their children how to behave like decent human beings. Over the years it is the job of the parents to teach their children right from wrong, and when certain things are and are not appropriate. Giving in to a child’s every desire and ignoring them when they do something wrong is not the way to raise a child into a productive member of adult society. It tends to be the way to raise one into a criminal who spends their life in and out of jail, or else raising them to be the 40 year old living in their parents’ basement.

    • gravy says:

      Yep its the same type of parents that wonder why their teen is an absolute terror, that gets in trouble all the time at home and in school. They just complain about why their kids don’t respect and listen to them, and blame it on the teacher or the school.

      It might have something to do with the fact that you have taught them ZERO about what is acceptable and how to behave properly in a social setting when they were younger. They’re not just going to magically learn these things one day because they got older.

    • eatyourfeedback says:

      What a ridiculous statement. That’s quite possibly the lamest excuse I’ve heard yet.

      If more parents were able to demonstrate effectively that they “actually can raise their child” without infringing on the comfort and space of those around them, then your comment might hold some credence. But as we’ve all seen in recent years, most parents today just don’t seem to be willing to *truly* parent their children – so I’m sorry, but your comment is utter nonsense.

    • homer says:


      Did you actually read the sign at the top of this page? The sign discusses kids who can’t behave, not injured ones.

  40. scamps says:

    Nice beds, tasty breakfast AND calling lazy parents on their BS? I’m only staying here from now on!

  41. Hanhula says:

    So, you can’t leave teenage children alone in your room so you can go grab your luggage?
    Or if you needed to quickly go to the toilet and you were swimming with your child at a pool?

    I would NEVER stay at a place like this!

    • Kamatari says:

      The sign is talking about children who cannot behave. I seriously doubt that anyone below the age of 15 is considered a child! If a teenager doesn’t behave, then some people have problems.

      If you have to use the restroom while your child is at the pool, if your child is well behaved, it’s very likely you can ask one of the other guests to watch your child for a minute or two while you do your business.

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