There’s No Escape

Funny Signs - There's No Escape

Submitted by: via Oddly Specific

Where can I go then? It’s all very Zen.

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74 Responses to There’s No Escape

  1. idk says:

    That’s pretty awesome.

  2. Phoenix says:

    Must be a “bishops only” road.

  3. Sane Person says:

    It’s hotel california!

  4. Dave says:


  5. Gemenon says:

    Don’t do anything, just sit there and don’t ever move again!

  6. Therrinn says:

    There’s nothing saying you can’t fly or dig your way past this area.

    • Someone says:

      Unless those last two signs mean more literally “no down” and “no up” rather than “no backwards” and “no forwards”

  7. Frax says:

    “We got nowhere to go but up!”

    • space type says:

      it’s a repeat… but, its kind of the very definition of this sites spirit. so , i forgive it 🙂

    • enoilgat says:

      Great catch! I read the comments from the link you provided and noticed that the skeptics indicate the bottom three signs are PhotoShopped because of the darkness in color. Flipping that theory around, I predict the top sign to be the fake. Observationally, you cannot go straight or right. Going backward could be prohibited because you are on a one-way street (probably changing into a two-lane). Left, which you cannot see, is probably the only option.

    • Joseph Polevoi says:

      The two top signs are authentic and the two bottom ones were Photoshopped. I’m sure of that because I created this monster.

  8. Zack says:

    The bottom two signs are for the z-axis.

  9. L says:

    @ Frax: That’s also not possible, depending on how you interpret the lowest sign…

  10. says:

    Flying cars and moles only beyond this point.

  11. Animaphagus says:

    Dance Dance Revolution, anyone?

  12. Snookie_Townshend says:

    “You just sit there and think about what you did! And just wait until your father gets home and hears about this…”

  13. Furriner says:

    Would a U-turn be double whammy?

  14. moosluvr says:

    I know! You can only move diagonally! 😀

  15. Dan says:

    Quick, dig a tunnel to China or fly up

  16. Bob the Skull says:

    But on the back side, it didn’t say nothin’
    That side was made for you and me.

  17. Joseph Polevoi says:

    I thought it was fascinating because I created it. Please credit the photo to me. The photo has been on my Flickr site for awhile. It’s part of a pool of members of the Cleveland Photographic Society in Cleveland, Ohio. Check it out at on page 5 of my photos. A woman in Europe sent an email saying she would get out of her auto…set her phone on the road …look up to the sky and say,”Beam me up, Scotty!”

  18. PsychoDad says:

    Hope you brought your Portal gun.

  19. Zork says:

    Please stand by, a grue will be with you shortly.

  20. Merri says:

    Beam me up.

  21. JMixx says:

    You are fine, right where you are. Just wait there, and someone will be with you shortly.

  22. Anna Sassin says:

    “No left turn, no right turn, no entry, no reversing. Get out of the car and put your hands on your head, do it!”

    Looks like we’ve found the road sign Frankie Boyle was talking about.

  23. PaMu1337 says:

    At the next intersection, turn up.

  24. CrimsonFire says:

    The only way to get out of that sign trap is to FLY!

  25. vjkw says:

    U TURN!

  26. Diamondhide says:

    Wife: ” Honey, why are we stoping?” Husband: ” Silence woman, I’m trying to figure this out!”

  27. Sarge says:

    Only thing to do is chop down the sign.

  28. Time to backup, backup, backup….

    • Joseph Polevoi says:

      One sign says you cannot go back! Get out of your car and try to wave at any helicopters flying by to pick you up…slim chance but better than nothing.

    • Malake256 says:

      The sign says you can’t go upwards 🙂

    • Joseph Polevoi says:

      All arrows point to directions on the roads not clouds in the sky.

  29. Goad says:

    IT’S A TRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Sue says:

    kind of a metaphor for my life!

  31. Malake256 says:

    so how the hell did you get here???????

  32. haosys says:

    (let’s go diagonally)

  33. shotbyscott says:

    thats amazing…..

  34. Rapunzel says:

    Hey! That’s been my friend’s myspace picture for ages! (A real friend, that I know real life, who insisted I put up a myspace to begin with, so maybe not a real friend?)

  35. loler27 says:

    They never mentioned U-turns!

  36. lorenzo says:

    obviously you go diagnal theres no sign thats says you cant do that

    • Malake256 says:

      Yeah, but there’s a tree that says that

    • Joseph Polevoi says:

      Going diagnal would mean leaving the road and driving over yards and possibly hitting homes with your vehicle. Most homeowners would not approve of that idea. The sign does state no turning back so you cannot proceed to u-turn.

  37. corkscrewfork says:

    okay, who divided by zero at the stopsign???

  38. Static turkey says:

    Definitely saw signs like that in Washington DC

  39. BobaTheFett says:

    (Insert Admiral Ackbar voice here)
    It’s a trap!

  40. Anon says:

    I smell a ‘shop.

  41. Robert says:

    Sooner or later, someone was gonna post this… looks like its gonna be me…

  42. The Doc says:

    photoshop 🙂

  43. Jimmylou says:

    Oh snap, a logic-trap!

  44. Nueterd Venus Fly Trap says:

    Upp Upp and Away

  45. h says:

    superman must be in charge

  46. smiddenkidden says:

    suddenly i have lyrics running through my head…

    Stand in the place where you live
    Now face North
    Think about direction
    Wonder why you haven’t before
    Now stand in the place where you work
    Now face West
    Think about the place where you live
    Wonder why you haven’t before

    If you are confused check with the sun
    Carry a compass to help you along
    Your feet are going to be on the ground
    Your head is there to move you around

    Stand in the place where you live
    Now face North
    Think about direction
    Wonder why you haven’t before
    Now stand in the place where you work
    Now face West
    Think about the place where you live
    Wonder why you haven’t before

    Your feet are going to be on the ground
    Your head is there to move you around
    If wishes were trees the trees would be falling
    Listen to reason, reason is calling

  47. Cathy says:

    Fine…I’ll just stay right here then..since there isn’t a ‘No Loitering’ sign.

  48. CA Larson says:

    You can’t get there from here.

  49. Dman9106 says:

    Cut down the sign and say you never saw it >:D

  50. kai says:

    up. you can go up.

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