Wildlife Wednesday Part 2: Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome back to Wildlife Wednesday here on Oddly Specific!

Earlier this morning we talked about gluttony in the animal kingdom, but now we’ll discuss something that’s entirely your fault: stupidity.

Every time you read about an animal attacking someone, all the blame is put on the poor pit bull, or the angry tiger, or the hungry weasel.

Animals don’t know it’s rude to gnaw on someone’s face without their permission! If you go on safari wearing a bikini made of bacon, don’t be surprised if you get mauled by a lion!

Funny Signs - Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Do You Prefer a Left or Right Hook?

Submitted by: Fuji-Q Amusement Park in Japan via Oddly Specific

I don’t know who would be dumb enough to challenge a bear to a boxing match, but I’d certainly like to meet them. Pro-tip: if a bear charges, stand your ground. Most bear charges are bluffs.

There, now you can’t say I never taught you anything.

Funny Signs - Mine?

Submitted by: dumbphotos.com via Oddly Specific

If Pixar has taught me anything (other than the fact that Dreamworks is unfairly targeting minority animal groups) it’s that seagulls are ruthless killing machines. In their eyes, threatening someone with seagulls is akin to torture!

Of course, animals aren’t the only vicious things out there in the wild.

Funny Signs - Feed Me, Seymour!

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

I’ve seen this musical so I know what happens when a Venus Flytrap tastes human blood and it’s NOT PRETTY!

Now, as I said before, a lot of this is your fault. You might ask “what can I do to help?”

The answer is simple:

Funny Signs - America Is Changing...

Submitted by: dunno source via Oddly Specific

I think Bob Barker would approve. May he rest in peace. (I read it on 4chan so it must be true!)

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29 Responses to Wildlife Wednesday Part 2: Welcome to the Jungle

  1. D says:

    That first picture warns against pro wrestling the bears and tackling the bears! Who would do that!?

  2. tizalee says:

    As far as I know Bob Barker is still living—

    • Chris S. says:

      Haven’t you heard? He’s immortal! How else could he have hosted The Price is Right for so long?

      (lol j/k Bob, please don’t hurt me!)

    • Lizard says:

      LOL…after watching him whoop Sandler’s ass in Happy Gilmore I wouldn’t wanna piss him off either. Yes he is still alive, probably will be for a long time, I think he drank from the same fountain of youth as Dick Clark; he does look old but he hasn’t seemed to age any further for the past 25 years.

  3. Gary says:

    Please do not play air guitar in front of the bears.

  4. Prometheus says:

    The local vet sells the ‘Please Nuter’ sign on a tshirt

  5. SOE says:

    The guy wrestling the bear only wanted his Achievement. 😛

  6. PsychoDad says:

    Is that a Power Ranger fighting the bear? And hey, pick on Pixar all you want about stereotyping: but Alfred Hitch(word) knew better.

  7. Audrey II says:

    “Feed me!”
    “Does it have to be human?”
    “Feed me!”
    “Does it have to be mine?”
    “FEED ME!”
    “Where am I supposed to get it?!”

    Man, I love Little Shop of Horrors.

  8. ace5762 says:

    So you’re a bear, big whoop; want to fight about it?

  9. humor me says:

    I read somewhere that some idiot was killed when he climbed into a bear cage and kicked it (the bear) in the balls. As you can imagine, the bear was NOT pleased and proceeded to maul him. I guess they don’t want you fighting with the bears because they WILL win. Especially when their manhood had been damaged.

  10. Gillyflower says:

    Now I can hear Audrey II’s voice in my head, singing “Feed Me (Git It)”…

  11. boondockkorea says:

    Bob barker is still alive…

  12. FunCrusher says:

    LMAO @ the fisticuffs with the bear graphic…!!!

  13. Chris says:

    The sign about seagulls — yes. They will. They get very very aggressive over food, and when they get used to humans giving it to them, they get even MORE aggressive because they lose their fear of humans. We’ve watched them over at Rehoboth Beach — an elderly couple had just gotten an order of fries, and they were both attacked by several seagulls when the woman tossed a fry to a gull. It was a humbling, scary moment — the couple had to run inside a building to get away.

  14. Steph says:

    Chuck Norris can box a bear. In fact, after he finishes boxing a bear, he’s got to go home and move aside furniture for his new rug.

  15. Em The Mildly Amazing says:

    Anybody else think of this for the first? http://www.thedoghousediaries.com/?p=1321

  16. Femanon says:

    excuse me, poster? rules 1 and 2. you should know that, do not violate the rules again.

  17. aria says:

    The plant one is in the the lincoln park zoo gardens in chicago.

    • Asbduhas says:

      Actually, it’s from the greenhouse in Balboa Park in Cali. I recognize the interior (and the sign).

  18. BalloonCat says:

    Fuji-Q in Japan is full of silly signs. They also have one warning you to watch out for Nessie-like creatures in the pools of their various water rides.

    The better signs there are the ones in the restroom:
    Around the urinals, “Read? Fight!” and near the mirrors, “You are handsome guy!” (or something close to that…I visited a long time ago)

  19. JD says:

    The Japanese bear sign says:
    If you find a bear, absolutely DO NOT ‘Pro-wrestle’ with it, DO NOT ‘tackle’ it!
    I live here and seriously, just like in the states where i’m from, there are idiots. I believe in Darwinian selection though, so to hell with these signs!

    • Elwood J says:

      I’ll have to brush up on my Japanese. I could’ve sworn it said, “Jesus Christ it’s a bear GET IN THE CAR”

  20. sarah says:

    dude! bob barker is still alive! this is what is called a.. fail!

  21. benny says:

    is it me, or does the word “caution” on the first pic look a lot like the word “nintendo” on the older games?

  22. iyr says:

    so we cant even feed the seagulls alkaseltser anymore?

  23. blokeice says:

    “Animals don’t know it’s rude to gnaw on someone’s face without their permission! If you go on safari wearing a bikini made of bacon, don’t be surprised if you get mauled by a lion!”

    Lady Gaga! NOOOOOO!!!

  24. Gabriel says:


    Fuji is a habitat for bears.
    Bears could be anywhere.

    If you come find one, ABSOLUTELY
    do not pro-wrestle it and do not tackle it!

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