Wait…What Now?!

I honestly have no idea how to proceed.

Submitted by: joanna585 via Oddly Specific Picture by: Nick – Scapesonix Photo

So…where do I put it?

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60 Responses to Wait…What Now?!

  1. Adrianne says:

    Usually in a trash can next to the toilet. Common in third world countries where the paper (when it even exists) does not break up as easily as ours is designed to, and where it’ll clog the system. (And also still a common practice where that has been the case in the past, even though the system can take it now.)

    • spiffingsailor says:

      This is true. I work on a ship and the heads (toilets) are quite cantankerous. We ask people to leave toilet paper in the trash can next to the head.

    • Noodle says:

      Employers in the Southwest sometimes have trouble with their Mexican employees dropping the soiled paper onto the floor where they expect a wastebasket. Explanations are often futile.

      Behold the power of the habit!

  2. Snowman25 says:

    Just drop it on the ground

  3. Daniel says:

    In the thrash basket beside the toilet?
    This person has clearly not even been to taiwan (or any other country with bad plumbing).

  4. fortheearth says:

    In the recycling bin. They hang it for drying then use the other side.

  5. George Johnson says:

    Looks like jurez mexico. Their sewer system is so overloaded, last time somebody I worked with went there on business, they told her at the hotel, you can NOT put toilet paper in the toilet. You must use the wastebasket. Talk about a smelly bathroom!!

  6. jillian says:

    In the garbage can, obviously.

  7. frenk says:

    In a garbage can,
    that mean that the wc will clog if stuffed with paper

  8. reut says:

    ugh, that’s disgusting.
    i’ve seen signs like this before. if they really want people to throw their used toilet paper in the bin i’m not jealous of the person who then has to clean that bin up – they probably need to wear gas masks…

  9. markowe says:

    Ha, another local thing, in many countries the sewage system just isn’t up to coping with tons of paper and you are not supposed to flush it, the toilet should only be used for ones, erm, immediate bodily wastes, the toilet paper goes in a bin. Bit gross, but there it is. We had to explain that this wasn’t necessary in the UK to more than one Greek student when I was at uni.

    • Polo! says:

      Sounds like a bit of an awkward conversation to have. 🙂

    • cTo says:

      Yeah i remember hearing that it was a big problem during the Greek Olympics a few years back, all the foreigners flushing the paper and backing up systems all over.

  10. sammy says:

    actually quite common in some countries

    they have a little bin next to the toilet

    • duh. says:

      If you’re in the women’s bathroom, most of the stalls have trash cans beside them. Not necessarily for the toilet paper.

    • Nicole says:

      Not just women’s restrooms.
      I know in Ecuador, there are trash cans next to every toilet and you are NOT supposed to flush the paper. The pipes are old and aren’t wide enough in diameter to be able to handle people just flushing all of their toilet paper down with their wastes.

    • tahrey says:

      Yep … they use the same lavender-scented disposal bags, though 🙂

      Also common on a lot of spanish islands, or at least it used to be. Apparently the waste pipe isn’t any wider than the mains water feed… Which makes you slightly worried about the plumber telling them apart.

  11. jfekendall says:

    I saw signs like this all the time in Belize. Trash can next to the toilet. It was every unhygienic.

  12. Kinseth says:

    It’s like this in a lot of countries.

    I stayed a week in Costa Rica. Not as gross as you think when the fact that you have rice every meal means you only poop about once every few days.

  13. saladin says:

    I heard a story in Thailand while I was travelling there, where the sign by the toilet in their room said “No solid waste down the toilet, please”. Clearly, they meant toilet paper. Unfortunately, no-one told one of the girls staying there, who had to give the maid a VERY large tip when they left. Why? Because she’d taking solids to mean poo, and had been doing it into a bit of toilet roll and putting it in the bin.

    • Jen says:


      The island of Rhodes (Greece) also has the same issue. Luckily the waste baskets had a foot pedal to open them!

  14. tracylee says:

    Many undeveloped areas of Latin America use the same system. Put the paper in the wastebasket and it gets taken out and burnt every day. It was standard in rural Ecuador where I was in the Peace Corps. Now, when I travel in Mexico with my folks, the first person to use the rest room lets the rest know whether they’re Ecuadorean-style or not.

  15. OneMerlin says:

    Yep, very common in Mexico.

  16. alastair says:

    I actually wish there were *more* signs like this. In foreign countries where this is necessary, ignorant tourists often clog the blasted thing up with paper, which leads to a situation *infinitely* more gross than putting the paper in a bin. Trust me, been there, seen that.

  17. Kris L says:

    Dave Barry wrote an article about the Olympics in Greece, where apparently this is the rule, like markowe said, the sewage sysstem wasn’t up to it. Yuck!

  18. kimmi says:

    this fail would’ve made sense if the word “toilet” said “bathroom” instead.

    • 5150 says:

      No “bathroom” papers inside the “bathroom”? Nah, it’s just fine, and pretty clear, how it is.

  19. user 6437378 says:

    Doesn’t seem at all odd, more ‘adequately specific’.

  20. Your innerself says:

    What can i say?
    Shit happen you know!

  21. Amy says:

    I’m betting this is pretty common in lots of countries. I know in Peru we were constantly being reminded it goes in the trash can, not in the toilet.

  22. Zarggg says:

    I experienced this myself while at a wildlife refuge in Costa Rica.

  23. bloo says:

    in the garbage…duh/

    *not funny*

  24. Dee says:

    Yeah, this isn’t weird, it’s normal.

  25. Sarah says:

    Yup, normal in several countries with outdated sewage systems. When there’s a sign like that, there’s always a bin for the paper.

  26. Lisa says:

    How to tell who has never travelled before. Very normal in a lot of places.

  27. Laura says:



  28. the_strange_cat says:

    I’d imagine that it would start to smell at some point…

    • jillian says:

      Well, it’s generally a covered can, like a step can. And obviously it gets changed out. Takes some getting used to, but it’s really not a big deal.

    • binhearder says:

      Some companies use recycled cardboard bins. The whole bin goes into the incinerator twice a day.

  29. Cupcake111 says:

    In several countries, the plumbing is not the best, so there is a trashcan next to the toilet for toilet paper.

  30. nfghn says:

    He doesn’t know how to use the three seashells. Hahaha

  31. Comfy Cushion says:

    I’ve never been in a women’s toilet that didn’t have the trash can (with a trash bag) to the left of the comode and the little metal female box to the right for the none Charmine stuff. Granted I’ve only been in the USA and Canada…

    They clean them out every four hours and use an industrial strength version of “Fabreeze” spray in a timed dispenser every 15 minutes.

    • Stroomeendje says:

      You mean the little bins in the female washrooms for… you know what I mean. I am in Canada and at my high school we only have one stall out of 5 in each restroom that has one of those. Talk about awkward when only the one with the bin is being used and your just standing there and people are like “You know there are other stalls, right?’

  32. Angela says:

    Some country areas of Australia are still on a septic tank system and may well have a notice like this. Paper goes in a bin, often with a chemical in it to breakdown solids and sanitise.

  33. Nick says:

    First of All..This is my Photo.. And the story is
    I was in Arizona, U.S.A. and i went into the bathroom at a gas station and i saw this.. The ironic thing there was a roll of toilet paper on the toilet tank. there was no waste basket. I saw the sign when i looked at the door, and i took the photo with my phone, and I put it up on thisisbroken.com [when it was popular]

  34. moli says:

    one word: greece.

  35. stacnbake says:

    I stayed with a host family in rural France and encountered signs on both toilets in the house that said “Don’t throw anything into the toilet.” There was not a trash can in either W.C., but toilet paper was available. Eight people lived in the house full time, and I never figured out where their disposable products went.

  36. Emily says:

    I went to a mission trip in Costa Rica and we weren’t supposed to flush the paper because the bleach that was used to treat the toilet paper killed the things that broke down waste in the septic tanks. It only took a day to get used to but three to break the habit when I got back home!

  37. Dallas says:

    I was in new york during spring break, and in the bathroom of a sushi place off of times square i saw a sign like this. My friends and i had to go soooo bad, but i was the only one able to endure the stench. if you put this sign up at least clean out the trash every hour.

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